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  1. Only Maria, Axearmor and Richter are available on the PSX via codes. The Saturn port of D:X was done by Konami janitors. Shame.
  2. Compiling MAME on the 360, adding the stock 5 lines of achievement code and making hundreds of thousands of dollars from the thing. Where's Total Carnage Midway? Or Mortal Kombat 2 (the fan favourite). Or NARC. Or Hydro Thunder.
  3. I doubt they would be able to process a transaction without your say-so, and didn't they let you know it was processing..else you wouldn't have been able to cancel and then post about it. Tomorrow: I bought this game, paid for it, forgot i had it but was shocked that 40 pounds was missing from my wallet!
  4. I thought she'd checked into the zany 6 o clock music / chat / vehicle for Jamie Theakston and Zoe Ball. Imagine my suprise.
  5. Saturn? I thought it was PC Super CD only?
  6. Eleven replies without anyone saying Wiikend
  7. Just download the demos and decide for yourself, they're all up there. Well, PDZ is poor though. I found that my 360 appreciation grew slowly, the more i used the fully integrated dashboard system, messaging, music player during games...the more i found their abscense affected my "previous gen" gaming.
  8. Game consoles don't "do" games at certain frame rates, and completely disregard other matters such as amount of geometry. That's a far too simplistic way of looking at things. Maybe i'm guilty of playground chatter, i really didn't intend it to be the case. To re-iterate my point, i believe the Dreamcast would have gone on to a higher plane of technically advanced games if it wasn't for Sega's failure. Conversely, the PS2 would never have achieved such monumentally advanced graphics as God of War or SOTC if there was no money in the market.
  9. Just call me Sherlock Somes. I also expected him to be turning up outside a website at 9am launch day morning
  10. Oh, why is that the case? The original poster seems excited about an email from a shop inviting him to spend a large amount of money. It's nice for the chap to be excited, as i previously commented, but it's not as if the shop is doing him a huge favour. No doubt when he turns up on the day he will be either encouraged or forced to take an extravagant bundle deal. Maybe it was my lack of pre-order, but i was very excited when i managed to secure my Wii on the day. All the other people in the shop were all excited too (with their sub 200 pound purchases). I suspect the PS3 launch may not have such excitement in the air, with only the richest folk in the area and ebay buyers purchasing their machines in a more subdued atmosphere. But anyway, i'm certainly not discouraging the original poster from being excited if he wants to. There's not enough of it around in videogaming. Also after doing a quick search through your latest posts Sir Stiff One, you seem to just say inflammatory things to random people, so i won't take any real offence from your comments.
  11. I don't know if it's my Opera browser but i cant seem to get these words to appear closer together. Sorry, i kid.
  12. I guess it's prohibitive entry point price, initial lack of real system selling earth shattering games, and it's lack of innovation in design. I'm not knocking anyone who's excited, it's good that people still get excited in such cynical times, but an email offering the "opportunity" to purchase a console/game bundle for the thick end of 5-600 quid seems a bit dubious.
  13. Why are people excited by emails from shops allowing them to spend 5 hundred pounds on a product they will sell? PS3's are readily available for the same price on the internet. Does a PAL badge really mean that much to anyone? I find this quite weird, i don't have any excitement towards this none-prestigious launch event. Especially compared to getting my Wii, which was a rollercoaster day of anticipation, worry and delight.
  14. Danielle was on C5 Celebrity Poker tonight. She threw away every hand with a spade in it.
  15. I'd imagine the 5 year cycle holding true, and may god have mercy on our souls if they think of a worse name than Xbox 720
  16. GRAW 2 demo? Online play? /Runs
  17. What weird postings M.M.S. I'm afraid i disagree with you, and no amount of protestations without evidence (or, indeed, "lol"s) is going to change my opinion that the DC was cut short before it was really pushed. Kindly provide some genuine evidence that the PS2 outstrips what the DC could have achieved in time, i fear you can't. I'm certainly not nailing my beliefs in the poor old DC to any mast and declaring myself unnassailably right on the subject. I guess i can tell you don't care about the subject by the fact that you'v posted twice with some of the worst grammar, spelling and internet speak i'v ever seen
  18. You made it up. First quarter 07 for Sensi, can't wait.
  19. I remember the ACE review too, they really got it wide of the mark. I recently revisited this after being too poor to purchase the Virtual Console version, thankfully a quick dust off of my Parma Violet machine, sorry, American SNES and i was away. Finished it too, quite a lot harder than i remember as a kid. I'm impressed i managed it back then, although this time around i managed to complete it without the "helping hand" before Dracula. Oh and i still feel uncomfortable whipping the old man's dog in the hidden bonus room around half way through.
  20. I bought it and it's rather good, except for some things like lack of widescreen support and severe cutting down of sound effects. The bosses barely utter a single sound, which is a bit disconcerting. I'm now stuck on a big transparent boss monster in a swamp with no clue what to do. Edit, i didn't buy it in the UK.
  21. Wow, i don't believe such a reply was called for. All i know is that the Dreamcast has been home to some extremely accomplished titles (Soul Calibur being the graphical pinnacle of course), and was held in reasonably high regard. The PS2 was always a troublesome machine to write for, very complex to wring out the performance sometimes. Clearly if the PS2 wasn't supported very much, the expert developers like Square wouldn't have bothered conquering the machine's architecture as there would be no money in it, instead investing in pushing the DC. Lastly, why am i being called the fool here by you M.M.S. and you then proceed to make massive assumptions of me, say "blah blah blah" and "lol". Not exactly the most reasoned of debating is it! But yes, arguing machine's power is a bit playground, which i'm not really trying to achieve here.
  22. Am i wrong? It was late at night, but it sent a worrying message to my brain reminding me of the pain of finding the ones in GTA.
  23. Hidden packages are a dreadful, game-guide selling device that i hate with a passion. I was instantly put off by them being in Crackdown, and can't face going back to that game ever again. They also remind me of the appalling system in 360 Far Cry of having hidden treasure statues in the levels, a la Tomb Raider: Legend. Unfortunately there is no mention of them in the documentation, no status information on how many you have collected, no clues to their whereabouts until you actually discover one...and lastly the fact the the game is set on a massive foliage filled island. They can literally be anywhere, behind any tiny rock. They don't shine or stand out, and theyre less than a foot high in game terms. You need to collect them all for 100 gamerpoints, 5 per "map", which in game terms is several square miles.
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