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  1. The movie is incredible, I must have watched it half a dozen times and it still creases me up at every turn. I'm afraid I haven't really enjoyed the series though - it's had its moments but it's been more miss than hit for me. I'm only up to the BBC2 showings so far mind you, so a few episodes still to go.
  2. I think it's on Now TV. I haven't looked for it but I'm sure I read that it was a Sky thing a while back.
  3. That's alright. I'm okay with that post. When I see this thread bumped by you (or U-1 for that matter), I prepare myself for ultimate rage.
  4. The stairs in those two-stacks look a bit odd. Almost cell shaded.
  5. Just as an update to this flippant comment regarding Lorf buying an Analog NT. He did let me know when he was selling it and I now own it
  6. This is of course, very true. I have a real soft spot for shitty, shitty SNES DOOM though. It's the first version I owned (although I'd watched the PC version being played before).
  7. Cheers. Indeed, I used to have an SD2SNES. Looks like I'll be getting another!
  8. You can vault into those dark brown bombed-out sheds on Erangel in PUBG. I found that out yesterday, having clocked up a staggering 890 hours on the game...
  9. Can the latest V2 Super Everdrive (DSP1/2/3/4) run DOOM does anyone know? I can't find a consistent answer.
  10. *furious scribbling sounds* You've just shot to the top of my list.
  11. Congratulations on this incredible achievement. Your mother must be so proud.
  12. I didn't like Haunting of Hill House. It was a slog. It's like one of those identikit 90's American family dramas with the odd ghost thrown in.
  13. I managed about ten hours of it. It’s an alright RPG that looks really nice. Unfortunately the load times on Switch killed it for me. You’re frequently switching between zones and dungeons with lengthy waits. Even loading in fights takes much longer than it should.
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