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  1. Got a bit bored this morning waiting for a call..
  2. Amazing from Tranmere tonight. Navigated a tough 3rd round replay to get a place in the 5th round. Fair play.
  3. If we go 37-1-0 I am getting a Bill Kenwright tattoo.
  4. For all of Wolves "brilliance*" they only managed 3 on target. We kept the threat to a minimum. We had to fight, but showed we DO have that fight. *Wolves were very good, not taking anything away from them.
  5. @dr_manhattan^, unlucky chap. What a fight you put up. Title: 9 Wins Tattoo: 15 Wins
  6. Henderson has been outstanding yet again.
  7. Still time. If Adama could slow it up though, it'd be nice
  8. Give the ball to Bobby and he will score (away)
  9. Is this the first time City have gained ground all season? Can't remember their score when we drew with United.
  10. Would have been better off giving away the penalty. As Traore was offside.
  11. Shocking, was too easy for them.
  12. There is a lot of respect between the two teams, that's for sure. Both seem fully aware of what the other can do, given half a chance. Wolves are easily the 4th best team in the league.
  13. Why is Salah not slipping Minamino in there!
  14. Could do with half time to regroup. Momentum has gone out of the game at the moment for us.
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