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  1. I can't buy anything :-) Well 1943 and Ghost's n Goblins for free. But it doesn't show me anything else. Lucky me.
  2. I hate this. Sooner or later I'm going to buy this, because I love retro games, mainly due to nostalgia. I very rarely play them. I'll play the whole compilation for about 12 minutes. I'll then put it away and never take it out again (or load it, in this case). Repeat when the next similar collection comes out.
  3. It's like Back to the Future, but the other way round. Back to the Past. Where we all hoped but then it somehow didn't happen (but maybe it still will)..... WILL IT???
  4. We will win. It will be fine (having said that, the last few times I wrote this it wasn't always fine...). But today, it will be.
  5. So, I'm off to bed. Just placed a bet now on a win for us. Here's to hoping.
  6. It all feels a bit ... academic?
  7. Derby time! FcSchaffhausen hosts FcWinterthur. It's year 125 for the FcSchaffhausen, Winterthur isn't much older. They are playing about 1km from here. But at least there's a livestream. And the local radio is there. Commenting from time to time. Not live, but giving updates every 10 minutes or so. Only that you can hear them talking on the livestream, even when they are not "live". Which is a bit amusing. And a bit embarrassing as the topics they're discussing whilst offline are not always "on-topic"...
  8. I go to watch my local club to see things being shit
  9. I'm obviously happy that the goal doesn't count. But... It's all so detracting. I mean, I've started not cheering when we score, because you never know whether there's a hair standing offside somewhere. And cheering a minute after the goal isn't really the same. Combine this with artificial crowd noise and I don't really know why I'm watching this anymore. Not on a Thursday night when I've got the get out early next morning.
  10. Hooray, the Swiss Challenge League is back on track! And FcSchaffhausen have proudly announced that they want to be a contender for the first two places, having brought in a couple of replacements. They now have a strong team and should, with a bit of luck, have a chance at going up. They are 0-2 behind after 16 minutes
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