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  1. Solaris is more interesting that good in my opinion, it kind of misses the point of the original story I thought Although it's a good few years since I watched it and my take might be way off the mark
  2. Yes, those sequences are wonderful and made me hunt out Mr Malik's quite hard to get hold of Voyage of Time. I eventually managed to find a German Blu-ray online for a pretty stupid price. It's rather a stunning piece of work though but I've only managed to watch it once due to one of the real world sequences consisting of the bloody deaths of a herd of cows slap bang in the middle of it. (I had my hand over my eyes when it came on so I'm not sure of the context, whether it was the aftermath of a lorry crash perhaps or whether it was some ritual slaughter or something. It's a pity because it's
  3. Although I have to say (and I hope I'm not alone here) Primer absolutely mixed my head up. I'm too thick to get that one.
  4. Willing to take all recommendations @squirtle keep them coming man
  5. Oh man, I cannot resist a @Goose recommendation. Predestination goes on the list. Thanks
  6. Is Triangle still on Netflix? I think I had it in my watchlist but never got round to it. Timecrimes though. Spectacularly creepy in parts And also the best use of Blondies Picture This in any movie.
  7. Ended up going with Timecrimes. Thanks for the recommendations guys. It's just finished it and it has got my head spinning. Contact again tomorrow maybe
  8. I have all six Alien movies, and I don't even mind the shit ones for the world building they do and the way they look but Aliens, as in the second one? I could go for that but I'd feel the need to watch the original first though. It's a dilemma
  9. I ended up this afternoon watching yet another essay on 2001 A Space Odyssey on YouTube, followed by a few more on 2010 The Year We Make Contact. This led to me going down the garden path to my shed to get 2001 and 2010 out of the box I keep my old dvds in. But I also ended up going "oh yeah, that's good, and that, and that as well" So I've now got about 20 films I want to watch before bed now. Event Horizon would be my choice this evening I think, but it appears to have been lost somewhere. I should add that I've seen all of these at least once bef
  10. oh man, that is awesome @Made of Ghosts. Are you one of those massive Scrabble and anagram people who always do well on Countdown? It strikes me as one of the few shows that has actual intelligent people on, Countdown, University Challenge, Only Connect are the only ones I can think of where actively stupid people wouldn't do well. Slightly related to gaming/quiz stuff, this week my wifes sister (yes my sister in law as most would call it) who is an absolute terrible waster, gambler, alcoholic, self diagnosed as unfit to get a job and an inveterate borrower of money from us every w
  11. Yeah @PK, in that episode she just reminded me of the meek wife she played in Boardwalk Empire. Same delivery as usual for someone who is supposedly a very successful and accomplished person within their field.
  12. My wife looked CHIZ up during the episode, it's an undercover officer I now believe. They were flinging the acronyms out this time as per usual, even sunk so low as to have waistcoat Steve say "on the D.L." instead of just going for down low. And "for the benefit of the D.I.R" during the interviews with the kid they arrested at the flat? WTF is that? Anyway, I can't decide whether this has finally jumped the shark or not. I was swinging between yes and no throughout, probably doesn't help that I find Kelly McDonald a very limited actor with such a monotone delivery of
  13. Thanks so very much for referring to it as 'Telly' @Vimster I've got no time for those occasional nuggets that call it 'Tele' or 'tellie'. Idiots
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