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  1. Lemmy upfront, Philthy Animal in goal and Fast Eddie Clarke running up and down the pitch making sure Motorhead win?
  2. Fair play to the BBC for ignoring the opening ceremony and going in on the politics and issues of having the thing in fucking Qatar. Instead of balloon ghosts and Morgan fucking Freeman, they went to the BBC News reporters to actually report the issues. I know they are there and doing it and covering it and that loads of you hate the BBC, but they got the tone right today.
  3. Yeah that was another great episode. I'm hoping they will one day do another one as good as the Eddie Kidd film, and that came close but still not quite up there with Eddie's one.
  4. Posted about this in the Netflix thread not knowing we had a dedicated 1899 one. Thanks to @JohnCfor the heads up. This is pretty fucking good so far (just done ep 2) @jonamok trying hard to resist by being cool and making sure all us mooks know about it though is putting me off a bit.
  5. multi


    Fucksakes, should have done my research 🫢
  6. multi


    Ok, just done ep 2 of 1899 and this has just got even better. Ending with another classic banger. There has been some signposting with repetition of some obvious symbolism and tropes of the genre etc but it's still a big old mystery box of What The Fuck. But I'm all in for this now. Also looks sumptuous on an OLED* Could perhaps sustain its own thread but I've not got the critical nous to start one for it, but someone else please do once you've watched the fantastic 1st episode. *Yup, went there
  7. multi


    Just finished the first episode of 1899 (from the same people who made Dark) My word, that was so weird and wonderfully creepy. There was a total WTF moment early on, in the ships dining room, that convinced me this going to be good. I've got no fucking idea what's going on and none of the characters appear to be who they are on the surface of things, everyone looks to be hiding something dark (haha). But that was a superb starter. The score is very very good too and the episode ended with a classic song. Going in for number 2 now and I really hope it stays as good as that was. Here's a short trailer, but I recommend not watching it and going in blind unless you feel you have to.
  8. All should bow down to this criminally under appreciated Colourbox world cup banger (from 1986 I think? Certainly around then when I bought it) Jimmy Hill on one side of the cover, Saint Bobby Robson on the other. I post this tune every four years
  9. Hugo Blick=Must Watch. First episode was fucking epic and looks the absolute best in glorious BBC UHD on iPlayer. All episodes up too, I fucking love it when they do this. Can see me finishing this in a couple of nights
  10. My word, not seen a United in third for a while
  11. How the fuck does this knob still get airtime? Fucking twat. (Oh yeah, the clue is on his mic)
  12. I was good friends with his brother Ronald and some of his cousins many years ago. Andrew was off into the clouds on his own back then and you could just tell he was going to have a fucking good go of things once he got a chance. So glad he fucking made it. I worked in his bar for a bit in Whitley Bay back in the day (called Rio, believe it or not. It's a Turkish restaurant now. It was across the road from Stings bar, which looked over onto the beach and was called, wait for it... Dunes!) His mum and dad had a party once and he turned up for it in the middle of a Duran Duran USA tour. I'll never forget it because he threw me out for burning their new carpet. He was on my hate list for a while after that. Very sorry to hear he's not doing so well.
  13. If you ever get bored of hunting out miniature vegetables at Sainsburys and if you have a Lidl nearby, they have started leaving a box of mixed loose vegetables (full size) beyond the checkouts*, which are seemingly free to anyone who wants a few. *Might be that's just the store near to us, rather than nationwide company policy.
  14. He's most well known for Gomorrah I think. Try and catch it if you haven't already (apart from the last season, which was a big drop off in quality imo) it's really great. I get what you mean about his character though. I'm only 4 episodes in on this and I'm loving it to really, but he seems to be playing up to the unhinged loose cannon thing and it's a bit OTT, especially if you compare it to his performance throughout Gomorrah. There's a Gomorrah thread elsewhere on here.
  15. I've just caught up with MOTD myself and have stopped watching after the Newcastle game, so I might have missed something that he said afterwards. But up to now I haven't heard him say anything controversial or cheerleading about Newcastle. Have I missed something?
  16. Really @Haribokart? He's not the best presenter ever but he comes across as a decent fella to me. Plus the Ashes that time. And that cricket program where he tried to get estate kids interested in sport. I wish their were more Andrew Flintoff's in this world than less. (Fewer?)
  17. New episode tonight. As enjoyable as it always is That Croatian built electric car is fucking insane. If only I had 2 million English pounds doing nothing.
  18. Loving this up to now, apart from the pretty good story it's telling, it looks so fucking sumptuous, especially in the Future London bits. The book is 9nly 99p at the mo on all of the usual sellers too.
  19. Ok I didn't know that @Chindie but I always thought of the fella as a decent guy treated badly at Arsenal. I hope he can make a difference at Villa and get his fucking revenge against those who doubted him back in the day. He only ever seemed like a good bloke to me.
  20. Is Hamus still rumoured to be Neg or is that someone else? Anyway, Newcastle were after Emery back before they ended up with Eddie Howe weren't they?. Didn't get him though obviously. I'm hoping that's because he (Emery) has principles about where he works rather than anything else. And I say that as a Novocastrian who is enjoying the teams recent run of form.
  21. Glad to see the last 3 series of Animal Kingdom have been added after waiting 3 years for them. Not the greatest telly and nowhere near as good as the Australian original movie but it was very entertaining. Hope the remaining ones don't go to shit. The last series of Fargo is also available now too. I missed it when it was on channel 4 a couple of years ago, so I'm really happy to find that 2 episodes in, it's still fucking incredible.
  22. Amazon stream was great for the Newcastle/Everton game but that was cancelled out by having Andy Townsend as the co-commentator.
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