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  1. As above it’s this, A (red): weak punch B (yellow): weak kick C (green): strong punch D (blue): strong kick
  2. That’s a not Razoolas bios, completely different thing this is the debug from Neo-geo.com and was out before the Unibios. For some reason I have a few of these and about 10 original bios chips.
  3. eBay is probably the easiest way to sell.
  4. I am also no longer a fan of those huge 29 inch crt’s they used to drive me mad too, but these little 21 inch crt’s are much easier to get the geometry spot on. I do have an OSSC but it never gets Plugged in , just seems a lot of faffing about and never looks quite right to me, where as a Neo Geo home system plugged in to the B&O takes me back to KT Konsols and the 90’s.
  5. I have a couple of B&O MX4000 tv,s, one vert and one hori superb image on both once tweaked. Whats great about the MX is it’s just as happy sat on its side as on its base almost as though they know what they would be used for, I prefer these to the PVM I like the slightly softer image which is nice with sprites.
  6. That’s what I need an arsbon ebaublast, I would trade my Neo Geo for one with a couple of sticks.
  7. B&O MX4200 comes with a Panasonic tube, great pin sharp picture.
  8. I had forgotten about this game but agree the control is up there with 1080, Waverace and Excite bike, it’s great and so fast.
  9. These 3 and mariokart on the N64 are my all time favourite racing games, I have found nothing else comes close... apart from maybe Outrun 2 on Xbox or PS3. when I cracked 1080 it was perfect, so fluid and fast.
  10. I must have a proper listen but just remember them for a few pop songs in the 80’s. joy division are the best British band unless something has changed.
  11. Lots of songs by half man half biscuit, the ballad of Climie Fisher is especially funny yet slightly sad, Corgi registered friend is another funny song.
  12. Which games does this affect? I don’t recall reading anything about this. On another note I was in a game shop in Singapore last week and they had shelves of home carts, including 2 Mark of the Wolves and a SSV Special. All games were mint. Also 5 or more home systems and even MVS carts, it was great to see and reminded me of when CEX Rathbone Place was the games shop to go to or Game Focus.
  13. thegreathopper

    Favorite Gig?

    I saw Nirvana at Reading festival, that was a great gig
  14. thegreathopper

    Favorite Gig?

    Some of my favourites were, Fela Kuti at Glastonbury Festival, the Smiths were great too. Saw some great bands in Bristol at the Studio, Faith no more, sisters of mercy, Jesus and Mary chain. also Tackhead were amazing.
  15. The Neosd multicart for MVS is fantastic if you want to play every game, I have most of my favourites on MVS but often fire up the Neosd. If you get a smaller 1 slot they run quite easily on a small wall wart or laptop type power supply.
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