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  1. Ha, never thought of XS like "extra small", yeah the naming conventions are nuts since they skipped the 9, just like MS went straight to Windows 10.
  2. I hate myself for doing this. There wasn't an iPhone 10 XL. In 2017 they released iPhone X (pronounced "10"), in 2018 came the iPhone XR (bigger but worse screen than the X), XS (almost identical to the X), and XS Max (6.5" screen), then 2019 brought iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max (basically the XR XS & XS Max with an extra camera lens) and as has been pointed out already this year the iPhone SE was released which looks just like the iPhone 8 (not to be confused with iPhone SE from 2016 which was an iPhone 6S in the body of an iPhone 5S). Looks like Uncle Mike is right, people understand this.
  3. There was a big discussion after the Game Awards reveal about the name and whether the general public will "get" it, the consensus seemed to be that it will be obvious that this is the new xbox just like everyone knows which is the newest iphone. The "you can't play this on your old console" bit, maybe eventually there'll be an "Only For Series X" badge on software. How different will the boxes be?
  4. Who better to give tips than Dig Dug himself.
  5. Redd is here for the first time in 2 weeks and all 4 are fakes
  6. The only real information other than in Cerny's talk was their blog post afterwards: And I guess, sort of, that they've told devs any PS4 games released July onwards have to work with PS5 day one. Would love more detail on this stuff, maybe they'll let digital foundry loose on it closer to launch as a PR thing.
  7. Kyle Bosman made a similar point in his summary video.
  8. I bet the eventual min min amiibo will have a lot of transparent plastic to support those arms.
  9. I genuinely was trying to mess with soft drop gravity, not turn it into The Grandmaster but it definitely made it more fun. I played singleplayer for a bit after and broke the minute on 40 lines.
  10. I'm in. Played a bit more the other day and although I'm not as comfortable with it as 99 I did get my 40 line down to 1:03. Trying to break that minute barrier.
  11. I think enough good stuff will come out long before a price drop that I may as well get one at launch, plus I never got a Pro or One X or even upgraded the PS4 HDD so in my head that's partly paying for it.
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