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  1. This was a nice reminder that Armored Core exists. I loved the second one on PS2 but then I ditched that for an Xbox and had since entirely forgotten AC was a thing! I’m well up for this.
  2. 40 hours deep and I absolutely love it. Just got my sharpshooter to 30 so it's time to start a new class. I prefer this to either of the Vermo's, and in fact, even the L4D's. Best game of this type for me. The boltgun and chainsword are outstandingly chunky.
  3. The 'Battletech - A Game of Armored Combat' box is a good starting point. You get a solid selection of mechs, the full rules and a couple of maps. If you take to it, then the Clan Invasion box is the next thing to buy. There's a beginner box but it doesn't come with full rules and only contains a couple of mechs. Edit - the former also gives you the Alpha Strike rules, which is a faster way to play. I still haven't got this to the table.
  4. Mr Inbetween - Disno + This was tremendous from start to finish. A low-key, totally believable Australian show about a hitman. It's got that downbeat, naturalistic sort of acting that really grounds it in the real world. Lovely vein of very dark humour running through it as well. The best thing is, the episodes are only around 25 minutes long so it never loses pace. Great show, loved it. Top marks. 5/5
  5. It's absolutely this. I'm going out on a limb and saying that I think it's the superior version, but they're sufficiently different that it's a moot point. I've never understood why Timmy never made it as a leading man in big productions. He's excellent in everything I've seen him in and comes across as a very likeable gent. There are so many vacuous, talentless arseholes at the top of the Hollywood tree, it seems criminal to me.
  6. Felon - Netflix Good prison film, this. Quite a believable tale about Stephen the Dorff accimadentally moidering a boiglar and ending up like a fish out of water in the US prison system. Until, that is, hardened crook Valerie Kilmer comes along and shows him what’s what. Good acting all around. A solid, if unspectacular 3/5 The Crazies - 2010 version - Prime free with ads Very good sci-fi/horror reimagining of the old George Romero film (he was a producer on this). I love a bit of Timmy Olyphant and he’s very good in this here movie. I’d not watched it since it came out and had forgotten quite what a pace it whips along at. It’s absolutely non stop. Some good gory killings and set pieces too. I liked it a lot. 4/5
  7. The Jag is 64-bit. In fact, it's probably even more than that but they just didn't want to show off too much. I'll defend the Jag, come at me.
  8. It’s certainly a big board, but I find set up a lot faster even than Memoir ‘44. The big hexes and chunky minis are far less fiddly to get on to the field. We don’t bother with laying out the mini cards and decoys before revealing. It’s such a swingy game that I really don’t feel like it makes much difference whether my pal knows where my units are or not. You could easily spend the first five turns not being able to activate an entire flank anyway. I’d dearly love to pick up the other armies but I’m afraid that ship has sailed.
  9. Battlelore 2nd Edition made it to the table today after absolutely yonks on the shelf. It's such a good game. Adds some really neat stuff to the Command and Colors system with the Lore decks and unit traits. We had a couple of games with the premade armies then just stuck every unit on the board for one final giant battle. It was lots of fun but I got thrashed 3-0 by the forces of good as the chaos god watched on from its lair.
  10. Gotti - 1996 version -YouTube An HBO made for TV job I wasn’t aware of until I watched a video on YT by Michael Franzese talking about it. It’s pretty good. Romanticises the mafia as you’d expect, but it recounts the rise and fall of John Gotti better than that shithouse Travolta attempt. William Forsyth steals the show as Sammy the Bull. Well worth a watch if you like mob movies. 3.77/5
  11. Should make Skyhammer playable at last
  12. A new emulator has just been released, claiming 100% compatibility with all the commercial games. I’m going to give it a whirl later. The last time I tried a Jag emulator it was absolute shite, so I shall keep my expectations in check. However, I’ll be over the moon if it lets me have a decent blast on Power Drive, Super Burnout, AvP and JagDOOM!
  13. Bruce Campbell was the obvious choice, to be fair.
  14. So wait…are you saying there’s no RPing required when you’re playing him? 🫣
  15. But at what cost to the poor, foolish Tabaxi? Hmmmmmm? Stay tuned to find out! It’s all terribly exciting.
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