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  1. You need to speak to the driver, but you don't need to use the taxi. Speak to him and go away.
  2. I bought Record of Lodoss War based on the hype in some forum or other. Got it second hand for a decent price and never got to grips with it. I still don't know why.
  3. It looks quite like the old one... which is great :-)
  4. Both Champions of Norrath games as well as the two BG:DA games are great fun in couch co-op!
  5. Invented AND perfected it
  6. Why do I even bother watching this shite anymore?
  7. It's amusing - got to 2nd place on my first go and then was showered by ghosts in my other attempts. I don't think I'll play it forever, but for a random quick pick-up, it's good.
  8. I replayed both in the last couple of years. They are both fine - EOB2 is clearly the better game but EOB1 is still worth playing. EOB3 on the other hand... I remember reading the reviews and then buying the game - and being amazed by it! I couldn't understand why people didn't love it. Now I do - it feels less compact, somehow.
  9. Yes. My first PC game I ever bought. I loved Krynn and the books and thought that this would be a Krynn RPG. I was so disappointed.
  10. What is this potato thing you speak of? It was onions all the way! (plus salt)
  11. This channel is amazing! And I tried the onions on Friday, they're very tasty
  12. They have changed something. It works. Where's my wallet?
  13. Unfortunately, having now tried, I can't do this. I use the mobile app for parental controls etc, and this means that the time has to be set automatically. Ah well, less money thrown at Capcom's direction, I guess
  14. Thank you, I will try that!
  15. Origi vs Pickford - Round 2 - Fight
  16. At least we'll be top sixteen
  17. Why even bother with VAR?To be honest from the first look I thought it was a penalty.. It looked a penalty without the replays. The replays show that it wasn't one. Fair enough. But why would you let the ref run to the screen, having him not even look at it and then decide that it's still a pen when it isn't???
  18. At least he had a look at it
  19. But it's not Allison's fault.
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