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  1. If Cham is offended by my joke he just has to say so and I'll apologise. The rest of you can get to fuck, though. Except Deef, Nugg and Sood. They're awesome. Oh and thanks to the Ramsdens for valiantly riding to my defence. Love you guys
  2. You called me a lootwhore - the only times I got funny about loot were when Jera was involved. That should tell you something. You almost didn't get back into the guild after you left as you weren't particularly popular, particularly due to your habit of disappearing any time your missus wanted a cuddle. That should tell you something. You lot are the ones who started name calling; calling me a dick, an insensitive twat, an attention seeking lootwhore and now a poisonous knobend. That should also tell you something. I have called one person a name for reasons that have nothing to do with wow. Grow up, folks! Man, Muk is so full of two faced, back stabbing, whiny little moaners, back slapping and having love-ins in this thread then slagging each other off via pms and whispers. What happened the the guild, guys? What happened??? Anyways you're right. I probably should run along now. Nothing to gain from arguing with people who can do nothing but resort to petty name calling.
  3. Ow man, you cut so deep And calling me a lootwhore with people like Jeraka in the guild is frankly hilarious. You should do stand up - if only you didn't have to stop every five minutes to hug your girlfriend! And Matt, you disappoint me. We used to be mates until you turned into an utter prick. Such a shame.
  4. Love that scene. They don't even realise what they've just done, who they've just saved. They're just happy chopping orcs to bits and running off. Brilliant scene
  5. You should probably try getting a job.
  6. Deef is correct; they're sponsored to do this stuff. What makes it particularly impressive, if that's the right word, is that unlike the other bosses, they didn't get to fight heroic Ragnaros on the PTR - they only got up to him on live, so they have pretty much spent the last few weeks smacking their heads against a lava covered brick wall. Or something. Fair play to them.
  7. Well the thing with the troll heroics is that even with a decent group and decent gear, the risk/reward ratio is small. They're awesome, brilliantly designed, look gorgeous and are a lot of fun, but they are still pretty difficult, particularly in a pug.
  8. Look, I know about suspension of disbelief and all that, but a 16 year old kid being able to make an adhesive stronger than any know to man using his 'My First Chemistry Set' in his fucking bedroom is just daft. I know it's canon, I know it's lore, but damn, it's silly. The organic ones were much better! Also, the suit. Yeah, looks ace and stuff. But again - where the fuck would a 16 year old kid get that material? Amazon? When I was 16 I could barely dress myself, let alone create amazing super-hero suits of some magical material. Shit, I can barely dress myself now at the age of 29!
  9. Man, I wish I could neg you for forcing me to look at those pics knowing I'd have to wait 6 months until I can actually watch them, but you're awesome and I love you and your crazy super fast news posting skills, so I'll give you a +1 but please note, I do so grudgingly
  10. What an awesome thread. I can't think of anything right now that hasn't already been said, but still, great thread.
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