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  1. Every game announcement should contain the phrase "Please wait a while for its release"
  2. wretcherd


    Appropriate monitor brand.
  3. Did they really not put the Subsistence camera in the HD collection?
  4. Should my owner spend less time playing video games?
  5. wretcherd


    The blind custom Mario World levels race is essential. The Mario Maker races are always great fun, this one goes further by being modded so the level creators can do whatever they want, introducing entirely new mechanics, and it's amazing. And this Ocarina of Time co-op randomiser by GDQ royalty/husband and wife combo spikevegeta and nukkuler.
  6. They should just do something new in frame trap's place, Blood does a good job with the podcast but the bits that are only there because thats how Kyle used to do them sound awkward coming out of his (and before that, Jones') mouth.
  7. wretcherd


    Is it still all online or at a venue with an audience?
  8. Yes, I can relate to those SF5 sentiments re: it feeling odd and being put off for multiple reasons. 6 looks excellent in every way, the animations in particular are a real step up, especially the supers and the blocking/parrying individual attacks, and I can already see the depth in the drive system.
  9. I was scrolling through this thread not clicking play on any videos and wii shopping channel and ocarina forest temple both started playing which was a fun mix.
  10. I still have my 360 TE stick and it is still supremely satisfying to slap those big ol' loud buttons, though I rarely use it these days. I have an adaptor and am hoping at very least that the PS4 version of SF6 will work with it, we'll see.
  11. It's ok. You still come across the occasional idiots who want to forfeit or throw after going 1-nil down, and there is more of a focus on demos these days which can seem aggressive. What little of the trading community I've interacted with are sound. They've just added public voice chat which I turned straight off because i imagine it would only be awful.
  12. When you have this problem take a screenshot of the photo on your phone, it'll be kilobytes then.
  13. I knew it but only because its on virgin media's hold music.
  14. Yeah, standing around a corner listening to them have a conversation and interrupting them mid sentence was my favourite bit of the first two, really contributed to the humour and atmosphere.
  15. Got stick drift in my black controller so Amazon refunded me. Now my third controller, let's see how long this one lasts.
  16. It has lost some of the magic, but perhaps this shake-up will breathe new life into their stuff. My favourite thing of theirs is still Mysterious Monsters, the only thing I drop everything for like Delayed Input.
  17. Oh no way, when I first saw skellies getting back up (and no necromancer around) I assumed I needed holy like divine weapons in Souls. Then when I got a holy weapon I went in swinging and they stayed dead.
  18. Hooray, I can now kill enemies that don't stay dead. You need
  19. You get one with the item needed to summon them, and others are found in the world. I got an amazing one for killing a boss at the end of a little dungeon in a cave.
  20. My black controller has now started drifting. Yay. In a slightly lesser annoyance, I have the elden ring ps4 disc with the free ps5 upgrade downloaded and no matter how many times I've deleted the ps4 icon it keeps randomly reappearing.
  21. Also holding L2 or R2 on horseback does continuous damage while the attack is charging, so you can kill some stuff easier with a drive-by rather than timing your strike.
  22. Weapons and stuff have a special move on left trigger, you can find new ones and swap them out when you eventually meet the right npc.
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