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  1. My uncle works for RG and he says issue 200 is entirely dedicated to the Atari Jaguar. I can't wait!
  2. Yes they can but you need either an old-school TV modulator or a modern PSU/SCART kit.
  3. Forgetting the bit about the suing for a moment, Linda looks absolutely incredible!
  4. It's a good episode. Lovely to read the Amstrad Action coverage
  5. Now this is more like it! ESWAT is terrible and I couldn't bring myself to take part. This on the other hand is an excellent game. I have a real soft spot for it from playing it in the arcades as a kid and I think it holds up really well today. It's so quick and responsive compared to a lot of other scrolling fighters, and the smaller sprites make it much more comfortable to play. The screen real estate allows plenty of breathing space which is the reason I favour beat 'em ups with smaller sprites over some of the higher profile examples (Asterix being another favourite). I think it looks great as well, despite their small size the characters are well detailed and really nicely drawn and animated. Backdrops are superb and look almost hand painted as someone mentioned previously. I've completed it many times over the years but have yet to play it on the Pandora cabinet so this has been an excellent excuse to have a half hour Sunday morning blast with an old friend. Not sure if this is on the SD card in my Super Analog NT or on the Mega Everdrive but both are supposedly complete sets, so they should be. I've never played either console version and will definitely give those a try too!
  6. Don't you fucking start on the Lynx.
  7. Feels much stronger in mechanical terms to me. Movement, traversal and gunplay are all much more satisfying than in the previous games. It definitely does not perform well in resolution mode on my PS4 Pro. Mainly play games on a decent PC so perhaps I’m more susceptible to it, but the frame rate is poor. However, It’s perfectly good in performance mode and still looks fucking nice, so no complaints. Haven’t experienced any bugs yet and co-opping up is all simple and smooth. Really liking it so far.
  8. I'm pretty sure one of the reasons I first came over here from Games Radar was a Mario Kart TT tourney. I remember you being involved.
  9. I'm gonna be that guy. The classic whiney 'muk guy. That see-through screen bezel can do one.
  10. You’re me, same here. It’s a wonderful game for just taking your mind off things! Have been co-opping this season with a good pal and we’ve got the first few chapters pretty much done. Not rushing, savouring it. I find it so much more engaging on PC than PS4. The latter had convinced me I’d gone off ARPGs, but I just get on with point, click and hotkeys so much better than a pad in these.
  11. Don't pretend you hang around with the forum's cool kids.
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