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  1. Second only to Breaking Bad on my official list of great TV.
  2. The problem with these - I'm mid way through a pack - is that the bakewell flavour is just so slight it only serves to ruin the delicious simplicity of one of life's great pleasures, the milk chocolate digestive. They need to go big with the flavour shaker or just not bother at all.
  3. The bosses each drop an item which you can forge into a weapon back at base. Just trying out the survival mode for the first time. It's a lot of fun and probably how I'll play solo from now on. I even saw a boss I haven't seen in the scores of hours I've put into the campaign and adventure modes, and got my arse handed to me by it, obvs.
  4. Or anyone else for that matter. Any excuse for some Remno.
  5. Add me on Epic if you want to play some time @Mogster and @Jamie John - Nathan_Wind
  6. You're going to sell it all aren't you.
  7. Sales now counteracted by everyone whose first Lynx experience is playing these and thinking it's full of mediocre platform games. And indeed, I'm sure licensing is a nightmare. But far better to put out just the one cart with the games off collection 2 and the four or five good ones of collection one, than to cram with filler to get the numbers up. Platform specific carts to my mind, should feature carefully curated collections which really celebrate the best the hardware has to offer.
  8. Correct. What a great game.
  9. Correct. What a great game.
  10. There are some very odd choices in the collections given how many great games there were to pick from. Awesome Golf, Jimmy Connors, Dracula and Crystal Mines are all solid, and the highlights of collection one. In fact, Crystal Mines is probably my most played Lynx game. The rest range from mediocre to rubbish. Cybervirus is interesting from a technical standpoint I suppose. Collection 2 is better but the lack of the system's best games is baffling. Xybots, Stun Runner, Shadow of the Beast, Lemmings, Xenophobe, Battlezone, Ninja Gaiden(s), Rygar, Pac Land, Warbirds... They shou
  11. Mine too, was delivered in a torn envelope. The magazine was fine though. It's a good episode as well.
  12. I've had a couple of sessions on this now and objectively speaking there's a lot wrong with it. Basic QoL stuff from these sorts of games is missing, like a map or the ability to ping something so your partner(s) can see it. There isn't even a countdown timer for party members when the lobby leader starts a game so you're in the middle of something and next thing you know, BAM! Loading screen. No warning. There's also fundamental stuff wrong with the combat. No cancelling of animations so you get stuck in long combos which do nothing to break enemy animations and that, in turn, means you g
  13. Strongest console launch in ages for me. Probably since the N64. There's a solid line-up of native games, my machine is quiet (now it's chewed up that sticker, chortle) except when the drive spins up briefly now and again, and there's a bunch of excellent PS4 games thrown in with PSN. The other thing is, despite being used to high end PC gaming, the visuals this is pumping out knock my socks off. Demon's Souls' Gates of Boletaria makes my jaw drop every time I see it.
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