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  1. I unlocked the Song of Mana weapon last night. That thing is fucking awesome! Haven’t found how to evolve it yet but I can’t wait to see that shit roided up.
  2. This is one of those films, along with the likes of Maniac Cop and American Ninja, where the cover of the VHS will be forever etched in my mind thanks to picking it up to look at it every…single…time…my parents took me to the local video rental shop. Never watched it, but after that write up I’m super tempted. You make it sound superb!
  3. Mad Max plays perfectly on Decko and looks amazing too! Some of the best skyboxes to this day.
  4. I love this guy. We’re best pals now, whether you like it or not.
  5. Split Second - Prime I hope you’ve got a decent pair of wellies because it’s the 2008 of the future and due to global warming half of London is underwater, rats are running rampant in the streets, and there’s a serial killer on the loose. Only Rutger Hauer is man enough to clean up this mess as police officer Harley Stone, with his trusty sidekick, detective Dick Durkin and his girlfriend played by a smoking hot Kim Cattrall. This is tremendous 90’s budget sci-fi/monster B-Movie hokum. Everyone involved is hamming it up and having a whale of a time in the process. It’s chock full of cheesy one liners and tons of familiar faces like Alun Armstrong, Pete Postlethwaite and a young Jason Watkins in a tiny role. 90 minutes of great fun. 4/5
  6. I had my first experience of outright battery destruction today with Risk of Rain 2. It defaulted to high/ultra at 60fps so I just left it at that without giving it any thought since it ran mostly well. It emptied 75% of the battery in about an hour!
  7. It didn’t really matter if games ran badly or looked worse on the format you had, because you were still playing them. And it was amazing. DOOM on SNES and Cannon Fodder on Atari ST really stand out in my mind. Yep, they were both inferior versions but god damn, if I wasn’t still getting to play two of the most amazing games ever, Amen. That said, HL2 was the reason I bought my first ever dedicated graphics card, Xbox plebs lolololololol!
  8. Coincidentally I’ve been thoroughly enjoying HL2 on the Deck. My last save was from 2010
  9. Not too much so far in terms of the way a scenario itself plays but it’s super early days. A few new conditions and a couple of new things on the character sheets, such as masteries. Loot is different. Enemies drop loot on death, which is so far mostly crafting resources. There’s quite a big base building element to it, I think - that’s next for us when we play again so I’ll have a bit more of an idea. I’ve avoided reviews and spoilers entirely but I have seen a headline on a video that was a build it/play it your way type thing, so I think the settlement stuff is going to be quite customisable and will no doubt have an impact on the scenario play.
  10. Holy shit it’s hard! Scenario one was scraped through by the skin of our teeth, with two of the three of us KO’d. Lots of fun, but it really doesn’t give you any breathing room to get used to the card synergies. Edit - I will say we had some terrible luck with modifier card draws. Looking back through mine after my KO, I’d had a -2, a couple of -1’s a null and a curse. Watching a play through on YT now and they’re having a way easier time of it.
  11. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane - Prime A film with a reputation I’ve known about for a long time but have only just watched. Jodie Foster gives the most amazing performance as self assured 13 year old girl, Rynn, living for all intents and purposes, an adult life. Every so often she lets the mask slip slightly, and you see the vulnerability of a child underneath - especially around the brilliantly creepy and manic Martin Sheen. There was some controversy around the nude scene. Although her older sister acted as a body double, it doesn’t need to be in the film at all. There’s a little bit of unnecessary animal cruelty in there as well. Still, both those things serve to make an already uncomfortable thriller even more so, I s’pose. I thought it was brilliant. Foster was incredibly convincing. 4/5
  12. Frosthaven today! We just played through the learning scenario (pictured- no story spoilers, it’s very basic) a few times with all the available starting characters to get a feel for them. I’m liking the Drifter and Blink Blade. The former has a nice balance of movement, ranged and melee attacks, and the latter is a really dynamic little assassin that can fly around the board dealing big damage but can easily run out of cards if you don’t keep things in check. This is going to be our regular Sunday arvo campaign game for the foreseeable, starting tomorrow. I missed out on all the Gloomhaven hype having properly got back into the hobby a while after it came out, so it’s good to be involved right at the beginning on this one.
  13. The Business - Prime Another British geezah crime caper film with a young Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan. How much you like it is going to depend on your tolerance for misogyny, violence and excessive use of cahhhhnt. I really enjoyed it though. It’s one of the better realised examples of this little niche of the crime genre. Gets into the filthy side of 80s British drug trafficking and has a banging period soundtrack. Also shell suits. 4/5
  14. Beach Invasion 1944 is a nice little gallery shooter that’s ideal on the Deck. It’s basically a modern remake of Beachhead from the Speccy. Looks good, plays great, and it’s about 7 quid at the moment. Edit - ymmv on the tastelessness of playing a game based on manning German guns on the beaches of Normandy, of course.
