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  1. Well shit, between a PS5 pre-order and a 3080 PC from Cyberpower, this has been a fucking expensive day. I can't wait to put that cutting edge graphics card through its paces with a solid session on PUBG. Oh...
  2. 'muk bingo. Piss, moan, piss, moan, piss, moan - for the full house we just need someone to come in and point out they paid £70 for Turok.
  3. I’ll definitely have the Core Space stuff, thanks. Will PM you later today.
  4. Load of old bollocks, having a week between episodes is great. Fuck those entitled pathetic review bombers. My pal came over yesterday and we were able to have a good chat about The Boys. I can't remember when we could last do that about a streamed show because we've never been at the same point in its run.
  5. Yes brother! Accept our warm embrace. Come brother, come to the inner sanctum.
  6. You've been brainwashed by the cult.
  7. I like it. Lots of stuff these days tries to be too complicated for its own good. Those old games like HQ, Spaces Crusade and Hulk and modern games in the spirit of them, like the DDAS games, hold a special place in m'heart.
  8. Oh you'd be surprised with the old traditional martial arts like Karate - you quite often find the instructors are a certain...type. I used to coach at an MMA/BJJ gym and unbeknownst to us one of our clients had stupidly booked himself into a local kickboxing competition run by one of the karate clubs. He pulled out at the last minute due to injury and I took a phone call from the most irate jumped up little prick of a man I've ever known. The guy that organised it, well known local karate black belt, demanded we put up a replacement 'fighter' (it's not fighting). I said I knew nothing about it so no, basically. He started yelling at me how my name was mud, how I'd dishonoured myself and him and he was going to come after me when I least expect it (classic), how they were going to storm our dojo (it wasn't a dojo), he was going to kick my head in etc etc etc. It was incredible, I was absolutely pissing myself! I shit thee nay. That's not even the half of it. But yeah, I started watching this yesterday and it's cheesy as all hell. I dig it!
  9. Yeah well, egg all over your face when it turns out to be a perfect recreation of the original game.
  10. https://heroquest.avalonhill.com/en-us Well well. Something HeroQuest happening in ten days - will it be an app? Will it be a board game? Who can say? Avalon Hill and Hasbro though, so there's a reasonable chance of it being the latter.
  11. Such a great system with loads of hidden gems. Silent Debugger, Mesopotamia, even Die Hard is fantastic and nothing like what I expected it to be. Camel got the shmup ordering correct with Coryoon at the top of the list. An absolute delight, that game.
  12. @Cosmic_Guru Chalk me up for the new Folklore. Kickstarter?
  13. Retro fun vacuum ulala with another hot take.
  14. Which would be something more than the non issue it actually is if you weren’t paying just £15 for a nicely presented boxed cart featuring multiple games with an instruction booklet. Even if you only fancy three of the games on a particular cart, it’s fine. They have done a great job with this.
  15. It's in the Extras menu. This is fantastic, but the menus are a bit of a mess.
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