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  1. @Gabe, check your PM in 5 mins
  2. Probably not the best name for that, considering recent events.
  3. My son is after a macro lens and a telephoto. I know these are 'vintage' but would they be workable to start out with? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-NEX-E-Mount-DSLR-fit-85mm-210mm-420mm-ZOOM-lens-NEX-5-3-F5-5R-6-VG20-etc/392853032567?hash=item5b77dd8e77:g:oHMAAOSwJp1e9ja5
  4. I'd like to take credit. That's from one of our newer writers
  5. Anyone interested in CrossCode we have a review for it on Switch. https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/crosscode-review/
  6. Yes, if everyone promises to calm down a bit.
  7. Jurgen not taking any of Sky's bullshit. "Sorry I don't understand English now"
  8. Oh come on. How many times down the last 30 years have we battered teams that have gone on to, or just won the league. Doing United 4-0 at Old Trafford, Chelsea 4-1, City 4-1. I'd rather get the odd battering after titles than be where we have over the years
  9. Y'know what. I'd love to see Williams, Jones and Elliot start against Villa.
  10. You cannot base this on other seasons. We are still playing regular games in July after a break in empty stadiums. It is what it is.
  11. Not purposely holding back no, but they are all a little off the pace. Probably compounded by City upping their game for this one to prove a point. I am not sure why I am even debating this, I couldn't care less. It feels like we have lost a pound after winning the lottery,.
  12. It's not that they don't want to win, but how much do you risk now? They will be a little off the pace after celebrations and being able to just enjoy it for a bit. City are sharper that's for sure. Robbo is clearly not the player he has been all season, but boy has he earned an off night.
  13. Time for a 7 minute blast to get back into it
  14. The ones who are still 20 points clear of the best team in world football.
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