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  1. It's an odd sensation when a game is so brilliant that you actually don't want to play it for fear of bringing yourself ever closer to finishing it.
  2. Mine was fucked but wouldn't red ring, and it was a year and a half old, so I bought a new one from a shop. Swapped mine for the new one, took it back, refund. Bosh. A+++++
  3. Time to bail: Dun-dun-duuuunn!: "C'mon Billy, jump!" "I can't!": A beat...: R.I.P Billy:
  4. This one Halo MomentTM alone makes me wish you could make clips in Campaign. Off into battle with a chum: We have a close call with the edge of the world while chum attracts the attention of a chopper: Impact of said chopper's shots sends us into a barrell-roll: Over and over we go. It is inevitable: Bit too close for comfort:
  5. Well i got mine to snuggle up in a nice cosy towel for a bunch of hours today, but the best it could muster was 2 red lights. Thing is, even if i manage to euthanize the bloody thing it's still going to mean weeks, if not months of waiting for a refurbished jobbie from Microsoft, and judging by comments on here that one is just going to die very shortly afterwards anyway. If this were any other product, we'd steer clear of the company involved entirely and use an alternative.
  6. Fuckbeans. My 360 has the cancer. You always think it won't happen to you. It's had occasional dirty disc errors for ages now, but just recently it began crashing in the middle of Halo games, with little green chessboard squares all over the screen. Now it freezes roughly 5 minutes after switching it on every single time, even when not doing anything strenuous like just sitting at the dashboard. No Red Ring of Death yet, but that's more a curse than a blessing since it's a year and a half old. I've followed the pointless instructions here to no avail, and now i'm thinking maybe I should smother it with a pillow while it sleeps. Any ideas gang?
  7. Seriously, a quote from The Sun on the front?! Doubleyou, tee, and indeed, eff. Here's hoping shopto get them tomorrow. Let's all do that slow hand-clap that morons do before the band comes out at a gig.
  8. i know the GameStation on Angel Row is opening at midnight, maybe Game on Lister Gate too.
  9. Bloody hell, that was... unconventional.
  10. Also, to reiterate sentiments expressed earlier in the thread, don't order from Clickshop.com. it's been six weeks now and they've only just dispatched the bloody thing yesterday.
  11. Hell, i'm Johnny Fucking Halo but all i want is the disc with the game on it. Screw paying more for a Making Of which will probably never be watched anyway.
  12. I seem to remember getting Big Head Mode or something for collecting the heads. There was also a Mr. Pants Mode that turned all the ants into Mr. Pants. What happened Rare? You used to be cool.
  13. Crouched low in long grass at the top of a plateau, carefully scanning the landscape through the scope of a sniper rifle, and hearing the sound of birds and running water become distinctly more like heavy breathing. "The End..." he whispers. He's fucking behind me, isn't he. I try to spin around to confront him but he stabs me and scurries away, leaving me sprawled on the floor, a little shaken up. Half an hour later I follow his wet footprints and get the jump on him to smugly repay the favour.
  14. This was tough. it's tempting to leave some of the more obvious choices off your list, knowing that they've already got a hundred votes, but that just wouldn't be cricket.
  15. 1. Halo 2. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 3. Super Mario 64 4. Grand Theft Auto 3 5. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 6. Super Mario World 7. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 8. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 9. Perfect Dark 10. Metal Gear Solid
  16. If you're playing single-player and a friend comes online, it'll be a minor inconvenience at most to save the checkpoint, quit to the lobby, invite them and start her up. Drop-in was nice in Gears, though.
  17. "Cool costume." "It's not a costume. They found me inside a meteor. I need tungsten to live! Tuuungsten!"
  18. "I've seen plays more exciting than this! Honest to God, plays."
  19. i saw your name and felt safe. Like seeing a familiar face at a party, and standing near them for the rest of the night, sipping on your beer and laughing at their jokes, hating everyone.

  20. Customs don't have to equal gametypes with weird rules. i just want to play some CTF Classic to 5 captures with Flag At Home To Score. i can't believe that everyone also seems to associate custom games with newcomers. Eventually, that will be exactly where the MLG crowd will call their home, so they can tailor their ruleset and set up matches between the top clans and that. You'll see.
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