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  1. On this... Virgil was offside, so it could never be a penalty. However VAR should have insisted the ref check the collision and decide if a red card was warranted.
  2. Getting close to 300 and this is myu best win yet! All-Clear Maximus!
  3. If that's on Salah the world screams about it being a dive
  4. Fuck off. That's two players kicking the same ball.
  5. Poor Lallana. Just being around a Liverpool shirt and injured
  6. Got some reading material for the weekend. Really looking forward to this. Excuse the photo, Edith insisted.
  7. I note have this stock in my head. Luckily I love Jenny Lewis
  8. I'll play games until I still having fun with them. That could be 40 minutes or 400+ hours. I stopped caring about perceived value and feel so much better for it
  9. Come on, we never get out of the group easily.
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