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  1. They really pulled off the feeling of being inside the album artwork, and then of course I loved the bits where you're I think my favourite bit was Did everyone find the bit where you can cover the walls with big orange lyrics by ?
  2. I've played too much Destiny not to have punch on RB. There are so many great little touches, especially in the audio. The different "ticking" sounds in the background when you're scoring or being scored against in oddball, the ascending and descending "pips" that let you know how many cores your team has in Stronghold, and just all the weapon sounds.
  3. Mine's preloaded on PS5, dashboard countdown seems to end 2pm Tuesday for some reason.
  4. When will Bros do one of these? I can't answer, I can't answer that.
  5. Listening to Kid A and Amnesiac and playing Halo, I feel like I'm 17 again.
  6. I see you said "had" there, did your Bamco Nan-die?
  7. I was about to post some Stone Temple Pilots lyrics then looked them up and found I'd been mumbling them wrong all these years.
  8. The soundtrack to me playing pool for many hours at the Grove Street bar.
  9. He is simultaneously the most pretentious man alive and also extremely genuine.
  10. I haven't watched the cyberpunk review yet, but I did watch every single one of the FF7 translation videos he did. It was a subject I was interested in as I'd heard for 2 decades that the English translation wasn't great and missed out quite a bit of detail from the japanese. For most of the episodes it was exactly what I was looking for, and then by the end of the final episode I was fully invested in his story and somehow left feeling nostalgic for a life and time I never lived. It was a real journey.
  11. I took mine off day one because it was flapping about and getting in the way of my fingers on the back.
  12. Seeing people running around with parachutes floating above their heads was pretty funny, and the rocket taking off looked fucking amazing. Our squad stopped and stood there watching it take off.
  13. It was inspired, I was belly laughing. @murray mentioned he was bricking it all week, probably because he saw the reaction to Dave's ad.
  14. Announcing the Red & White Switch Ho-ho-ho-LED
  15. Chet & Jon's, Joypod and Midnight Resistance were a killer combination, I actually used to look forward to my walk to work. This past year TCGS and Back Page just accompanied me on my walk to the fridge and the food cupboard.
  16. Is it the PS4 version of FF7? If you've got a dualshock 4 lying about you could use that in the meantime.
  17. Yeah quite a few of us have had Dualsense Drift. You didn't happen to get your PS5 from Amazon did you?
  18. Genuinely more impressive than any other next-gen footage I've seen.
  19. These were the controls on PS4, hold either took a screenshot or opened an extremely slow menu.
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