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  1. And in a VAR shocker, we've been given a goal
  2. Well you're on track so far...
  3. I honestly don't know. They did get home in the end.
  4. And we lost. FcSchaffhausen lost 0-2, so that's going to be another year in the Challenge League. Well, it was completely unexpected for us to even be here, so... And that means we'll have plenty of seats again next year and next to no queues at all. As an added bonus, my friends just mentioned that the supporters specially organised train home just took a wrong turn and is now heading in the opposite direction... A fitting end to the season.
  5. The weekend's important game takes place today! FcSchaffhausen play FcLuzern away, the winner plays in the SuperLeague next season. The stadium is sold out, about a 1000 from Schaffhausen should be there, unfortunately not me. The first leg ended 2-2, it's only the points that count today. So basically a cup final!
  6. And it's probably been the best game ever. We drew 2-2, both times coming back. But the athmosphere and everything was fantastic. Just brilliant!
  7. Huge game today - FcSchaffhausen play the first playoff game against FcLuzern at home. The stadium was sold out in record time - I hope the whole organisation around the game will be better than last week. Anyway, the winner of the two playoff games will play SuperLeague football next season, something FcSchaffhausen haven't done since 2006 or so. We're clearly the underdogs, but still, we've had a run of 10 gmes without a loss (most of then wins), so the team is confident. Unfortunately, the same goes for FcLuzern, who played an abysmal first half of the season but a very good second half... We'll see how that goes...
  8. Great day in the Challenge League yesterday! Leader Aarau,who just needed a draw at home, lost. This means they dropped to third and will stay in the league. FcWinterthur climbed to the top spot and won automatic promotion. And FcSchaffhausen ended up second, playing FcLuzern on Thursday at home and on Sunday away in the playoff.
  9. Catering was a mess. And we lost. We are now third, before the final game. If the other two don't slip, we'll play in the Challenge League again next season. To be honest, we might enjoy it even more that way... it simply feels more familiar
  10. Huge game in the ChallengeLeague today. FcSchaffhausen play FcAarau today, the winner of this game will most likely play in the Super League next season. And for the first time ever, we are sold out! FcSchaffhausen sold the last available ticket for the game on Thursday evening! Yay! It's only 8222 seats, but still. Catering will be a huge mess, they have problems coping with 1000 people, so I'm not looking forward to that part today. 😂
  11. It's also going to be huge. Capacity is 8222 - as of this afternoon, 5700 tickets have already been sold (including 1200 to away supporters). Usually, we have around 900 people in the stadium 🙂
  12. Next round in the Swiss Challenge league today. Aarau took the lead yesterday, with 62 points, having played a game more than us. Winterthur drew, so they are on 59 points We/Schaffhausen played away against FcThun and went 0-1 down in the 20' - only to score 2 minutes later and then going on winning 5-2 in the end! So we're top of the league again. 1. FC Schaffhausen +24goals 62points 2. FC Aarau +20g 62p 3. FC Winterthur +24g 59p There are two games to go. This Saturday, we'll be playing Aarau at home. It's going to be great!
  13. And we've won 4-1! Even better, as FcWinterthur lost, FcSchaffhausen is now first in the league
  14. So, the next game is on. FcSchaffhausen are playing at home tonight - against FcKriens. Kriens are bottom of the league, having gathered a measly 13 points. The team next to them has 40 points, so... FcSchaffhausen should win and need to win - unfortunately, 3 of those 13 points have come from 3 draws between the two teams this season. Be that as it may, we'll win tonight!
  15. And back (hungover) and awake again. Wonderful match - Schaffhausen took the lead after something like 8 minutes, but Winterthur drew level in the second half after a very very suspicious penalty. Never a penalty, I didn't even see a foul. But then again I didn't see a whole lot of anything. 🙂 1-1 doesn't really help us, but there are 4 games to go and still 4-5 teams with promotion hopes
  16. Huge day in the Challenge League today. FcSchaffhausen play FcWinterthur away, it's our derby. It's derby game number 124, and it might just be the most important game in history... Because currently, Winterthur top the league followed by Schaffhausen, who are 1 point behind. And there are only 5 games left... It's the biggest chance for promotion into the highest Swiss league both teams have had for a decade or so... The stadium is sold out (capacity of 9500), and the family and I as well as some friends are going to spend the night in the guest sector. Should be fun...
  17. Buy. Play. Say goodbye to many many hours of your life. But it's great.
  18. First time, innit? (Is it?)
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