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  1. Do the E's in the background have four tines each?
  2. I don't doubt they had stick drift (I'm on my 4th dualsense and all 4 joycons have it), but is stick drift the new catch-all excuse to blame for mistakes/losing that lag used to be?
  3. Not keen on changes to the mechanics? This isn't the game for you then, there are tons of changes!
  4. The control setting one up from the default called A-2 does exactly this, so they clearly knew it would be desirable. More important to have that on R3 than the Ashley toggle.
  5. In this thread the difficulty of pronouncing hyperbole has been greatly exaggerated.
  6. Good G(r)ief, I am going to get scooped so much in this game.
  7. We did a couple of Witch Queen quests and then after chatting about how we'd never be able to do raids these days one pal pointed out there were 3 man dungeons now so we did Prophecy and it was fucking brilliant. Many visually impressive vistas and unique puzzles and encounters, perfectly captured that feeling of figuring things out and the right level of challenge.
  8. Was going through the boss names in my head and got flashbacks to the initialisms of the Sekiro thread with GA and all that.
  9. The Beyond Light stuff that's on ps plus is mostly on Europa, the white planet in the top left. To start the story stuff I had to go there, talk to Variks and there was like a flag outside his shack you can hold square on, and then hold touchpad to go to the galaxy map, L1 over to Quests and press X to select it.
  10. But pressing down on the stick walks him backwards!
  11. Their animations are just wonderful, Marisa's power and Manon's balletic elegance. Marisa's level 3 is chef's kiss 😘🤛
  12. wretcherd


    Yeah definitely loses a lot without the crowd, and if you've seen multiple GDQs before there's diminishing returns, but there are still lots of good runs to watch. How about 6 players blitzing the fuck out of some vehicles for a laugh?
  13. wretcherd


    Great fun this one, playing all the SNES Mario All-stars + World games with random swapping between each one.
  14. wretcherd


    The skill and reactions on display made me feel old and slow.
  15. wretcherd


    The BOTW any% is wild and contains very little of the stasis rock flying of old. No Elden Ring?
  16. 12 quid for both Ori's seems good.
  17. I noticed gyro typing had stopped working on the store, and clicking the sticks doesn't activate it, but still works elsewhere. Weird.
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