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  1. I've go a 10 year and an 8 year old. Fortnite is quite a problem over here, as he desperately wants to play it, as all his friends do. I don't mind them playing, they are allowed to play half an hour every day (usually extended to about 40 minutes, they can earn extra 30 minutes by doing household chores etc.) It's never really a problem unless it's Fortnite. Especially the skins etc that you can unlock and which seem to be a massive draw for him. Things get a bit more complicated as some of his friends (or lets say kids in the neighbourhood) can play for as long as they want, as their parents don't really care. Even playing outside in the sun means taking their mobile phone outside and play there for hours...
  2. Good night - now I can rest :-)
  3. p b


    Yes they did. My mistake - I never new the other games had been free to begin with.
  4. I got a bigger selection than that one to pick out 3 - Flight of the Amazon Queen for example...
  5. p b


    3 free games out of a selection of titles on GOG at the moment!
  6. Will you get a free Mini-GameGear at Barnard's Castle?
  7. Combine this with American hands, famously large as proven by the original XBOX-controller...
  8. p b

    Xbox Game Pass

    FFIX is a fantastic game, the FF swansong for the PsOne. It's not taking itself seriously, which is wonderful. And the draw-mechanic from FFVIII is gone. And isn't the tetra card game considered to be very good (never really got into it). Anyway, I got 3 hours into this yesterday evening, which is quite unheard of for me. Proper throw-back to younger days :-)
  9. And it's over. See you in 4 years or so...
  10. p b

    Xbox Game Pass

    Had it on the PS4 and sold it after a few days - it's wonderful to watch and not very good to play. I sold it for a very good price, thinking I could always buy it again later for pennies. This is even better :-)
  11. I struggled with this as well to begin with. Make sure that you've got fire, ice, wind and thunder materia in your party, and look at the colour of a certain part of the enemy. It's then suddenly very easy.
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