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  1. It doesn't launch through the app for everyone - myself included. It works fine via the start menu. Edit - STEREO!
  2. Currently delving into the dungeons below Dragonfire Castle thanks to having snagged a copy of the Revised 3rd edition on eBay last week. I love DungeonQuest. Despite now having this, I'm keeping hold of the GW version I also have for the feels maaaaannn. Yes that's a cave-in for my first draw
  3. There's a pretty big thread lurking somewhere - have a flick through. You have to stick with it a little while for it to really start to shine. It really shouldn't have been a game for me going by my usual gaming gripes but there was just something about it that made me keep playing and it turned into one of my favourite ever games. Charming, captivating and very much one of a kind.
  4. I agree it's not as good but there are some good tunes there still. The fantastic SNES Legend of the Mystical Ninja has an amazing soundtrack however. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQFloaw30tQ&list=PLSbijq_GgYtDR9oTUQayTrkl3Kzc9KuIE&index=8
  5. I started Sheepdog 'n' Wolf a few nights ago on PS1. It's very good! Genuinely amusing and looks lovely on the teeny little official LCD screen.
  6. As a big fan of The Terminator and the Metro games, I reckon this is pretty ace. Fan service is strong, it looks alright, plays well enough. It's one of those solid 7/10 shooters that nobody bothers making any more. Twenty something quid for Steam on cdkeys.
  7. Yeah, it's just propaganda, maaaannnn. Mine went straight in the recycling - I can dig it out and send it to you if you desperately want a Nintendo catalogue.
  8. No, my subs episode had it. 2020 calendar too.
  9. That does indeed look relevant to my interests but it would be as well as, rather than instead of. I absolutely adore Ravenloft so I’m keen to grab one of the newer ones. It’s a great little streamlined system, IMO.
  10. There's been a full-on resurgence of board gaming in the Wind household over the past few months. I've been playing Night Vault, X-Wing, Epic Card Game, Memoir '44 and Battle Lore 2nd Ed. with my gaming chum of a Sunday afternoon. And solo wise, I've finally taught myself Star Wars Imperial Assault with the aid of the companion app and the Space Hulk Death Angel Card Game. Have also borrowed One Deck Dungeon and bought the Mars Attacks Miniatures Game, so I have those on the pile of shame! I'd like to pick up a few more decent solo adventure games so I'm thinking Descent, one of the Zombicides and one of the D&D adventure system games will be on the cards.
  11. Our survey says he looks more like Les Dennis.
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