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  1. I'm always sceptical about these new consoles, I really wanted the Seedi to happen but it failed to get its Indigogo target. This is apparently different having already received investor funding to the tune of $500'000 and it has industry veterans from places like Insomniac involved. I read somewhere they may have the pre-orders put out on a crowd funding platform but also that they may go down further investment to the tune of 2-3 million to secure licensing deals for games.
  2. http://polymega.com So apart from the weird company name ...and the equally weird product name, this is an upcoming retro console that has got my attention and I really can't wait to get my hands on one. The core system plays CD based titles from PS1, Neo Geo CD, Sega CD, Turbografx-CD and apparently potentially able to support more with software updates, it then has a modular setup where you can buy different units and plug them in at the front, at launch will be at least NES, SNES, Turbografx-16 and Genesis. The reason I'm into it so much is its ability to speed up loading times of old CD games, that if correct could make those CD games the most realistic way for me to play legit Neo Geo games that I can actually afford. Pre-orders will be up at the end of August, anyone here already heard of this?
  3. Great pics Flub, especially the eagle shot. Focusing on completing this before moving on to another game (I’m really bad at completing games) I’m glad it’s still grabbing my attention, the world the team have produced is a really enjoyable space to mess around in, especially now I’m at a point where I’m more comfortable with the combat and how the world and enemies work. My biggest disappointment is the side quests are very samey, go here, kill these guys, done. go here, protect this guy by killing guys, done. But it’s not killing the game for me so can’t be all that bad.
  4. I was unsure about picking this up and flip-flopped quite a bit. The mostly positive impressions were swaying me and with it discounted on the Playstation store's black Friday event plus having some unspent credit, I couldn't resist. So glad i picked this up as so far so great! I'm just about to leave the first area but have absolutely loved soaking up the world they've built and the combat has been fun and challenging, I'm looking forward to opening up a few more options with it and getting stuck in. It really is a strikingly good looking game but it is also the efforts in the detail that I find the most immersive, especially the animal behaviours seem really dynamic. Can't wait to spend some more decent time with this, just a shame work means no time off now until next Tuesday doh!
  5. Great post @Harrisown, I remember the original PC game fondly for what it was trying to be and what it managed to accomplish. Even with all its advancements at the time it did fall short in some departments, mostly combat, this updated version still struggles too, maybe i need to readjust to how it controls but from the off the control setup is weird and seemingly unchangeable. I'm only right at the start but will play it through for those nostalgic moments. A part of me hopes sales for this are good enough for the team to be able to get a green light on a sequel or new project. An open world modern version of Outcast could be something very special.
  6. This is great news! As others have said Okami in 4k with hopefully use of the trackpad could be gaming perfection. Hope they are aiming for 60fps too
  7. The HUD is too much, they just seem to have kept the already cluttered one they had previously and layer on even more clutter.
  8. Only just got into this and after a decent day with it I am now hooked! The combat is judged really well, not too complex, fast but not too fast and when the big hordes hit and you survive it's a great feeling. Beat the first HUGE boss and that was pretty incredible. The animation at times is so good.
  9. I was going to Nalbina! Just got the name mixed up in my head, but i wasn't having any luck. Just tried again and got the invisible chest to turn up for the first time, only got a knot of rust out of it but its a start.
  10. Rabanastre to bujerba, only Vaan in party and diamond armlet equipped on him and yep little boy running back and forth. There's got to be a reason it's not working or maybe I'm missing the chest. Will try tonight after work and see how it goes.
  11. Nope! The heal thing with Rex is going just as smoothly. I'll give it one more attempt on my next session and just give up if i get no joy.
  12. I'm having a pretty shit time of trying to get a setingrad. Tried the airship method for about 3 hours with no luck, now trying the Rex cure method for at least an hour with no joy...
  13. Hmm not sure, you could use "target the party leaders target" for steal so they should mostly get a steal in before the target dies? Would have to have that turned off for any big battles though.
  14. ...err over 17 hours now but I'm working through the whole weekend so doubt i'll get much time on it until next week dammit!
  15. I may of done that and just don't remember, my memory is horrendous! Also chose a Time Battlemage for a different character, it'll be interesting to see how these different classes play out when they are more complete.
  16. With VIII the Junctioning system is just really damn smart and the GF animations are the best of any of the series. XII for story, characters and world is incredible but while the battle system is a different way to handle AI parties its just not as engaging as it could have been.
  17. They were automatically that class, no choosing.
  18. Mr. Gerbik the storytelling is all down to Yasumi Matsuno and the english translation by Alexander O Smith. XIII does have a great combat system (my fav outside of the classic FF style) but a REALLY convoluted story and world.
  19. I'll Just mention here a party member you get later on is automatically a white mage.
  20. The 4x just takes so much grind away, such a good inclusion. After that statement, I have actually spent a large part of my day off today grinding to unlock a decent chunk of the licence boards. It's been my only days play other then a couple hours the other day and I've clocked up about 12-13 hours on the game clock and got my team into the mid LVL20's. I guess if I have made some crap character choices restarting isn't going to be much of a commitment.
  21. Really enjoying this. The Speed up on L1 is actually really useful to rebuild MP after heavy use, even if it does come across a bit Benny Hill. Having not played the international version or read a guide, i'm interested to know what peoples licence board choices have been? I'm kinda worried i've initially chosen poorly. Mines... Vaan: Shikari (Knife/Thief guy) Balthier: Red Battlemage (more interesting then bog standard mage) Fran: Archer Basch: Knight
  22. Tailfly

    SNES Mini

    Thanks for the heads up, reserved one to collect this way but guess its just down now to store allocation and if I'm quick enough to pick one up.
  23. Yeah so i've been DEEP into Disgaea since the first game and never realised ...emergency exits
  24. womble9 You don't really need guidance but I would recommend starting with Wipeout HD, I like the introductory areas and its focus on time trials and speed laps, allows you to learn the tracks. Fury is fun and challenging in a very different way, actually very different from other Wipeouts. Utilise Racebox to set up a time trial or zone mode on tracks you're not comfortable or don't click with and it'll help you improve. Other then that headphones on and get decently close to the TV to soak up the beauty.
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