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  1. You've probably already seen yourself that the answer is yes. Didn't help that I told myself "I'll just do the furry ram"
  2. Good advice, this. As an example here's me early on trying to play like Souls And here's me 20 hours later
  3. It's safe to go get it.
  4. Really sweet video from Max, the first 9 minutes outlines the behind-closed-doors part of the E3 demo, then 9 mins in he tells how Kitase was in attendance and revealed to him that
  5. Finished up my NG+ run earlier in the week and think I've had my fill. Last boss I found really tough even with all my experience and powered up Wolf. Not going to bother playing through another 2 times (well, 1 and ¾) for the other 2 endings, which is a shame as there are a couple bosses unique to one route, and I still have 22 more skill points to go for the final few combat arts.
  6. I'm going to need to buy PPT for this, aren't I! @sir stiff_one Had a good little run myself.
  7. They have an exceptional knack for describing the appeal of the games they talk about, particularly the memory part and the evolving personal goals of MH and service games. Really like the look of Wilmot's Warehouse, they made Hohokum too which I loved.
  8. I'd prefer the kanji icon completely removed, as it distracts from seeing what the enemy is doing. Like all the souls games, you can learn the wind-up and see "when he holds the sword like this and the blade glints he does a stab, usually after this combo". Maybe they should have removed it for NG+ like say Arkham removes the counter icons for hard mode.
  9. That I would still have the Mario World and Sonic 2 music stuck in my head nearly 30 years later.
  10. Between Apex, Rocket League and Tetris 99 I've hardly played anything else this year, and I'm sure MHW Iceborne will take over the final 4 months.
  11. Definitely agree that there should be alternatives to the katana, think BB got it about right with weapon choice compared to the Souls overkill of 300 different weapons. There's some excellent moves hidden behind the L1-R1 combat arts like the elbow strikes and kicks and oh my how cool would a God Hand custom combo be. Closest thing to essential prosthetic use is Axe vs wooden shields, it's 10x quicker to go in the inventory and equip it than trying to circle or bait them.
  12. Gave the event a go. Nice that the requirement isn't too high so everyone has a good chance at unlocking the theme.
  13. @Hexx You might already know, 2 of those 3 you mention are optional, I didn't get the option of one of them myself, and I actually think the more one was my favourite boss in the game to fight, and a little bit for the lore too. The thing that made him doable for me was The other one I never learnt the timings for perfectly but muddled my way through in the end as it's a culmination of a whole game's worth of combat.
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