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  1. multiclunk

    Narcos - Season 4 on 16 November

    Yessssss! Season 3 turned this into on of the best things on Netflix. The first 2 were still great but having to follow the Escobar storyline through constrained it a bit I thought, season 3 was a step up with not knowing what the ultimate outcome would be. Season 4 is gonna be a step up again I hope.
  2. multiclunk

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I know I keep bring this up, so apologies for mentioning it yet again, but if you want a challenge with a bit of longevity, try the Rivals tab. There are literally dozens of events & unless you are a world class player, you will always have someone with a faster lap/run time than your previous best and you will more than likely get to use some of the cars you've been awarded that you haven't had a reason to drive yet. There's a rivals event for every main car category and upgrade level too and in previous games Turn 10 have added new challenges every month. It's helped me put many more hours in & get more out of every Forza game where it's featured. It really is the heart of the Forzas for me.
  3. multiclunk

    Amazon Prime Video

    I watched the first one and then stopped. I couldn't wait for it to end to be honest. Maybe it improves but I didn't enjoy it at all. I should add that I've never seen any of the movies so maybe I was missing the point or something but it was very dull. The acting seemed a bit ropey too.
  4. multiclunk

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I'm amazed I managed to get a sub 1 minute lap in, but those 55's at the top are insane, don't think I could get anywhere near that no matter how hard I try.
  5. multiclunk

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    You've just put rather succinctly what I made a jumbo post about on the previous page! But yeah, it's really fucking annoying that, and surely something they should have picked up on and fixed already. Edit : whoops, just noticed it's me who stole your championship! Sorry dude
  6. multiclunk

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Well this seems all kinds of borked for me the last few days. Been doing the seasonal events for both last season and winter (as of yesterday). These are the mini-championships where each event is split up into 3 or 4 races where you score points depending on where you place, (ie 1st = 20, 2nd = 16 etc.) Now in the last one I played, I won every race, getting the maximum 60 points. BUT. I finished second overall because my racing group included drivatars who had more than 1 car in the event, so they got the sum of their points each race. 1st place was Joe McSpeed with 63 points. Now that's frustrating and kinda spoiled my fun a bit. Just started one of the new winter championships, won the first race (after a number of restarts - more on that further down) got 20 points, but Isstai (of this parish I think) has 23 points due to having no less than 3 entries in this one driving his Jag XFR-X (couple of others have 2 cars in the race as well) Has anyone else come across this one? Surely a quite game spoiling bug? Is there somewhere to report these? Now, about those restarts - I did my first attempt with opponents set to 'highly skilled' but I was in the lead after the first couple of corners so I restarted with difficulty at 'expert' - same thing, too easy. Tried again on 'pro' but that wasn't much more of a challenge, led from 2nd lap. So I eventually tried it on 'unbeatable' which I'm rarely tempted to choose, but again it was a bit more of a challenge but nowhere near as difficult as it should be. It's very odd - has something gone wrong with FH4? Something is definitely 'off' with this over the last few days.
  7. multiclunk

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I'm trying to do all the seasonal events before the season changes on Thursday (in single player/solo). Some of them are very good. I started one last night called 'Train Yard something'. It's an offroad/rally monsters event and it is possibly the best event I've played in any Horizon so far. It's was INSANE with loads of smashing shit up and jumping off the sides of some very impressive mountainsides in some very quick motors (Ford RS 2000 for me). If you haven't already, you MUST have a go before Thursday. I upped the opponent difficulty to expert for the extra points/cash/spins and the racing was very close. I'm finding winning the last event a bit of a challenge to come first mind, but when it's this good I don't mind doing multiple reruns at all.
  8. multiclunk

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    If the 'club' is anything like clubs in the previous Horizons, I always found them good for finding an alternative next rival in the, ahem...rivals events. I think there was a separate leaderboard for club members only, which was always preferable for me than racing against a random rival. Having said that, since it's introduction, Rivals was always my favourite side-discipline in the Forzas, but it looks like I may be on my own in that, as it seems not many of you chaps are taking part or posting times. IT'S ONE OF THE BEST BITS GUYS!! GET ON IT! It has its own tab in the menus and there's an absolute LOAD of events available. I also think there is a bug affecting club's though, I've seen many, many people who are a member of a club called Â86 or something similar, which I don't think is an actual club. I've even seen my name in an after race menu showing as a member of Â86, which is obviously not correct as I joined our club. Anyone else noticed this?
  9. multiclunk

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I also did the Halo showcase last night and I wasn't expecting much before I started it (I had anticipated just riding round a nice route in a Warthog, a la previous Horizons), but fuck me that was SPECTACULAR! (and I've walked around that beach and castle loads IRL for added jawdrop points)
  10. multiclunk

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    The book absolutely thrilled me when I read it years ago. It's a twisting, jumpy, wonderful read. I'm really glad that I'd read it before I watched the film though, because I would not have had the first idea what I was watching had I not. Taking nothing away from the film there, it's pretty spectacular - but much harder to get to grips with than the book in my opinion.
  11. multiclunk

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Was surprised to see American Honey pop up in my recommendations this week. Didnt know it was coming to Netflix until it was there. Watched it and really enjoyed it.
  12. multiclunk

    Films that are good for the soul

    Three of mine have already been posted, My Cousin Vinnie, Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Intouchables. I'd also like to add Napoleon Dynamite
  13. multiclunk

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Bonnet cam all the way for me, been using it since I progressed to manual gears in F4. There weren't as many options back then so maybe some of the internal cams are more immersive now but I'm so used to bonnet cam I'm loath to change again (or too old to change )
  14. multiclunk


    Loving it in my house
  15. I think that one's likely to be yet another Jed Herring (), but every single episode has a load of these types of little scenes or lines to make us question whether something was a thing that we should keep in mind or just something thats just an everyday thing that should be taken at face value. Line of Duty is also full of that sort of thing. Anyway, about the Keely Hawes incident As far fetched as it has all been, it's all entirely grabbed me and I'm thoroughly bought in for the rest of the run, really looking forward to see how Mr Madden gets out of the mess he's gotten himself in. Oh, and I thought the assassination attempt in the car in episode 2 was pretty tense, the sound of those shots slamming into the armoured bodywork were fucking terrifyingly loud and would have scared the living shit out of me.

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