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  1. Don’t forget you’re just a scientist in Half Life but a marine in Doom. It makes a huge difference.
  2. Nathan Wind


    My experience entirely, I’d never heard anything like them at the time of Aenima. They were nothing short of a revelation. Got to say, after a few days I still really like this new song. It’s feels even more like a direct lift from Lateralus after further listens so I remain optimistic.
  3. Yes, as does DOOM for me.
  4. I love it. Love the way they're going, it's pretty progressive in places. Still a few bangers for the old school fans but I much prefer the newer, post Vol.3 sound. Early stand-outs for me are Birth of the Cruel, Nero Forté and Not Long For This World.
  5. With a different system card required to view each page.
  6. Nathan Wind


    Oh man, that's really good. It's got a wicked hook that much of 10000 Days was missing for me.
  7. Was never a huge fan of this in the arcade, but I’ve got the DC version sat unplayed on a shelf and I recently bought the official DC steering wheel, so when in Rome...
  8. Nathan Wind


    Yeah, Undertow is fantastic. That Rollins cameo on Bottom turns me the fuck on. Undertow and Aenima blow the rest out of the water for me, but they're all good.
  9. Bizarrely, these things are meant to play PS1 games, so if it was ever released on a PlayStation compilation, that might work. Or you could maybe run a PS1 emulator via its PS1 emulator to emulate it. Emulate.
  10. I need to buy a cowboy hat for maximum effect while I drive around in my pick-up truck with Clutch blaring out the windows.
  11. That's exactly what someone who was working for the Russians would say.
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