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  1. I got a review code. I will be covering accessibility so will report back.
  2. It does show just how good the game is though. Usually I'd have gone "fuck this for a laugh. I'm done" and moved on to a different game. But I am so invested in the story that I pushed through.
  3. Yes! 2-0 win at home to West Ham and probably our most complete game yet
  4. If anyone has LFCTV the Women's game Vs West Ham is live at 2PM. Get on it
  5. Without Kiernan we lack any real threat and I can't see if being able to contain the forward players.
  6. We'll start to see many of the greats if yesteryear pass in the next few years. I am dreading getting the news about King Kenny one day
  7. Yeah they are dangerous going forward and solid at the back
  8. Yeah, it's also a complaint I have with Ship of Fools. Prompting me to start a new series for MHG calling out shit like this. There is no excuse in 2022 for such poor intervention implementation of such features. It is as though there has been zero QA testing. Also just to note. The game will crash the Steam Deck at points. I am forced to run the following settings to prevent it: 720p Low default Full screen Disabled graphic scaling 30fps cap Do not even attempt FSR right now Despite an that, I really am enjoying the game
  9. I wanted to avoid Max Payne due to Rockstar launcher, does it not get in the way? Same with Reach. Can I play that without installing all the MCC?
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