  15. Jeez, I’ll definitely give 5 a run through then! For some reason I had it in my head that it had been a bit of a dud entry after the majesty of 4.
  16. Same thing is happening to me! I already have Civs 4 and 5, but never really played the latter. Is there any real point in picking up 6 over playing through 5?
  17. The Captain - Prime A German language black and white war film telling the tale of Willi Herold, a German war criminal known as The Exexutioner of Emsland. It follows the true story of a young German private, fleeing his unit in the dying days of WWII - a time of complete disarray after the breakdown of infrastructure, communication and governance within wartime Germany. He happens across a Luftwaffe captain’s uniform in a crashed car and puts it on, slowly embodying the role. There’s a school of thought that films like this are making money from the very worst atrocities but I think it’s important that these stories aren’t forgotten. It touches on some very dark themes around the power of uniform and authority, male ego, human cruelty, turning a blind eye, and the filmmakers have punctuated it with some quite bizarre moments of surrealism. I learned after the fact that some people weren’t keen on that approach but for me it worked brilliantly, with those moments of levity really heightening the awful things happening elsewhere. It’s a gruelling watch, but I found it utterly compelling, with incredible acting and cinematography throughout. The fact that this happened, and indeed was allowed to happen (whether or not parts of the story were dramatised for film), is staggering. There are a couple of incredibly sobering moments, one of which is a very brief scene shot in full colour. I need to quickly mention the excellent soundtrack too. Its sparse, heavy, foreboding synth, only kicking in briefly three or four times throughout. Very well done. A bit like All Quiet on the Western Front, to which I think this is an excellent companion piece. Amazon tells you it has a four hour run time but it’s half that in reality, with the black and white version running straight into the colour one for some reason. I’d recommend the former, as it was intended. 4/5
  18. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Two teams do a dungeon crawl, try to find the ball in a chest, then do Blood Bowl. ‘cept in a dungeon instead of on a pitch. Genius. Always wanted to try it out back in the day but never did!
  19. I love Blood Bowl, it’s absolutely dripping with flavour. I was lucky enough to receive Dungeon Bowl for Christmas. Can’t wait to tuck into that!
  20. HeroQuest is probably only good if you have some level of nostalgia for the original. It's very, very basic and I say that as someone that enjoys it. I'd go with one of the classic 'gateway games' like Carcassonne or Forbidden Island, or if you want something a touch more interesting and modern, there's stuff like Project L or Sagrada, and Ravensburger have hit some home runs recently with Horrified and Alien Fate of the Nostromo, and I believe their Jaws game is also meant to be really good.
  21. I absolutely loved it! That and Hereditary are the best horrors in absolute yonks, I reckon.
  22. Come on, dad, you know that I know that. I’m saying that that for me it felt a bit aimless and there wasn’t quite enough there for me to ‘enjoy it for what it is’.
  23. High Life (2009) - Prime A little hidden gem of a crime dark comedy. Timothy Olyphant is tremendous as morphine addict, Dick, who comes up with a scheme to rob cash machines in the early 80s, alongside his crew of also addicted hapless buffoons. It’s apparently adapted from an award winning play and it does feel very stagey in its writing - really tight and well scripted, and clearly very low budget with that weird TV movie look. Coming in at a lean 76 minutes, it doesn’t waste any time in essentially recreating what usually happens in the co-op heist missions of GTA5. If you’ve ever tried those, you’ll know how they can spiral. It’s a little bit Resevoir Dogs, a little bit Fear and Loathing, a little bit Coen brothers. Excellent stuff. I almost let the 6.0 IMDb rating put me off but I’m very glad I didn’t. 4/5
  24. Avengement - Netflix This was great fun. Just what the doctor ordered while I’m lying here full of a cold. A cheesy as hell 90s martial arts flick, except it came out a couple of years ago. Scott Adkins vs Craig Fairbrass and his squad of ‘that’s that bloke from Snatch/Lock Stock’. Set in an alternate reality London where all the prisoners, screws and police know how to do cheese-fu. It’s my first Adkins film and I liked it. I suppose he’s kind of like the Michael Jai White of the UK so I should probably have given him a go before now. Also seems a genuinely decent chap from his YouTube channel. Will watch more. A better than Banshees of Inisherin 3.75/5
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