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  1. Home. Pictures and stories when I can see again. My vision had taken a battering but just an amazing day
  2. What even if happening just had a chat on the phone with Missy Bo. This is all so surreal
  3. Being picked up soon. Can't wait!!!
  4. It made the switch redundant for me. It's now horrible to hold and feels cheap. The Steam Deck is now my main gaming device easily getting 90% of my playtime
  5. Dominant win for Arsenal today. Eight games without conceding in the league now.
  6. Sorry, context. Our trip ended before it even began as we broke down on the M1. Missy Bo Kearns saw what happened and has organised for us to get driven there on her.
  7. We are getting a private driver to Anfield as guests of one of the players
  8. This fucking club. This fucking club. We broke down on our way to Liverpool. Just towed home costing us our entire budget and then some. All got home absolutely gutted that we couldn't go. Get a private message from Missy Bo Kearns who is arranging a car to come and drive us from Essex to Anfield for the game on Sunday and then take us home again. I have no words.
  9. Off to Liverpool for the Derby this weekend. Anyone else going?
  10. We've got a lad called Jay Spearing in the U21 squad you can buy.
  11. Turn on developer settings then turn off WiFi power management. Sorry my Deck is charging in another room right now so can't check the exact menus
  12. Why would you do that to me! I had to get it via other means as I was a filthy console gamer.
  13. Has anyone tried the virtual menus in the latest beta? Trying to think of any games in particular they would be good for?
  14. What did you change? Just installed after seeing you mention it
  15. I really hope someone finds a way to allow booting from an external drive. So I could run a second microsd card via a hub. Or magical way to have dual SD cards via the one slot (I did say magical)
  16. @Sirinow get it to show the sign in box, but clicking sign in does nothing, which in turn stops the solution from working. Have asked on the Reddit thread. Tried numerous times now.
  17. Went through install, don't get the option to sign in when trying to launch Humble Choice. Edit: I give up for now. I have tried 5 times and still can't even get 'Sign In' to show.
  18. How long did it take to install after getting the excited with code 256 thing? Not sure if it has frozen or not
  19. Scratch that Liverpool come from behind to win 2-1
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