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  1. Just watched this tonight, thought was excellent. Amazed by the voracity of the attacks on the film in the thread. Especially when most seem to miss the plot, or complain about wanting their 5 quid back. PH was excellent, the ending very satisfying (top quality razor wire effects), and the gore was nice and realistic. The way people were ripped apart and squished at the end without fanfair, just a simple and brutal killing without hollywood effects. Just a very good film all round, with tens of nods to real fans (the camera angles, street names, the actual hospital map etc).
  2. You actually did it? Well done that man. Agree on Edmondson being a swine, i got right the way to the end of Codename:Droid, found the escape shuttle and nothing happened. I ended up placing mines infront of it and trying to open it with no avail. Nice to see another BBC fan though, hoorah!
  3. Soma

    wii or xbox 360?

    Why is everyone equating Perfect Dark Zero to all 360 gaming? To be honest, pick the game that most excites you and buy the machine that hosts it. Thats been the only way for me for years. They're both worthy machines, you can't go wrong.
  4. You are joking? That's absurd.
  5. Have you got any evidence to back this up though? I'm not a developer, but i think i'm fair saying that the Dreamcast would have seen some tremendous leaps in performance if it had been a dominant format for 5+ years like the PS2. Bare in mind i'm only saying the PS2 wasn't way beyond the DC, only slightly better. I'd be interested if you had a case to prove it rather than just effectively saying "It is because i say so!", but i'm not trying to provoke an argument.
  6. Soma

    PS3 Loader

    Slight backtrack from initial statement! The "i have a load of originals, i just back them up, honest!" argument is slightly less than watertight. Oh well. Although i must admit the statement cartainly does sound like someone concerned about the wellbeing of his originals
  7. Poor old Sega, what were they thinking with the PAL Saturn. 399, with "that" pad, and "those" game boxes that didn't actually hold the disc and manual in place properly.
  8. Soma

    PS3 Loader

    This must be so heartening for any developers reading this forum. Remind me never to leave a pie cooling on my window ledge when alex is around.
  9. I would have to disagree, on balance the PS2 is the more powerful machine, but certainly not by any huge amount. If Sega had ended up the dominating force then developers would have really got to grips with the DC over a long healthy period of time. Soul Calibur being the shining example of a DC game that looks better than almost any PS2 equivalent title you could throw at it.
  10. You're incorrect, Ravenskull gave you 3 lives. But it was filled with "no going back" mistakes, like using a shovel on the wrong part of wall, rendering the game unfinishable. In fact, it was full of that kind of thing. I hated it.
  11. Don't you think the Dreamcast would have reached new heights of performance if it was as successful as the PS2? Remember when Quake came out on the Saturn, all the Saturn mags were thrilled when Duke 3d, Quake and Hexen were all far superior on the Saturn. Then years down the line Quake 2 came out on the same Playstation and was (relatively) graphically stunning. I don't think anyone can say the PS2 is far superior to the Dreamcast, it has just had a lot more money poured into learning it's intricacies.
  12. Maybe Jo's realised her only way to be famous is to become the new female Jim Davidson. Maybe form a racist girl group called K club 3?
  13. I always like it when arcade games give a super hard mode when completed on normal, like R-Type and stuff. Then you can complete them on Mame and save the state, then play them instantly with the new settings. I think my ultimate kick in the teeth was at the end of Ghouls N Ghosts where the Princess won't let you face the last boss until you go back through the game again.
  14. Too early? It was a year late + the european delay! Also, the 360 has a massive user base hasnt it, around 9-10 million? Not that i want to be picky, i guess you have more faith in them than i do.
  15. Because they can still be called units shipped, and the launch hailed as a triumph? Me, i'm not convinced about PS3, not that i'v got that kind of money to spare anyway.
  16. Am i too old or is a fiver a bit much for this magazine?
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