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  1. Barca will win the European Cup this season.
  2. Rail Route This is a Rail Routing simulator and it is fantastic. You get basic tools to start (tracks, manual signal, etc) but as you complete contracts you earn money and skill points. These are then used to expand you network and improve it. Adding automation and such. I have been addicted for the past week now and have managed to make a portion of my map fully automated. It is so relaxing sitting and watching it all come together.
  3. Yeah this one really hits hard. Not sure I can add anything that hasn't already been said. Glad he has come out and met things head on, but not sure that in and of itself is anywhere near enough. I hope we see some action to show he is going to do better.
  4. Please look after Danny Ings, he is my favourite ex-Liverpool player that I'd have back in a heartbeat. Also, City have no money, Pep was saying so in April*. So I do hope Villa aren't relying on that Grealish money! *jokes, obviously he was bullshitting. I wish Liverpool would bring someone in this window. Whilst getting Konate early is good business and having Van Dijk and Gomez back, as well as contracts for Trent, Fabinho and Alisson. The lack of any concrete incomings further up the pitch is a worry. I hope we aren't gambling on Harvey Elliot doing something special. The Henderson situation isn't helping either. Jealous of Villa right now!
  5. Damn it, thought it was Zoop initially
  6. I once said to the developers they should do a crossover. They are similar only in looks. I did a video a while back.
  7. art of rally is amazing. If you've never played it, you are in for a treat.
  8. Yep, we fucked it with the way we went about our business for him that summer.
  9. This is worse than when Schumacher's plank had lost too much wood.
  10. Alonso masterclass so far in defending.
  11. That was Schumacher alright. Has his dad's fight for sure.
  12. This is incredible. A single car starting on the grid
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