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  1. 29.401 Stupid tiny increments. I'd love to just nail some kind of magical lap where I gain three seconds.
  2. Interesting idea! I have one of these - I'm guessing there must be PS1>USB adapters aplenty. Might have to give it a try! Although a proper USB enabled RC handset would be miles better, obviously.
  3. 29.788 Calling it for tonight, I don't think I've blinked in an hour.
  4. Few more laps this afternoon and I'm getting tidier. 30.671 on PC.
  5. Just bought this and had a couple of goes on the Top Gear track. Currently sat at 31.620.
  6. I didn’t like 5 at all. It was too chaotic and just too much. This feels a lot more toned down and I’m loving it because of that. You can actually enjoy exploring the beautiful world now, without getting ganked every three seconds by a cougar that turns into a bear, or running into an x-ray visioned enemy patrol every hundred metres on-road. I even like the ‘base building’ element which reminds me a bit of the meta game part of TLoU multiplayer mode. Also, the armour system ripped from The Division works for me. Love the idea of kitting up in particular armour for the job at hand. It’s the first Far Cry since 3 that I feel compelled to play more of after the initial gloss. In fact, the freedom to explore reminds me of the greatest of all the Far Cry games, number 2, but with tropical island visuals like the original had.
  7. I’ll be present and correct from next week for the foreseeable. And naturally, I’ll do my best to fuck up all stealth and investimagation rolls. You’re welcome.
  8. Yeah, sozza peeps. As expected, I'll no make tonight. Standard A.I. routine. Have fun and try not to drown!
  9. The Matrix. Haven't watched it since it came out and in my mind it was slow, pretentious nonsense. Inspired by the above chatter and some natterage about it in a Discord group the other day, I decided to watch it last night. In my defence, when it came out I was a poncey art student so it was cool to dismiss popular things and be all contrary. CUT ME SOME SLACK. It's fucking brilliant! Balls to the wall sci-fi action and not at all dissimilar in concept to Terminator, which is one of my favourite films obvs. The fuck was I thinking? Loved it. The effects have held up really well I think. I'm going to unagree with Clipper and put it right up amongst the genre classics. Gonna get on the sequels next before they leave Included With Prime. 5/5
  10. Random then maybe. I got some long black and yellow dragstery thing, a weird looking green one and an ace little Fiat 500 which is what I’ve been using. Edit - I realised last night that it’s by the same developer as Gravel. I absolutely love that game.
  11. This is really good fun. The tracks are great, with some serious Re-Volt vibes going on and it looks glorious. Normal mode has been just about right on the first handful of tracks but it's starting to feel a bit much. Up until now I've been able to recover from a few bumps and the odd early catastrophic error (rolling over, flying off track etc) and still take first, but half a dozen tracks deep it's taking a damn near perfect run even for a third place. It's very stingy with the rewards so it's not even like you can upgrade a vehicle all that much to help keep pace. Definitely needs a bit of AI tweaking. That's small fry though, this game is going to thrive on its community content. I hope the player base take to it like they did the early Trackmanias.
  12. This looks so good! Only £18 on cdkeys for you PC players.
  13. The Kitchen (Prime Video) This is a very bad film, don't watch it. Bad acting across the board, clearly cut to shreds in the edit with terrible pacing, a paper thin story and zero comeuppance for bad people that did bad things. It gets a point for being set in 70s New York, which I'm an absolute sucker for. Also, the soundtrack's alright I suppose. 1/5
  14. I’m afraid one will not be able to attend this evening. My A.I. routine is investigate and insight check as ineptly as possible, and for combat, stand at the back and try to shoot it.
  15. That sounds like a good spell. Should be useful against the Illithid.
  16. I thought it was really well put together and great fun and it's nice to see Colin Salmon and Michael Ironside getting a run out.
  17. Yeah I just read that aticle. That guy needs to chill the fuck out and stop projecting. Kids need to play, and for that matter, so do adults or they risk ending up like that author. We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old...etc etc
  18. I'd have been all over Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft if they were around when I was a kid. What a glorious time it must be right now for little gamers. Instead I had to sit alone in my grotty 80s council house bedroom kidding myself that I was having a great time playing Double Dragon on the Amstrad, because I'd waited ten minutes for it to load. As long as they're not racking up secret hundred pound credit card bills on virtual tat, who gives a fuck? Let them enjoy themselves, lucky little bastards.
  19. Exactly! And anyone not near a ledge needs kicking towards one so you can, in turn, kick them off it. It's very satisfying.
  20. First impressions are that this is extraordinarily good. Right up my street. Actively encourages you to try and get everywhere, doesn't force you into one way of playing (i.e. it's not a stealth game if you don't want it to be ), looks lovely, plays lovely. Running absolutely fine for me on PC.
  21. I wasn't convinced by the artwork on the tiles and the scenery in the videos I watched, but you really can't see the detail. They just look like lumps of brown and grey on youtube. Having made them up, in the flesh (card), I have to say they look great.
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