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  1. It's easy to undersell this game because it looks drab, it has bags of charm and it's piss-funny at times. I love it.
  2. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    And while I’m here, I noticed the Wonderswan Color version of this was on my CoinOps’d Xbox the other night and gave it a quick blast out of curiosity. It’s pretty faithful. Seems a capable little machine. Looks good, nice and colourful, runs smoothly. I didn’t play past the first level but I’m keen to give it a proper go.
  3. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    I think we should all play Missile Command 3D on the Jaguar.
  4. I remember the days you could go to any car boot sale and see a few copies of Crash Bandicoot for PS1. Haven’t seen any in ages now. It’s almost as though the entire UK supply of them was snapped up by some nutter who has them stashed away in their lock up. They were good times.
  5. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    Fucking love it. Drifting the Z should totally be a thing. Edit - must be pronounced 'zee' for this to work.
  6. Nathan Wind

    In honour of Star Wars (1983)

    I like Return of the Jedi, it's a solid enough arcade game. I remember first playing that in a motorway service station somewhere in the northwest of England, on the way from my home in north Wales to visit my nan in Oldham, so probably M56. The graphics were great compared to a lot of the other games around at the time, and it's another one I played a lot of on the Atari ST.
  7. Congratulations, Benny. Well deserved. You must be thrilled!
  8. Nathan Wind

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    It is indeed. Edit - I only read about just how much of a disaster it is after the fact. I'm a sucker for mob movies but it has to be clear they're naughty boys and their comeuppance needs to be front and centre - this just portrays him as nothing less than a hero. It's also cut together so badly that it's basically impossible to follow.
  9. Nathan Wind

    In honour of Star Wars (1983)

    I was completely enamoured with the sit-down cabinet in my local arcade. I played it every time my parents took me there. Fortunately I also got to play some of the better home conversions on the Amstrad and subsequently the Atari ST too. I'd love to own an original cab. I've never seen the Empire Strikes Back upgrade before! Curious. It looks good.
  10. Nathan Wind

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I watched Gotti. I recommend you don't watch Gotti. I also recommend you do watch Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, which has somehow escaped me for all this time and is now very much in the mix with my favourites of the era. I would mention it in the same breath as the likes of Cool Hand Luke and Butch & Sundance. A very, very good film.
  11. Nathan Wind

    XIII Remake, Winter 2019

    I like it a lot. Still play it now from time to time. In gameplay terms it's the very definition of those 7/10 'merely good' shooters that came out at the time, with slightly sloppy controls and adequate enemy AI when compared to the best. But for me the presentation really does elevate it beyond most of that crowd. I'm quite keen to see an update with modern controls and perhaps a couple of tweaks to some of the levels.
  12. Nathan Wind

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    Exactly why I have owned a CD-i and GX4000 and adore the Jag. Prestige.
  13. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    I Inceptioned it up last night and had a blast on the MD version, emulated on a PSP (Genesis Collection), emulated on a Vita. It’s good. Slightly slower pace, or am I imagining that? Hard to tell with different screens and emulation etc. but seems less vibrant. Remarkably close to the original, sound excepted. Controls easier on a pad. However it has two great flaws, the second of which is totally unforgivable. Firstly, they left Alex on the cutting room floor! His acting was great! Second and worst of all, the Golden Axe is silver. What? [Bannatyne.gif]
  14. Nathan Wind

    World of Tanks

    I haven't played in years but it used to be all I played. Unlocked a few Tier 9's and maybe a Teir 10 American tank (my memory is foggy) but I didn't enjoy the post Tier 7 game so pretty much sold them all for silver and just stuck to that, with the odd game in my premium T34 (Tier 8?). I think if I were to play again I'd probably stick with the 5 - 7 mediums as they were the most fun, on reflection. I've no idea what the game is like these days. I was there at the start and played solidly up to the huge HD/physics patch, then intermittently after that and even then it had changed a lot, and the player base had really soured by that point. Edit - found the old thread. Sounds like I'd had enough by 2013
  15. Nathan Wind

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    That looks fucking awful.

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