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  1. You could be right, my Super Famicom came from Hong Kong and had a power supply I think… but I also do recall buying a Mega drive power supply to use with a USA SNES….. too many consoles and too many years to remember them all.
  2. No not dangerous but why not just buy a cheap 230-100 volt step down with a Japanese outlet and use the original power supplies that Nintendo or others provide. It’s always worked for me whether it’s a JPN Neo Geo or a Sega Saturn or Super Famicom it will work as intended.
  3. Super Family Tennis - PC Engine, great 4 player game by Namcot. Super Sidekicks 2 - Neo Geo football game. Everybody’s Golf - PlayStation.
  4. it’s on iTunes USA, I almost bought it.
  5. I would guess 2 different shops, this is from the times of trade ins.
  6. You sure it’s a bootleg?, most of those puzzle bobble carts were converted by SNK back in the day.
  7. I agree I have an original unmodded super famicom and a RgB modded USA mini SNES and both look great on my B&O crt.
  8. I can only imagine how bad an N64 looks on a modern Tv, I have an OSSC but with Neo Geo and SNES the image looks bad so it’s back in the box. Wave Race, Mario Kart, 1080 and Excite bike look wonderful on a CRT with S video (that’s all I play), lovely and smooth. Strangely every TV I have owned since I can remember had a separate S video in, I always had Sony and then B&O.
  9. I found S video to be the best output on my Japan and USA N64, much better than RGB modded, lovely and bright image on Sony CRT’s.
  10. As above it’s this, A (red): weak punch B (yellow): weak kick C (green): strong punch D (blue): strong kick
  11. That’s a not Razoolas bios, completely different thing this is the debug from Neo-geo.com and was out before the Unibios. For some reason I have a few of these and about 10 original bios chips.
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