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  1. It's a 1650M so probably a bit throttled.
  2. Oh well, at least three of us will be closer to Spierd (if that's how you spell it) next time...
  3. I bet Nick's still got it. I've always loved his boxing. Great foot movement, angles and efficient use of power. No swinging for the fences, just super accurate tap tap tap right on the temple, the tip of the jaw and then when his opponent is knackered or dazed, he unleashes the power shots. Accuracy and technique. It's a delight to watch so here's an hour of it. That body shot on Frank Shamrock
  4. City of Industry I'd never heard of this. It's a 90s noir, heist, revenge movie with an excellent turn from Harvey Keitel and a decent supporting cast featuring Stephen Dorff and Famke Janssen. It's a bit slow and stilted to start with but worth persevering for some excellent Bad Lieutenant style tortured Keitel. It even has a tiny bit of Michael Jai White, Lucy Liu and Elliott Gould in it. 3.8/5
  5. Ooops, err, sorry guys, wrong door! Didn't mean to disturb you. *slowly backs away* One more adventure left in the Mad Mage campaign. This is by far the best of the DDAS games, can't wait for Saltmarsh in August!
  6. Is this the bit where I reveal the Atari logo I have tattooed on my arse?
  7. Not keen on how quiet it is. Normally Hexx has posted a post sesh picture or something. Oh god, did I die? I died. I bet it was Mogster's fault! He's had it in for me ever since that door.
  8. Yes. Just like the Xenon 2 port that kicked this all off was made with the blessing of Mike Montgomery.
  9. It doesn’t, just crack on with doing what you do and not giving a fuck what other people think about it. If you’ve got the readies to spend and this is what you want to spend them on, fuck it. It’s like the seventy quid for a game thing that’s flavour of the month here. That value judgement is entirely yours to make. Knock yourself out. Someone bought my near complete Jaguar game collection for two grand a handful of years ago. I thought they were mad then, but god knows what it’d fetch now.
  10. Of course this is coming to Netflix imminently. I waited patiently for it to turn up on one of the streaming services and it didn’t seem to be coming, so I bought it on Prime a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it and for my money it’s in the top half of his films.
  11. Oh, I wasn’t defending that post but two pathetics don’t make an unpathetic, as the old saying goes.
  12. I hope that extra 'a' isn't you doing a mock Italian accent. Honestly. This place sometimes.
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