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  1. Bring back 2142 with that delicious Titan mode.
  2. That's wicked! Is it by Alex Crispin himself?
  3. Yeah, I think we stuck it on tier 6 or 7. Absolute nonsense. You’ll be getting better loot from expeditionalising soon anyway. I haven’t played this in a good while, last time I tried it it was completely unplayable. It’s a shame because I really like the core game but the patches have killed it for me. Hopefully they’ll manage to get it sorted out.
  4. Does seem to have been better for the past hour, maybe just a player numbers thing with people logging on after work now? Aculite and his team all noting similar stuff regarding the matchmaking and winch stealing - at level 9 they're being bunged in with 90-odds. I fear this is going to be a bit of a theme. Both easy fixes really. Edit - watching them has made me want to play a bit more though. There have been some cool moments when it's all come together - there's something there.
  5. I've been watching Aculite stream it for almost an hour now and in that time they've had one successful lobby. Launch day server wobbles maybe. Edit - just got their second game as I typed that.
  6. I might hit you up at some point but I don't feel compelled to play any more of it right now. Unfortunately, of the five people I know that bought the game, four have got refunds
  7. I'm afraid this hasn't made a very good first impression. I've been looking forward to it for ages It took five lobbies to eventually get a game and when I did, the matchmaking was completely broken. At level one with no perks and not much idea of what's going on, I was thrown into games with level 20, 50, 70. Even after three or four games, at level 4, I was still being thrown in with far higher teammates and opponents. I've been on the winning team in every game so far, though in all but one of them we were completely outplayed and stole the win at the end on the winch. It fel
  8. It can be pretty dull. The way I played it by mistake when I fisrt played is how a lot of people are recommending you fix the game. Speeding up the enemy spawns, basically. It's not a GW thing though, dungeon crawlers in general tend to be convoluted. GW tend to have you rolling on tables, Descent/IA have you endlessly modifying dice rolls, Gloomhaven has you coming up with card combinations, Folklore is D&D in a box...you think Cursed City is rules heavy?! They have to do their own thing to separate themselves from one another. This is just what these games are. If you want
  9. I feel your pain. Not GW, but I was playing the World of Tanks minis game the other week against a pal and we were in a bit of a stalemate. To get things moving I took a massive gamble and brought my big hitter right out into the open for an easy kill on one of his light tanks. Only needed a couple of successes off a big handful of 6 dice. Rolled 6 blanks... I'm sure that's a statistical impossibility. Went on to lose horribly, of course.
  10. Cheers! Apologies, all. Gonna have a chilled one with a bit of easy gaming and an early night, like the old fart I am.
  11. I've not been feeling too great today so am 50/50 for tonight. If I don't make it, Barry would be super pally with anyone he might be able to get information out of and in combat, would stand at the back mostly missing stuff with his light crossbow. Pretty easy to play. @Clipper
  12. It's the best film and that's all there is to it. There are just so many great moments, like when Diaz was wrong or when Lawson was worried the bin men had missed him, or the discussion between Cooke and Forrestall about leather car seats in hot weather, or the 'wah wah wah waaaahhhh' noise Sully makes when Matrix has to let him go, or the magical self-repairing Porsche, or the super secret code to the shed armoury being 13, or how Bennett was only allowed to use tranquilisers due to health and safety regs on set when he'd rather have used the real thing, or when it was pay day, or when Sully
  13. Predictably, I bought this Dark Alliance re-release on PS5 despite already having it on Xbox and PS2. It's worth the asking price to bung it on the big telly and sound system and kick back in the living room playing it, rather than slumming it on a little CRT up in the retro room. Also, I'll be able to couch co-op it with m'chum with whom I used to system link it on Xbox back in the day It's as enjoyable as ever, only bigger and louder. As an aside, it's remarkable how small a 28" CRT telly seems these days. I swear they were huge when I was young.
  14. Yes, the off balance sound design is the only bad thing about Lodoss on DC. The footsteps are ridiculous! There was an amiga/ST game of a similar ilk which had that issue as well. Boots of extra loud stomping +1.
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