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  1. Worked out that I can use my arcade stick using ps5 remote play on ps4. Probably costing me pounds an hour having them both on but I'll save on heating.
  2. Thing is, the beta has no single-player as they're testing the online, and everything they've shown indicates the World Tour mode will be the best learning tool for the basics that they've ever included in a Street Fighter game.
  3. I really enjoy the discovery and testing process, noodling about in training and working out what works and piecing bits together. Managed to put together Chun's level 2 into air level 1 combo but I'm miles away from being comfortable in a match with her.
  4. Gradually cottoned on to this after like the third time and was pleased to manage to tech the throw, parry the explosion, block for a bit then run under a jump.
  5. I managed to grab most of this kimberley mirror. The spectator mode frame data popping up like Hifight breakdowns is a wonderful touch. Stay til the end for cameos. Edit: @Gambit I had a good hour in training at a cabinet last night just because most people had emptied out of the lobby, it's definitely possible. Spent all that time trying to get the hang of one chun stance cancel > HK launcher > stomps ex legs/air kikosho, christ she's technical in this.
  6. Absolutely grinning like a bastard at how excellent it is wandering up to a cabinet and challenging a stranger to what quickly becomes a first-to-however many you both feel like until you decide to stand up and find someone else, even though I'm muddling through on pad. And this happened and it was the best.
  7. I got in too, guess they're just opening the floodgates for this one!
  8. Yeah, when you highlight an icon some games now seem to have the artwork of an activity as the background, and some even use the latest news article. For Hitman 3 a few weeks back it was a fullscreen image of one of the dev's faces.
  9. Great to read, you lucky boys. What was the stick situation with the beta? Did PS4 sticks work?
  10. "Everything apart from the punching" so I'm guessing the PlayStation Home stuff.
  11. Same, it was random select though rather than first come first served. Anyone get in?
  12. They could nick back a feature from Genshin Impact where your character gets full if they eat too much, and stamina boosting items have a 5 minute timer on eating that type of food again.
  13. https://gfycat.com/offbeatwearydove https://gfycat.com/glaringshadydutchshepherddog
  14. Oh I used to work at the hmv near Broadmarsh til it got closed down and would occasionally pop into playtime of a lunch break to have a mooch about. Few years before that I worked at Game, for San Andreas we had a lock-in after closing, played GTA early and had a mini Pro Evo tournament, pizza etc. It was a good laugh until the mayhem of the actual midnight launch. Then for Halo 2 the local Walkabout got us to bring over a couple Xboxes and we played 4v4 multiplayer with random drunk lads for a few hours up until midnight, a much quieter affair but still don't remember how I was physically able to go home and pull an all-nighter to finish the campaign. Crazy.
  15. Amazing match, loved the Super catch reaction as well.
  16. This reminds me, a bloke traded in a pile of ps2 games and when filing them away we found a Polaroid of someone's fanny tucked in one of the manuals.
  17. Every game announcement should contain the phrase "Please wait a while for its release"
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