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  1. Hooray, the Swiss Challenge League is back on track! And FcSchaffhausen have proudly announced that they want to be a contender for the first two places, having brought in a couple of replacements. They now have a strong team and should, with a bit of luck, have a chance at going up. They are 0-2 behind after 16 minutes
  2. And Shaqiri will score on the counter!
  3. p b

    Xbox Game Pass

    I bought in on the PS4 ... but thank you for the info, didn't know that. In any case, I'll get my money's worth out of it, so I'm not that bothered.
  4. p b

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hooray - I just bought Yakuza 6 this morning - ah well, it's well worth it.
  5. Fernandes will do the shit little jump-and-spring before shooting, accidentally kick his own calf and tumble over the ball. Liverpool will score from the counter. And we will win!
  6. In boss fights, it helps to pay the toads (press Y, the longer the more money you'll pay them). Pay more than around 200 coins and they will show you the path you're going to run. This helps.
  7. It's a wonderfully charming game - I'd have preferred a traditional Paper Mario (but they don't seem to do them anymore), but it simply oozes charm.
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