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  1. Yeah I just rage uninstalled it after launching my Switch across the room. Obviously I'll be downloading it again tomorrow.
  2. Nathan Wind

    What type of retro fan are you?

    I'll buy any old shit.
  3. Jesus, Wednesday from 19.30 must be pro time because I've been getting absolutely hammered for the past half hour. Trash half way up the screen within seconds - or so it feels. CRUSHING.
  4. Nathan Wind

    The Chase

    You should apply to be an egghead, Sean. You’ve got an answer for everything.
  5. Nathan Wind

    The Chase

    Hell no, who the fuck has that kind of general knowledge? It's crazy.
  6. Nathan Wind

    The Chase

    The chaser's final question in order to catch the contestants last night was "What's half of four hundred?". Gasp.
  7. Nathan Wind

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

  8. Nathan Wind

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

    3DO is still a worthwhile curio now, there are plenty of good games to warrant picking one up for a look. I certainly enjoyed my time with that console. Same with the CD32 especially now the community have put together so many compilations of patched A500 and AGA games to play on it. GX4000 is worth owning if you can get hold of a C4CPC cart because again, the active community has patched up many standard CPC games to work perfectly with it, plus it’s a chunky little delight of a thing. 32X is the only one of those I have currently but I haven’t really used it enough to form an opinion. Metal Head seems fairly impressive. CD-i though...I’d seriously only bother if you have cash to throw away on curiosity.
  9. Nathan Wind

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

    Chaos Control and that scrolling fighter are alright, otherwise it's utter shite. Put your money towards a nicer van. 80 "games"...
  10. Oh man, just nipped on for one quick go and ended up with a fourth and two thirds. That blocky chicken is so close.
  11. Got an eighth place last night. The pieces were dropping so fast that I felt like could no nothing once I was attacked. More stressful than the final circle of PUBG.
  12. Nathan Wind

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Life of Agony? That'd be really fucking weird. Straight into a primetime BBC 1 spot. Right where Partridge belongs. Let battle commence!
  13. Nathan Wind

    The Division 2

    Am I in?
  14. Nathan Wind

    Battlefield V

    It depends what you're playing really - stepping away from the mainstream, The Brothers in Arms games had a decent suppression system, as did Full Spectrum Warrior. Red Orchestra and Rainbow 6 games have had nice effects when you were under suppressing fire.
  15. Nathan Wind

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Agree. And Mole Mania, Batman, Mystical Ninja, Trip World, Battle Bull and at the top of that pile, Trax.

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