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  1. Have Hive in the cupboard. Lovely game, one of my favourites alongside Blokus.
  2. Thanks will look at those. Is there anything that might use a Chess style mechanic? Not chess as such but hopefully I make sense. I have played chess based puzzle games digitally so maybe something has been made similar physically.
  3. Sprawlopolis looks right up my street.
  4. Thanks will check out suggestions.
  5. Aye, it is rather fun to play too. O think I prefer it to Pacer
  6. Thanks, not spending yet just planning for even my vision gets to a point I can play so likely mid 2022. It just hit my brain and had to ask before I forgot.
  7. I love the idea of playing physical board games but can't get the family involved fully. Are there any good single player experiences? Maybe something logic based? I love Slitherlink, Sudoku, etc and also Chess. Not great with Deck builders as I struggle at times to keep concentration, but willing to learn. I adored Lights Out too back in my early youth years.
  8. More points than the rest of the group combined.
  9. Momentum is a part of it. I think it is vital especially with strikers.
  10. I bet Max Verstappen is an Atleti fan.
  11. I'm trying to picture the location and yeah, IK think @Gabeis right. Don't think I ever went in though in all fairness.
  12. Where is the best place to pick those up before they go?
  13. They loved it when Henderson had a last minute winner ruled out last season due to the wind blowing Mane's shirt sleeve offside, so once again
  14. That would mean more of you leaving than the mass protest walkout
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