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  1. I've set the club to be "free to join" for now, so I think anyone can just rock up now and get in.


    I'll leave it like that for a bit, then I'll turn it back off so we don't end up full of people not like us. Didn't realize there was so much admin involved with this club stuff.


    Anyway, we are up and running now, and we are thee High Rllmukers and we are know around Mexico as the [MUK]. So that's cool then.


    If anyone can think of a better name or tag, let me know please.

  2. 52 minutes ago, JPL said:

    Are bikes playable in this version?


    I don't think so. They're definitely knock overable though. I've hit loads of them driving through those narrow Mexican streets.

  3. Ok back from the pub, feeling a bit refreshed.


    I think I've sent invitsh to er eberyone who ashed. If you haven't got one let me know and I'll add youb as shoon as I can 







  4. I gotta go offline for a couple of hours (to the pub 😊)

    I'll add everyone who needs added when I get back. Anyone who's a member now (eight of us so far) is now an admin, so I think admin are able to add members if any of you feel like stepping in while I'm out?



    Should be fixed now @Ry

  5. Should be fixed now @Ry


    Crikey, I hope I don't have to send out individual invites to everyone. I thought when I set it up everyone would just be able to search it then join, pending me pressing an "yes, welcome to the club" button 😳 

  6. 17 minutes ago, Ry said:

    I wil join! My gamertag is RYAN WHITELAW.


    *I'm guessing we need an invite?

    Invitation sent.


    I really hope invites are not required, as that would be a right pain in the man tits.

  7. 30 minutes ago, SteveH said:

    Yeah I've got assists off and simulation steering on, but I think I've made a mistake there as I believe it's better to have that switched off using the joypad. I must admit I'm finding it a little bit more difficult than past games. I'm sure I usually go for the one above "above average" as well. But above average setting is kicking my arse at the moment. 


    Agree on the simulation setting. I think I read somewhere that's its best used with a steering wheel?

  8. I've disabled all of the car assists from the start, if you do that I find it much better in that if you've never had them on in the first place you don't miss them and get used to it all pretty quick. Also whacked up the ai skill to the one above "above average". That usually means (for me) races are very close and sometimes take 2 or more attempts to win, which is fine, as every race I've had is so good I've no problem having to race it again. Also helps you learn the courses.


    Edit - also manual gears all the way. I was an Auto guy up til Forza 3. Tried manual on the advice of @Meers I think, and after struggling for a couple of races, it quickly became second nature and it does make a difference to how much you can get out of any particular car, in my experience.

  9. Assuming all the rivals stuff will still be part of this (best part of the Forzas for my money*), anyone who'll be partaking, feel free to add me.




    I think I already have quite a few of you on my friends list from past Forzas, but the more the merrier 👍


    *I'm not good at it I should add, just enjoy it and it's a great way to try different cars and settings.


  10. After a huge spend recently where I ended up buying both series consoles within the space of 2 days, I could really do without the temptation of playing this early. I will not cave!




    Just finished my 4 shifts for this week this morning. Now I've got 4 rest days free, before I start the cycle again, on Monday. Monday FFS! That means I'll not be able to play until next Thursday


    Be strong multi.


    I'm sitting playing on my SX now instead of going to bed. I'll regret it if I don't get some sleep today. I should switch off and go to bed. Just forget about it til next week. Easy.


    Early access you say, play from 5th instead of 9th November?


    ...Nah, I'll save my money and build my anticipation thanks. Maybe even savouring it all the more by waiting til next Thursday.


    All you mugs forking out to play a few days early will probably be bored with it just as I'm switching it on and getting to drive my first car next week.


    Unlocks in a hour if you change your location to New Zealand??


    WAT? 11.01 TODAY??


    Take my fucking money now Microsoft!!!


    I AM FUCKING IN!!! :omg:




  11. I'm in the middle of spending a pretty enjoyable session with Project Wingman this afternoon. It's just gone on GP today I think.


    It seems a very Ace Combat "lite" up to now (still just messing around on the first mission mind) But so far it's been a good Top Gun simulator. Looks like it's very much a port of a PC game judging by the settings menu. I just whacked everything up to high now that I'm a happy Series X owner and although it's no oil painting with everything turned up it looks good.


    Best thing about it so far though, is it seems pretty easy!


    I'm blowing up shit all over the shop. You can up the difficulty in the settings mind but I'm quite enjoying being Tom Cruise Ace Pilot With Little Experience But Winning The War right now. 


    Things might change as I get further into the missions but so far, this is pretty good.

  12. On 21/10/2021 at 09:52, Popo said:

    I suppose you have to go to IKEA to buy the IKEA batteries, so that makes it an easy choice as far as I'm concerned. 


    On 21/10/2021 at 10:00, ucci said:

    IKEA is like capitalism, desparation and a queue for the new Iphone in 2008 in one kooky package. 


    Yeah you might be above it all, but that only means more IKEA hot dogs for the rest of us.

  13. 15 hours ago, Meatball said:

    Why did nobody tell me there was some leaderboard time trialling going on :blah:


    Why did I look in here...got too many games already, I don't need any more new ones, but I don't know if I can resist some racing leaderboard action.


    Save yourself some money @Meatballit's a shit game and you wouldn't enjoy it!!!

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