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  1. Shall we arrange a forum password battle this weekend? @sir stiff_one @bradigor @Jonster @MikeBeaver and everyone else
  2. Why didn't you tell us sooner?
  3. Those hr layered sets seemed to show up once you've fought (maybe killed?) that monster in GL. You've missed a few from last week's hr events rotation, I got the beetle set from the Lavasioth quest, and I got the grim reaper-looking set from arch-tempered Vaal. I did a bunch of story missions as Ryu which was comedy
  4. wretcherd


    The Celeste soundtrack is an all-timer, enhances an already great game tenfold.
  5. Sean used to post here too.
  6. Yes but which camp do you fall into?
  7. And of course SF6 will be on next gen so everyone will have to buy new adaptors or new sticks all over again.
  8. Oh god you're right, my life is a lie. I need some time to reflect on this.
  9. Like the puns, the alliteration is second to none.
  10. Didn't he make videos for The Escapist?
  11. The doohickeys on my switch have started to whatchamacallit. Anyone else have this problem?
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