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  1. I know everyone is rejoicing about being able to play this without "waggle", but the idea of people doing that final boss with only an analogue stick makes me sad.
  2. Miles Morales implementation is probably closest where only the last millimetre of the trigger resists, but it doesn't do anything. Destruction Allstars has a hard bite-point for flinging your car off the podiums when you get in a new one, the trigger vibrating like nuts when your car is fucked, and has a really nice transference of tension if you reverse at speed and slam on the accelerator or vice versa.
  3. Imagine if she had got one before you did
  4. I don't know if it was a preorder or launch thing but there was dlc on the switch store to download some DQ8 music and costumes.
  5. Ah yes, I forgot this is actually January 2020's Direct
  6. They waited until January 47th to drop a Direct.
  7. They're more likely to make Super Mario Jet Ski and Mario Kart Lightspeed than do a Wave Race or F-Zero.
  8. He's clearly thinking "christ, it's bigger than me!"
  9. The tranquilliser gun in MGS5. You start with it and can take out every single basic army man in the game with it, it essentially undermines most of the game's systems and equipment outside of certain set pieces.
  10. I haven't played Origins or Odyssey but have long liked the look of their settings, do their combat, stealth, exploration and progression work the same as Valhalla?
  11. Well said. I think the biggest improvement for these tracks is hearing all the channels at once without layers of sound fx getting in the way!
  12. The orange light at the bottom of the controller. If it happens again, try pressing the mute button.
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