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  1. I understand from the guys that you're supposed to be a cool guy? Tell us mothers, please, while I smile at you!
  2. I am probably not impressed by that lovely Mom. Although I'm sure she loves all of us!
  3. For the first time, you can share songs with people all over the world. Great news, because so far I've only shared songs with people living in my basement...
  4. The early replies look great. Wordsoup?!=???
  5. I don't think it'll go off after a year, but it doesn't taste the same. The beef just gets stale (?)
  6. IIRC, it shouldn't be older than a year though...
  7. Perhaps Sid Meier's Railroads? It's a prettier, albeit slightly dumbed down (at least I feel it's dumbed down) version of it.
  8. Nespresso is good, but really expensive. And it's basically espressos only, so if you'd like a proper mug of coffee, it isn't the best thing.
  9. I'm not sure whether it still exists, haven't seen it for quite some time. Guess I should check the newsstands tomorrow...
  10. There was (or maybe still is) a German EDGE as well, which I thought was translated from English...I'm not sure whether it really was, but it felt like it (puns etc...)
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