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  1. I have no idea, unfortunately. You can't really follow the Challenge League on TV, so the only games I see are our home matches and sometimes some dodgy streams of FcSchaffhausen. But there's not MOTD or something for it. Sorry. My extensive knowledge and deep insight into the league have been proved once again this afternoon. Predicting a win, I went to see FcSchaffhausen lose 1-3 - to cap it off, the second was an own goal and FcS missed a penalty. He didn't even manage to hit the goal. Still, an enjoyable game and they definitely played better than last season. So h
  2. Matchday! FcSchaffhausen will play Lausanne-Ouchy in an hour. Two wins in the first two games of the season means that we're on top - the new signings really seem to have had an impact! Lausanne are supposed to be the small outsider here - but they have also gathered 4 points from their first two matches. It's also the first match where more than 1000 people are allowed into the stadium - having said that, I don't expect many people to come. Still, the sun is shining and a couple of beers are waiting
  3. I agree, but I thought you were posting that in answer to my post
  4. And back from the game. FcSchaffhausen won 5-2 (a penalty in the 94th minute for the opponent flattered the score...) But what a game! I haven't seen them play like this for the last 2 years or so. It felt deserved. They could have scored more! I walked home with a spring in my step, not in my usual semi-drunken slouch. I don't think I'll go and watch another match this season. Things can only get worse.
  5. The Challenge League, the second Swiss tier starts again today - and FcSchaffhausen will play FcChiasso in an hour. 1000 people allowed in the stadium, which is a bit more than their usual attendance :-) Of course I'll be off to watch the start into an interesting season - FcSchaffhausen have brought in a few new players who seem to be good - too good in fact for the club, so they might not stay for very long. Having said that, I can't get worse than last season, where every player who could kick a ball in a straight line 7 out of 10 times got picked up by other teams after a few m
  6. It crashed. I then restarted it and it tried a 3.8 something GB download. Couldn't even start it. According to the support pages, this seems to be a known bug. I will give it another try though - and at the end of the day, it's on Gamepass, so not that bad if it doesn't run.
  7. Silent Service II on the PC was supposed to be good.
  8. 92 GB download. Stops after 89 GB. :-(
  9. I've go a 10 year and an 8 year old. Fortnite is quite a problem over here, as he desperately wants to play it, as all his friends do. I don't mind them playing, they are allowed to play half an hour every day (usually extended to about 40 minutes, they can earn extra 30 minutes by doing household chores etc.) It's never really a problem unless it's Fortnite. Especially the skins etc that you can unlock and which seem to be a massive draw for him. Things get a bit more complicated as some of his friends (or lets say kids in the neighbourhood) can play for as long as they want, as
  10. Good night - now I can rest :-)
  11. p b


    Yes they did. My mistake - I never new the other games had been free to begin with.
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