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  1. The sound in Demon's is a bit too good in places.
  2. Does it still make the noise if you're not around?
  3. For those who've got all the trophies, let's agree that this was the best one, and best found by yourself:
  4. I had a unique feeling while playing this game. It made me feel like I was 10 again, except with 26 years worth of lived experiences and useless knowledge. It felt like it was made specifically for me, which is odd considering I'm a Nintendo and Sega child at heart. It made me feel like the food critic in Ratatouille.
  5. Its funny that they've put all this effort into flagging spoilers in screenshots, videos and streams, yet the menu tells you who the upcoming boss is whenever you press the PS button.
  6. They took away folders too, which is funny because PS4 launched without them and it was the most requested feature. Also, no Deals page on the store.
  7. Arrived just after 4pm. She was more interested in the box it came in.
  8. Still waiting on mine. Had a couple of mates send photos of theirs and one who's failed to order it online today, so it could be worse eh?
  9. Hope he remembers to blur the driver's face in the photo.
  10. I received mine... in a dream, then I woke up Morning everyone.
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