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  1. Says a poster of constant dogshit opinions
  2. I think this iteration is genuinely the best that Top Gear has ever had. It pisses all over the Clarkson era shite. Individually they're all pretty likeable people but put together they are funny as fuck. The chilli eating laps had me crying to the extent that my wife came in the room to check I was ok. This is probably the funniest show the BBC have right now.
  3. I managed to get a Series X maybe a month ago, had bought a series S the same week, but sold that to a mate. Before that I had a Xbox 1X. I didn't think the move from the 1X to Series machines would be a big deal apart from faster loading times, but fuck me, I fucking love this console. I've played games that I haven't played in years just to see how good they look on the X (and they really do look good) plus all the Gamepass stuff available now, along with all the stuff we know is coming in the future, makes this the very best gaming machine I've ever owned. I fucking love the thing. It gets switched on pretty much every day now just to have a quick blast of something, or to get stuck right in to Forza, Skyrim, Cyberpunk, Flight Sim etc if I have a bit more free time on my hands. I'm an extremely happy gamer these days, more so than I've been in over 40 years of gaming I reckon.
  4. I tried to put this on at the weekend for the first time in ages but it looks like a lot of my saves have disappeared. There was a load from 2016 with a level 14 character then a big gap in time to a few from 2020 where I started a new game so only at level 1. I had a kajhit character at level 30 plus which was the one I wanted to resurrect but he's totally not there anymore. Looks like I'll have to start over, AGAIN!
  5. That Eddie Kidd thing had me suspecting onions were being chopped nearby. I honestly thought he'd died a few years ago. The biker drivepast was amazing. As an old fucker I knew all about Eddie and Evel, but just thought it was all a bit cheesy, even as a what, 12 year old when I got that Evel Knievel toy for Christmas (it was shit if you lived in a small house with no straight lines between rooms) but fuck me that was a very well done bit of television.
  6. Yes, press X on the leaderboard screen a few times to cycle through the filter options.
  7. Dopesick is fucking great so far. I'm getting Chernobyl level vibes with the storytelling and production values. It's got my eyeballs absolutely glued to the screen.
  8. Yes there is a club. Invite sent
  9. Yes, invitation sent.
  10. Goodness me, can we please move all this aspect ratio nonsense to the Aspect Ratio Wars thread?
  11. Club news! Look at our @Ry here sitting in 7,391th place on the accolade Hall Of Fame leaderboards with over 500,000 accolade points! As a comparison, I've been playing this quite a bit and my ranking is 2,219,733. That is very impressive dedication @Ry and I doff my backward baseball cap to you
  12. That trailer looks like it totally rips off is heavily inspired by that 2001: A Space Odyssey travelling through space/time bit. Cant wait.
  13. Anyone tried Dopesick yet? About the opioid crisis and those fucking Sacklers. It's getting good reviews, has a good cast and sounds like it could be something special (not to mention timely) 2 episodes out so far. Definitely something I want to watch but I've got far too much other stuff on the go (TV and games) to give it the attention I'd like to.
  14. Huge thanks to the club admins who've been picking up the slack for me the last few days. I'm in the middle of a 4 day 12 hour shift work period so haven't been able to play or accept invites since Monday. I'll be back properly on Friday Thanks chaps.
  15. I pay monthly and I pay full price for Gamepass, mostly because I can't be arsed with the hoop jumping required to save a few pounds per month. I dont feel diddled at all with this, it's extraordinary value as it stands.
  16. multi


    Narcos is back! Everything is right with the world as long as I have a Narcos episode lined up to watch. One of the very best things Netflix has put out
  17. Of course you can @theredstar. Winging its way to your Xbox now
  18. The music is always shit in both versions of the Forza games. It's part of my Forza ritual to turn the music off when I'm setting the game up going through the menus for each new game. Assists adjusted, difficulty adjusted and music off. I occasionally turn it back on if I'm doing a session with my headphones on, but quickly conclude that music off was the right decision in the first place.
  19. Of course you can. Invite sent. We are a highly exclusive club, but also very inclusive
  20. In club news, we are now ranked at 127 of 20,000 plus clubs with 2,039,450 accolade points from 57 members. Not bad. Those cheaters at R4SPEED (-R4-)are still top with their 4.3 billion points but they now have a 931 cheater membership. Close on their tail though is LesStreeteuhs (STRT) also with 4.3 billion points but a total membership of 1 (ONE!) massive cheater. I suspect some shenanigans are involved with those two. We need to find out how to do this cheating stuff.
  21. Sent you an invite to our club @DoctorEgo it's currently the coolest place to be in the whole of Mexico. It's very exclusive.
  22. Same as @Strafe for me, no problems at all so far
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