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  1. 10 out of 10 There is your review for the box.
  2. I had tons of everything on my beach. Ended up getting it all in my house. Still don't get why you cannot access you storage for crafting, rather than needing it in your pockets.
  3. Where do you all keep your excess wood, rocks, etc? I have a ton on my beach and I think that is stopping me getting a 3-star rating.
  4. With so many visitors to the island, I have decided to spruce up the crack den so I can have people over.
  5. What the fuck guys... there will be none of that on this island!
  6. I got a present of £30 credit so picked up Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Kine Thrownbreaker: The Witcher Tales Rise: Race The Future I have only played Animal Crossing since. I am part of the problem.
  7. Fair enough, at least I can make sure I prepare properly. Thanks @NexivRed
  8. Yep, that is Kevin. He does like watering my flowers.
  9. I've not taken much notice of flowers in this yet, but at the stage now where I have enough residents and need to beautify the island. I noticed that my random flower bed I mde early has now produced an orange and pink type. So going to try and do more with all of that over the next week. Planted some yellow and white hyacinths outside the airport as an entrance to the island, along with some fencing and a path. So the process can begin. Quick question though, what happens to the patterns I put on the ground already if I delete them from my Pro Designer? As want to try and get some different path types for different areas and not sure of limits.
  10. I want to say 14 hours or there about.
  11. Reviewed this and it should be objectively bad, but I found it really intriguing by the time I was done. http://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/disaster-report-4-summer-memories-review/
  12. Recently teamed up with Ray Carsillo from EGM to talk games for the Lockdown.
  13. Left some turnips as a tip by your house. Thanks for letting me in.
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