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  1. 6 minutes ago, Strafe said:

    Also, calling someone who buys this game a TERF is very silly on many levels.



    Or ya know, saying they’re supporting genocide. Perhaps there should be an official ‘muk spreadsheet of members caught playing this game so they can be properly ostracised as the genocidal maniacs they are. Feel free to wipe me from any friend lists too since even though I have zero interest in this, and agree entirely that Rowling’s a transphobic astrocunt, I feel that some of the reactions in this thread are beyond fucking barmy. Witch hunt indeed.


  2. 10 hours ago, Scruff said:

    I played this back in the day 

    Pretty sure the first time I played with you was in this. I was pally with Takizawa and he brought me over to join a little bunch of you that were waiting to group up for a werewolf boss or something. I think maybe Sie and Karth were there too - the Destiny bunch - but my memory is hazy. What I do remember clearly though, is getting bored of waiting and running off to kill a few trash enemies and inadvertently pulling the boss into the group before they were ready…and the bollocking I got. Nice to meet you all! 😅


    I might have the wrong game but I’m 75% sure it was this.

     I’ve dipped in and out a lot over the years, and always enjoyed it when I’ve played. It’s such a solid experience, well produced, but I always find it a little dry and lose interest after a few months. Been a couple of expansions since I last jumped in though and I’m feeling the itch to bust out Gazes at Weasels again, and do some leaning against a wall flipping coins. This game has the best MMO emotes bar none.

  3. What an absolutely harrowing time that was. Sickening stuff, and it really puts into perspective the shit that still goes on over there now. Daniel Kaluuya and LaKieth Stanfield did an outstanding job in this. Such a good film, and it’s very pleasing to think about how much it must rile the Facebook gammons when something like this is released.

  4. Judas and the Black Messiah - Prime


    An eye opening film charting the run up to the US government sanctioned murder of Fred Hampton, the leader of the Illinois chapter of The Black Panthers. A subject I don’t know anywhere near enough about. Fantastic performances all around, and a gripping true life tale. Amazing soundtrack too.




    Trees Lounge - Prime Freevee


    A meandering, relaxed character piece about a New York deadbeat played brilliantly by Steve Buscemi, and his barfly acquaintances. A perpetual loser that makes poor decision after poor decision, who’s played so sympathetically you can’t help but feel for him. One of those films that doesn’t really say anything or go anywhere but is thoroughly enjoyable all the same. A character study about normal, flawed, working class people centred around the titular Trees Lounge bar.

    Very good indeed. And lean, at a gnats bollock over 90 minutes.


    4/5 again


    Prime is doing solid work.






  5. Suicide Kings - Prime Freevee


    This is a weird one. Tonally, it’s very strange. It follows the aftermath of a bunch of rich frat boys kidnapping a New York mob boss to pay off a ransom. It’s got a weird TV movie sheen about it that belies its low budget, lots of slow mo emphasis shots with the soundtrack reaching a crescendo…it’s soap opera stuff. The story itself is preposterous, doing the twist on a twist on a twist thing to make it seem clevererer than it is when none of it makes a lick of sense from the outset. But, but, but, I enjoyed it anyway. There’s some good acting in there which carries it, especially from Christopher Walken and Dennis Leary (which is obviously where the spends went), and without really spoiling anything, there isn’t a happy ending, so at least it’s brave enough to follow through on that. 

    I think there’s some prime Walkenosity in there actually, and so ymmv depending on how much of a kick you get out of seeing him acting rings around a young cast and a daft story.


    3/5, probably dock a mark if you’re not that arsed about Walken.

  6. 8 hours ago, El Geet said:

    Prime does seem to have quite a few low grade genre fodder. You should add Deathstalker to your list. It’s neither sci-fi nor martial arts but it’s definitely C grade. 

    That’s been on my watch list for yonks, I’m an absolute sucker for crappy fantasy films. I love stuff like The Beastmaster, Hawk the Slayer and Krull. Must get on Deathstalker! You’re absolutely right, Prime is great for films like these.


    What I haven’t checked it for is all the terrible 80s ninja and kung fu films from Joseph Lai and Godfrey Ho. There used to be a great selection of them on Netflix but last time I looked most of them had gone.


    Edit - Just had a look and there are quite a lot of them on Prime. The Sho Kusogi classic, Revenge of the Ninja is there, pleasingly! And legendarily crappy classic, Ninja Terminator. Unfortunately, most of the American Ninja films need an MGM sub but number 5 is there, never seen that one - on the list ye go.

  7. 16 hours ago, lolly said:

    Robot Jox (1989)


    This is one of those films, along with the likes of Maniac Cop and American Ninja, where the cover of the VHS will be forever etched in my mind thanks to picking it up to look at it every…single…time…my parents took me to the local video rental shop. Never watched it, but after that write up I’m super tempted. You make it sound superb!

  8. On 19/01/2023 at 11:45, MW_Jimmy said:

    Patch is now live. Best version of Tempest 2000 ever. As the first Jeff Minter game I played it's still quite a special experience.


    If there is one criticism of this collection it is the Lynx/Jaguar section. The interviews are sparse and not very insightful. And the game selection isn't great but kinda understandable given that Atari don't own all the rights.


    The Jaguar was a really good console for me back in the day - as someone who only had consoles it was where I played Wolfenstein, Doom, Cannon Fodder and Theme Park - all really great ports.

