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  1. Haddocken Guile log Chip damage Dictaters Genei Jin & tonic
  2. This is the excitement I want to see! Talking about the generational "jumps", my lasting memory in the run up to the 360 was the excitement for wireless controllers (no more wires!) and online co-op both becoming standard. It was a while before I got an HDTV. For the current gen, it was easily recording video of amazing things you'd seen or done. Real game-changer. And the 64 player Batters was a big deal at the time, but it didn't have the legs the previous one had. This time around, it's just, it's time. 7 years with this launch PS4. I had a Samsung S2 back then!
  3. Is that a JRPG? Yes, a Jumping Running Punching Gun game.
  4. So, this thing keeps switching off my controller at random?
  5. Theres that Mutant Year Zero, not played it though, and obviously Mario Rabbids. Re: XCOM2, I didn't have problems with the default difficulty but it struggled to run on PS4 so I hope they've pared back the switch version.
  6. I've been enjoying watching Daigo using Kage on the FGC Translated youtube channel. After only ever seeing him as the stoney-faced SF god he is at tournaments, this human side to him when he streams is a joy.
  7. Switch's 3 year anniversary coming up on March 3rd. Maybe a direct then? Please?
  8. Ordered one of these a while back, figured its a pretty good cheap compromise compared to expensive scuf/elite-style controllers. Like 5 years too late though really.
  9. @sir stiff_one Has this stuff always been the case or is it unique to one "brand" of Tetris?
  10. Steam version stretch goal will be hit in an hour or two at this rate.
  11. I bought Demon's Souls once when it was £3.99. I don't and didn't own a PS3.
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