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  1. Anyway I hope we score two within the first 15 minutes of the second half, cause I'm cooking and I want to have my Sunday roast in peace and not combined with fingernails.
  2. He should have scored to be fair...
  3. The Games: Winter Challenge. I was quite impressed by it and we used to play it quite a lot. It's not really as good as I remember it to be...
  4. Always subtitles. I'm an avid reader and read all the time - I'm simply used to it. I even put subtitles on if the game is in my native language. It's also much more comfortable for me because I often have to play rather silently, due to the kids...
  5. And not the first time in this game either...
  6. p b

    Pokemon Go

    You're right, my bad. I changed it now, should have been 8671 8160 4983 Thank you!
  7. p b

    Pokemon Go

    We're looking for friends: 8671 8160 4983 5120 3914 5467 6296 0133 4563 0876 8025 1564
  8. I bought this yesterday on the XBox. TLDR: Not worth the money My wife and I played the originals (1 and 2) as well as Champions of Norrath on the PS2 and loved it (I've still got all 4 games in the basement). Being lazy, I thought about buying the remake just to play it again - and put it off until yesterday, as our son now has Covid, which means Christmas is cancelled and I thought this would give us a smile. It's still a good game, but my wife's first reaction was "Wow... this looks old". It's pretty much the same game with the same graphics. I really don't know why they should get this amount of money for it.
  9. This is getting a bit ridiculous...
  10. I tried playing this but had to switch it off after the first couple of cut-scenes. Made my PS4Pro sound like a bloody helicopter. Proper horror!
  11. Well he slipped off the ball though. Not nice, but these pics are a bit misleading, I think. Should have been a card though (sorry, not debating that it was a foul, I somehow read that it should definitely have been a red)
  12. Bet on the first goal happening in the first 10 minutes. Not as I expected it though. I've now put my winnings on us leading at half time...
  13. It is. It's probably even worse than Pikmin Bloom, which I uninstalled a couple of hours ago. What a ride that has been... walk, rather.
  14. I'm getting to this stage as well...
  15. Downloaded it today. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, but will be going for a 30 min walk in a bit...
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