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  1. wretcherd

    Devil May Cry 5

    Just needs a little whistle as he's backstepping.
  2. wretcherd

    Nintendo Switch

    This, also when the fan whirrs the smell of the plastic takes me back to being 13 taking the N64 out of the box.
  3. wretcherd

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Just chatted with a pal who has all the trophies and he hadn't noticed the optional mini landmark photo ops that aren't on the map. So, PSA, in case anyone hadn't noticed, theres a suit mod that highlights these with an icon on the minimap. Just for fun, really. And a daft extra costume reward.
  4. wretcherd

    What's the origin of inverted Y axis controls?

    Moving the mouse moves a cursor, so uninverted "makes sense" if you see it as moving the crosshairs/reticle.
  5. wretcherd

    What's the origin of inverted Y axis controls?

    Most of what @Nick R said rings true for me, I used to invert due to Goldeneye default controls then finally corrected my dysfunction in 2003. It was partly motivated by being the only person in our group to invert, meaning annoyance when passing pads or changing teams. When the Controller S came out, I made the change. Played Halo from the start. Combined with relearning the controller layout it was surprisingly easy. So basically, peer pressure.
  6. wretcherd

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

  7. wretcherd

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

  8. The randomly generated levels and random drops keep it fresh and interesting, and you keep getting better, unlocking more weird and wonderful guns and npcs. Yesterday I got a gun that fires black holes that suck in every nearby enemy, with a Soundgarden reference in the description.
  9. wretcherd

    Destiny 2: Forsaken. No raid spoilers please.

    Clan request.
  10. wretcherd

    Destiny 2: Forsaken. No raid spoilers please.

    @Gorf King I've removed myself from the clan manually to make room, won't be buying the dlc this year.
  11. I'm glad that Sekiro won't microtransactions. I wish more games wouldn't microtransactions.
  12. wretcherd

    A Lumines Thread

    Got a pair of new joycon, first game Luckily, it didn't crash on completion, roughly 50% of the time I get an error code @Calashnikov.
  13. wretcherd

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    If you don't like this section you can still go literally anywhere else. Yes, you'll have to do it eventually but the desert was the last Divine Beast I did.
  14. wretcherd

    Nintendo Switch

    Could be some dust or grit has got in there, try cleaning it out with a toothbrush underneath the skirt/umbrella bit that covers the base of the stick. Failing that, canned air.

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