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  1. You could also try changing Accessories>Controllers>Communication Method to usb cable and seeing if you still have the problem when plugged in.
  2. In Horizon Zero Dawn I came across a village that seemed to be entirely voiced by him.
  3. Saladfingers is what cool people call Lord Saladin from Destiny, he doesn't literally mean the rusty spoon lover who is indeed David Firth.
  4. This is a love and hate all in one, it's amazing and nails-on-a-chalkboard. "Majima is so powerful it looks like he's voicing the human"
  5. The traversal is so fun it has slightly ruined other games for me.
  6. I thought the big question marks on the weapon tree disappear when you do the final boss?
  7. Easily if you count the flower sprouting from his head!
  8. Nevermind heart attack, I think mine's picked up an earthquake
  9. I spent about an hour on that character creator first time round, if I go back I might never leave!
  10. It's closer to that cabinet in size than it is to the X.
  11. There's smurf accounts, and then there's the countless players in diamond with grand champ titles.
  12. I've played for 60 hours and only just found a new camp in shrine ruins.
  13. I loved Bastion back in the day, the soundtrack in particular is stellar.
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