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  1. I got on this thanks to the discussion yesterday. Got the extension for Chrome to automate it, so my ADHD can't get in the way.
  2. You want to come deal with my teenage son? If I stopped, that £10.99 per sub per month would get eaten up by other things. Do you think I haven't tried saving? It reminds me of the sort of people that say to those stuck in renting... "Just save the £5000 for a deposit, you could do that in a year! I don't see why you find it so difficult to get on the property ladder"
  3. Yes it is a big outlay. I don't see how you're not getting this? £40-£120 to you may be small change, but to some that is huge. We have a budget we stick to and cut out a lot of services to allow for GPU. Sharing Netflix, Amazon, etc with other family members also cutting out TV itself to balance things.
  4. I am paying £10.99 a month* for mine. As despite the upgrade offer being excellent valued, I can't afford an outlay like that. So it will end up costing me more. It does bug that some will promote this service on here as 'Just £1 for 3 years'. I know you aren't saying it is only £1 and you know there is an additional cost, but you make it sound way easier than it is. *Technically £21.98 as MS still haven't done anything about family accounts. Before anyone starts, we make use of PC and Cloud and not just the Xbox consoles themselves.
  5. Got my review key for Odyssey but can't get access until 19th. Seems I have lost all my progress in the base game too, so time to start fresh.
  6. Van Dijk is out of the Euros, deciding to remain in Liverpool to focus on being ready for next season rather than risk injury over the summer.
  7. bradigor

    Youth Sport

    Great article. For me the football is secondary to everything else I try to offer them.
  8. Take a look at yourself for crying out loud. It was clearly a joke. Relying on Man United is something we have created for ourselves. So no arguments from me. Hopefully we win our games and Leicester lose one of the remaining two left. If we miss out, then it is fully deserved as we have been shocking all season. Not finishing at least second in this league is a poor return ;).
  9. All over Southampton at the moment. So will finish 1-1 with a late equaliser
  10. Yep save your best XI for Thursday
  11. Could easily have become another Bertuzzi incident. The league need to really be more proactive in how they handle things like this.
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