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  1. Ben Heck talks about LED modding those screens about half way down this article - https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Portable-Game-System/ Edit - but that's in the context of building it into an all-in-one portable console. I'm not sure it's feasible within the original screen casing, but maybe?
  2. Zombicide Black Plague happening today. Team Wind did alright on the first mission. We killed a necromancer early doors and got all of the objective tokens fairly easily, leaving just the murderising of the Abomination to complete the victory conditions. But no amount of searching rooms could turn up enough fire and dragon bile to make dragon fire in order to kill the big guy. I managed to make one lot but had to use it to survive a very close call of being zombie-swamped (see 1a), then unfortunately with all the z-miniatures in play it meant the spawns were giving them extra activations which is horrible on the highest threat level. We were finally cornered and pulverised in the purple vault, with nowhere left to run! I love me some dice rolling Ameritrash 1a - Edit - being a noob (this was my first game outside the learning scenario), I got the strategy all wrong. I was too quick to level up a single character causing nasty spawns. Despite unearthing a necro and Abomination early, I hadn't searched enough to have the gear to take out the latter. Next time I'll aim to spend a lot more time in the early levels, get better equipped, then hit the objectives. It's a fun game. I like that it's making me think about different approaches.
  3. Gloomhaven has been heavily discounted at a few major online retailers over the past few months so I wouldn't be too wary of that. I think it was either Yatu or Chaos Cards doing it for £80 in the run up to Christmas. There was an article about fake board games on the BBC's Fake Britain programme a month or so ago which might still be on the iPlayer. It was quite interesting because they interviewed the boss of Asmodee UK about it and he showed some examples which looked pretty convincing from the exterior but the card stock was poor and the boards were warped.
  4. PSOne's are still cheap as chips but I think the screen was about £50. So many great games though, and that little screen is very kind to them with being so small - everything I've played looks great.
  5. This game is nothing short of fantastic with the RC handset controller. It works so well.
  6. Nathan Wind


    Why yes...yes they are.
  7. It'd probably play alright with the slider for steering and right shoulder to accelerate, left to boost. Something like that. I tried it on the d-pad last night and it was a bit easier if anything. It's going to lose a little of the feeling, obviously.
  8. I've got upgrades across the board now and the little fucker is so quick and lively to control on twin sticks. I'm hoping that RC handset is halfway decent.
  9. Nice one, thanks! Can you recall if there was an 'official' RC handset type controller released in PAL regions to go with the game? I've found a couple. The one Rac-con one I ordered, by a company called Innovation, and a similar one by Mad Katz (surprise surprise) which I think looks more PS2 era. There was another I spotted yesterday on eBay which you hold like a remote control (Wii style) with the steering wheel on top, but I can't find it now. Edit - Ah, found it. This thing -
  10. God yeah! £1.12 a stamp, THOSE BASTARDS! Gamers whining? Fancy that. These will look fucking ace in a little frame in one's retro room, what what.
  11. Interesting. The only mention in the manual is that it's compatible with that weird Namco Negcon thing. I just ordered this off eBay -
  12. IK+ and four letter words! Typing in 'wank' resulted in the message 'sweaty hands slip off joysticks'
  13. It's ace, I just played a little bit more. There are some really neat touches like the subtle time of day light changes, or weather conditions changing during a race. I wouldn't really expect to see things like that in PS1 generation games at all, let alone a budget title.
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