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  1. Stop an attempted mutiny. Giant kraken attacks, lop off some tentacles. Stop at a port or two on the way and slot in a mini adventure. Get stuck in ice in the arctic region, have them solve and/or fight stuff/slot in a mini snowy adventure until she’s freed to continue.
  2. Day 473 of lockdown. Legolas and Gimli are off on one.
  3. Lost Mines of Phandelver is free for a month on D&D Beyond for anyone looking to start out - https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/lmop
  4. Oh well that's okay then! You crack on and ask what you paid for a boxed game with the peripheral required to actually play it, only without the box or the peripheral required to actually play it.
  5. Well sure, by the same token that you could do that with any game. I guess if Star Wars appeals thematically, knock yourself out.
  6. It's a fantastic game, and I know it defeats the point of what you're doing here but the recent re-release is very good - it makes it so much easier to enjoy when you can see properly. Not to mention having modern controls.
  7. Presuming 10 year old? It would be a big ask for an unborn child. I haven't played the 2nd edition yet, but unless they've streamlined it the basic game is quite straight forward mechanically. However there's a lot of second-guessing and trying to outwit your opponent with the maneuver dial. It also gets quite a bit more complicated when you start running squadrons at higher point costs with all of the extra stats, ship and pilot abilities to remember. I would think it's a bit much.
  8. I'm very excited by this. It's is where I get to start shaping Gazes into a (failure of a) swashbuckler! Edit - I didn't mean what I said back there about your age, Clipper. You can take a gentle joke, right? AHAHAHAHAHahahahahahhahhahahahhahahhhhhhnnngghhh...
  9. Creatures that wear them lose 1d10 INT permanently but gain infinite styyyyyle. I'm picturing Gazes strutting around in them like The Cat from Red Dwarf. I think they go well with his impulsive feline nature.
  10. Yes, it's great. Pang has always been great, and Pang Adventures is also great. Other than the graphics which aren't great, they're all Flash gamey. Great game though. Great. And fucking cheer up, mate! Edit - I only have it on PS4 mind you, but I don't see why the Switch would have any trouble running it.
  11. I'm a huge fan of Sagrada. Thematically it's a delight - drafting dice to build a stained glass window. Scoring is based on dice patterns within your window which are drawn from public objective cards, with one private objective card each. Although it's a highest score wins game, the only slightly confrontational element comes from whether or not you can work out someones private objective and try to scupper them but it's really not a very big part of it.
  12. I wouldn't recommend that, you might damage the laser. Not to mention the risk of electrocution.
  13. Also, fenders are what you throw over to stop rubbing when mooring alongside another boat or harbour wall - I don't know what they used in The Olden Days, maybe sandbags or thick ropes wound around something. Clipper will remember galleons from his childhood, perhaps he knows?
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