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  1. And from Serbian shithousery on to the very masters - Portugal
  2. I for one am throwing all kinds of abuse at my TV..... HOPP SCHWIIZ!
  3. From a Swiss point of view it is very exiting
  4. Get keeper nr 3 on as a captain, get him booked, sub him. After all, that's why teams get 5 subs, isn't it?
  5. Hope so, I've got a small bet on there being more than 3.5 goals...
  6. I would like a PS5. Still impossible to just pick one up over here at a reasonable price. I don't want to order one, I want to walz into a shop and leave with one. Having said that, I wouldn't really know what to play on it anyway, so... Apart from that, I still have a huge backlog, I'd like Baldur's Gate 3 but don't know if my computer can run it. And I'm looking forward to Zelda.
  7. I bought Rings of Medusa! Twice! Both times very cheaply, not as a full price game. I always thought the game would be wonderful and simply perfect for me. It's not. It's shite. I played for about 15 minutes, then I threw it away. No idea why I did the same thing again a few months later when I bought it again.
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