    I love this guy. We’re best pals now, whether you like it or not.

  9. Split Second - Prime


    I hope you’ve got a decent pair of wellies because it’s the 2008 of the future and due to global warming half of London is underwater, rats are running rampant in the streets, and there’s a serial killer on the loose. Only Rutger Hauer is man enough to clean up this mess as police officer Harley Stone, with his trusty sidekick, detective Dick Durkin and his girlfriend played by a smoking hot Kim Cattrall. This is tremendous 90’s budget sci-fi/monster B-Movie hokum. Everyone involved is hamming it up and having a whale of a time in the process. It’s chock full of cheesy one liners and tons of familiar faces like Alun Armstrong, Pete Postlethwaite and a young Jason Watkins in a tiny role. 90 minutes of great fun.




  10. It didn’t really matter if games ran badly or looked worse on the format you had, because you were still playing them. And it was amazing. DOOM on SNES and Cannon Fodder on Atari ST really stand out in my mind. Yep, they were both inferior versions but god damn, if I wasn’t still getting to play two of the most amazing games ever, Amen.

    That said, HL2 was the reason I bought my first ever dedicated graphics card, Xbox plebs lolololololol!

  11. 1 hour ago, therearerules said:

    Any changes to base gloomhaven?

    Not too much so far in terms of the way a scenario itself plays but it’s super early days. A few new conditions and a couple of new things on the character sheets, such as masteries. Loot is different. Enemies drop loot on death, which is so far mostly crafting resources. There’s quite a big base building element to it, I think - that’s next for us when we play again so I’ll have a bit more of an idea. I’ve avoided reviews and spoilers entirely but I have seen a headline on a video that was a build it/play it your way type thing, so I think the settlement stuff is going to be quite customisable and will no doubt have an impact on the scenario play.

  12. Holy shit it’s hard! Scenario one was scraped through by the skin of our teeth, with two of the three of us KO’d. Lots of fun, but it really doesn’t give you any breathing room to get used to the card synergies. 

    Edit - I will say we had some terrible luck with modifier card draws. Looking back through mine after my KO, I’d had a -2, a couple of -1’s a null and a curse. Watching a play through on YT now and they’re having a way easier time of it.

  13. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane - Prime


    A film with a reputation I’ve known about for a long time but have only just watched. Jodie Foster gives the most amazing performance as self assured 13 year old girl, Rynn, living for all intents and purposes, an adult life. Every so often she lets the mask slip slightly, and you see the vulnerability of a child underneath - especially around the brilliantly creepy and manic Martin Sheen. There was some controversy around the nude scene. Although her older sister acted as a body double, it doesn’t need to be in the film at all. There’s a little bit of unnecessary animal cruelty in there as well. Still, both those things serve to make an already uncomfortable thriller even more so, I s’pose. I thought it was brilliant. Foster was incredibly convincing.





    The hamster they used was dead, but still, it’s not pleasant.

  14. Frosthaven today! We just played through the learning scenario (pictured- no story spoilers, it’s very basic) a few times with all the available starting characters to get a feel for them. I’m liking the Drifter and Blink Blade. The former has a nice balance of movement, ranged and melee attacks, and the latter is a really dynamic little assassin that can fly around the board dealing big damage but can easily run out of cards if you don’t keep things in check. This is going to be our regular Sunday arvo campaign game for the foreseeable, starting tomorrow. I missed out on all the Gloomhaven hype having properly got back into the hobby a while after it came out, so it’s good to be involved right at the beginning on this one.



  15. The Business - Prime


    Another British geezah crime caper film with a young Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan. How much you like it is going to depend on your tolerance for misogyny, violence and excessive use of cahhhhnt. I really enjoyed it though. It’s one of the better realised examples of this little niche of the crime genre. Gets into the filthy side of 80s British drug trafficking and has a banging period soundtrack.

    Also shell suits.



  16. The Captain - Prime


    A German language black and white war film telling the tale of Willi Herold, a German war criminal known as The Exexutioner of Emsland. It follows the true story of a young German private, fleeing his unit in the dying days of WWII - a time of complete disarray after the breakdown of infrastructure, communication and governance within wartime Germany. He happens across a Luftwaffe captain’s uniform in a crashed car and puts it on, slowly embodying the role.


    There’s a school of thought that films like this are making money from the very worst atrocities but I think it’s important that these stories aren’t forgotten. It touches on some very dark themes around the power of uniform and authority, male ego, human cruelty, turning a blind eye, and the filmmakers have punctuated it with some quite bizarre moments of surrealism. I learned after the fact that some people weren’t keen on that approach but for me it worked brilliantly, with those moments of levity really heightening the awful things happening elsewhere. It’s a gruelling watch, but I found it utterly compelling, with incredible acting and cinematography throughout. The fact that this happened, and indeed was allowed to happen (whether or not parts of the story were dramatised for film), is staggering. There are a couple of incredibly sobering moments, one of which is a very brief scene shot in full colour.


    I need to quickly mention the excellent soundtrack too. Its sparse, heavy, foreboding synth, only kicking in briefly three or four times throughout. Very well done. A bit like All Quiet on the Western Front, to which I think this is an excellent companion piece.


    Amazon tells you it has a four hour run time but it’s half that in reality, with the black and white version running straight into the colour one for some reason. I’d recommend the former, as it was intended.




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