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  1. wretcherd

    Gaming Podcasts

    Great new episode of Me, You & Him, only it had the wrong theme tune.
  2. Cheap at twice the price! Think I'll bite, not sure why I held out until now as it seems right up my particular street.
  3. wretcherd

    Nintendo eShop

  4. wretcherd

    Nintendo Switch

    DeKay is better than me at Picross. I did only play one of the 3DS ones before this and sometimes half played while watching tv, if that helps?
  5. wretcherd

    Nintendo Switch

    Finished Picross S. Pretty damn good value for money. The only way to play, of course.
  6. wretcherd

    A Lumines Thread

    It needs some tweaking, trying it out with a single joycon I get some fluffed inputs and accidental drops.
  7. wretcherd

    Great gaming tutorials.

    It's also all based on such a simple concept underlining everything: a circle with a line. It's the first thing you're taught. In fact, even the room you start the game in is a line with a circle.
  8. wretcherd

    Great gaming tutorials.

    First time I'd seen a separate, in-universe obstacle course which teaches you everything you need to know, while allowing the beginning of the game proper to be free of this stuff. Very memorable.
  9. Much worse than the Ryu amiibo.
  10. wretcherd

    A Lumines Thread

    Not sure why analog stick and rhythm only vibration options were left out in the first place.
  11. wretcherd

    Speedruns - SGDQ 2018: June 24th - July 1st

    Mario Maker blind relay race was gold as usual and Mario Odyssey is still amazing, if you've not seen a speedrun of that before, highly recommend.
  12. wretcherd

    A Lumines Thread

    Nearing a mill.
  13. wretcherd

    A Lumines Thread

    Some of the ones unlocked through vs. cpu are awful, especially ones where both blocks have the same colour background and simply 2 different icons. Anything with orange and white is peak Lumines.
  14. wretcherd

    A Lumines Thread

    I knew I shouldn't have bought this, my entire day off disappeared. Unlocked all(?) the skins and got 663,000 on basic challenge for my trouble.
  15. wretcherd

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    Meter management, super moves, and a rock/paper/scissors-style shot system.

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