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  1. I dunno, Man City would add it to their honours list if they won it.
  2. Good game that to see where some of the younger players are at. Larouci looked ok, but needs more time Kent and Wilson looked particularly good in the first half Brewster is just looking more and more ready with every minute he gets. That penalty was sublime. Still want to see more of Lewis in pre-season, but 2019/20 may come a bit too soon for him to break the first team. We do need some back up at fullback on both sides for this season I think. Also, put a bid in for Sancho, but let him stay at Dortmund for the season. Surely Klopp has some weight over there still
  3. I thought my consistent run of 3rd and 4th was decent, that is spectacular.
  4. Not at the moment, unless the upcoming retail version has it included. They'd be stupid not to sell skins at some point too.
  5. bradigor

    Nintendo Switch

    Thank you! I have the excellent The Next Penelope, so grabbed Transcripted.
  6. I'd love a proper Slitherlink release.
  7. If they want to bring any game from the Wii of this type, it should be Kororinpa. Get us the GC Monkey Ball instead.
  8. Whatever Klopp and the team do is fine by me. Do I want him back? Don't really care, he made his bed. Would I have him back? Sure, if he benefitted the team by being here.
  9. What if you had this situation... 1. Man City (86pts GF: 85 GA: 10) 1. Liverpool (86pts GF: 85 GA: 10) 1. Chelsea (86pts GF: 85 GA: 10) Results: Man City 2-1 Liverpool Liverpool 1-2 Man City Man City 1-2 Chelsea Chelsea 2-1 Man City Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool Who would win the league? As Chelsea would finish ahead of Man City, who would finish ahead of Liverpool, who would finish ahead of Chelsea. I know it will never actually happen, but hey... I am bored.
  10. What's the best source for learning how to play the ranked modes? Any good Youtubers?
  11. Winning by a foot or so... unbelievable. I can't think of a sporting occasion that has been that close before.
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