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  1. Yeah really enjoyed Top Boy Even though I'd already watched the original C4 series when it first aired, I went straight back to watch again (they're also on Netflix but I think they're down as Top Boy - Summerhouse or just Summerhouse or something)
  2. Didn't realise there was a thread for this. There has been some talk about it in the movie watchers thread. I thought this was fantastic.
  3. Oh my, rented this based basically on the poster, your post and the Guardian review. It's left me conflicted a bit. I loved the film, which was brilliantly done (on what I assume was a small budget) but found myself massively depressed once it finished and even after a day or two later it's still occupying my thoughts, which I suppose is the aim of a filmmaker. So a success then The way the story was told through Definitely would recommend this to the SF fans amongst us, but don't expect to come away smiling. Would watch repeatedly 4.75/5.00
  4. I've got no means of trying the VR in this but I'm very glad to find out that this is coming to Game Pass next week. I've virtually (haha) stopped buying games since GP was launched so the original release of Dirt 2 pretty much passed me by. I loved the first one, and loved that it was difficult to play well but perseverance and practice definitely payed off. So yeah, I'll be back to rallying later this week and would definitely be up for joining in if there is a forum club/group on the go. I'm sure there will be a small/large bump in new players next week too.
  5. Love Olyphant, mainly due to Justified (not watched Sànta Clara Diet, should I?) so happy about that. And Gennaro from Gomorrah too, Gomorrah has got to be the best non-english language show around for me. Absolutely loved all of the TV Fargo's so far & this one sounds like it's shaping up nicely, c'mon 2020, get here now.
  6. 2 into Netflix's restart/takeover of Top Boy and it's been great so far. Gripped already. Was worried about it being so long since I watched the 2x C4 series that I'd forgotten most of the backstory, but so far it's ploughing its own furrow and I don't think going in without having seen them would be much of a disadvantage - some of the characters & geographics are the same, but apart from that, it seems to be its own thing. Totally in for this
  7. Have you tried Last Chance U? Also on Netflix. Sounds very similar.
  8. The interviews with the killers in prison remain the standout scenes in every episode they feature in for me (I watched the first 3.5 yesterday, would have watched even more if I didn't need sleep). Can see me finishing the whole thing this weekend, then having to wait another 2 years before getting any more. I wish I had more self restraint. This is outstanding stuff. Edit - . Not sure if it plays automatically at the start of S2E1 but there's a 3 minute recap of S1 if you look in the episodes and more menu.
  9. I eventually got round to watching Shimmer Lake last night after having it sitting on my 'to watch' list for ever. Enjoyed it a lot, and it's definitely one that will need a second watch to see how it all links together, as the story plays out backwards across a few days in the same week (a little bit like Memento). It's quite funny in a gentle way, too.
  10. So true, I posted the quote below in the movie watchers thread after I'd started to watch The Virtues. It's still pops into my mind 2 months after seeing it for the first time and I'm trying to pursuade my wife to watch it so I can see it again.
  11. I'm sure you'll need to pay for them on top of getting the game but the Porsche and NASCAR expansions for Forza 6 are both excellent.
  12. I saw a clip for the 2nd series when Bob was on Top Gear a few weeks ago. In the clip Paul & Bob were playing golf, and watching it, I thought they had gone for a different pastime for the new series (it was hilarious, they were both hopeless and were falling over laughing at each others attempts at teeing off). Must have just been a diversion from the fishing in one episode though, but damn, I would be well up for watching a full series of them playing golf, instead of fishing. Still more than happy for them to continue with the fishing and cooking and arseing about though. First series was slow TV at its finest.
  13. I don't know if the offer is still on as I signed up last week and have been away for the last few days but you could sign up to one of the Amazon additional subscription channels for half price for 3 months, £2.50 a month instead of £5. The pick of them seems to be Starzplay which includes stuff like the excellent Counterpart, Steven Kings Mr. Mercedes and Castlerock plus quite a few other series and movies which are quite appealing. Just need to cancel auto renew before the 3 months is up. Apologies all round if the offer is no longer up, meant to post this last week but stupidly forgot before I went away.
  14. Holy shit, episode 9 This is the best TV since I don't know what.
  15. Not a ruin, but it certainly looked abandoned, I'd love to spend a week camping on the island of The Witness. It's gorgeous.
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