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  1. This looks so good, love the additions from World/Iceborne with no separate zones, how they have expanded on the clutch claw and riding animals. Wonder how much of the other streamlining such as inventory stuff will be included.
  2. Ah maybe that's smart, not taking orders until they know how many they will have. And they seem to be doing it take-a-number style rather than a smash n grab frenzy.
  3. I would have rather given shopto my money than Jeff Bezos, especially since they're 20 mins down the road, and I did "preregister" with them for a penny a couple months ago. Seems their website has fallen over.
  4. The most egregious offender is the big advert that shows for like 10 seconds just before each match. Apart from that, the matchmaking is efficient, allowing you to practice and setting your character beforehand to speed up that process too.
  5. With PS4 they were more powerful and cheaper, and they've "lost" on one of those fronts. Surely they have to be lower than 449.
  6. They've probably had the whole show ready to go for weeks, apart from the final 2 minutes where they've changed a number.
  7. Aiming with joycons in Breath of the Wild works amazingly well, probably because its only active for short periods while you use the bow or runes. In Splatoon when you're looking all over the place the direction can get a bit twisted and needs help from the right stick. I guess this is different to pointing and moving a cursor but to be honest the Wiimote was never pointing at the exact right place on the screen anyway.
  8. This is more about technique but this guy "halfcoordinated" plays EDF one handed with the controller on his thigh. Otherwise, have you played Flower?
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