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  1. Anywhere I can read this online? Sorry for the laziness, I could probably search but thought you might have link?
  2. If you let the vid play out, it, or the follow on clip shows how the 1400m was worked out. Hugely impressive. I got rid of of my Switch in 2019 because I was skint and needed the cash for an unexpected bill and I've regretted it ever since. The lack of opportunity to pick up an Xbox series X means I'm seriously considering using the funds I'd saved to pick up another, so I can play this again (and actually finish it this time). Just watching a few of these clips has me yearning for that unique feeling that playing a Zelda game brings.
  3. Thought that top pic was a screenshot from the game
  4. I wasn't there for a quest, I came across it by chance travelling between 2nd Nomad camp and NC. I just stopped off my bike to have a sniff around and came across the Caliburn covered by a tarp inside a container inside the 'location' If you go to the motel that Panam takes you to and you stand in the carpark with your back to the motel, the 'location' is kinda straight ahead of you, not sure how far though. Edit - I can grab a photo of the map with it marked if you'd like? Re-edit - I see @Thor has done the above already.
  5. Yes @Floshenbarnical I thought I'd lost it when I parked it at my next mission destination but when I called up my collection for a ride after, there it was. It's lovely too.
  6. Also, I think you can filter the map to a certain extent, using the D-pad (on Xbox)
  7. I'm halfway through S1 and I think it's great stuff. Love the thread about Michaels neighbour and her bins.
  8. The documentary 'CRACK, cocaine, corruption & conspiracy' is well worth a watch. Not a happy watch at all but fuck me, the US justice system well and truly shown up for the racist pile of shite it is.
  9. I have? Holy shit, I can't recall that. Maybe I did the mission at night so didn't notice we were in the location we were in?
  10. Anyone found the There was some interesting stuff there.
  11. Quite a bit behind you at only 65 hours in but I'm still just in act 2 (I have no idea how many acts there are) This is one of the most compulsive games I've ever played in my *counts fingers*... 40 years of gaming.
  12. Edit - just read the follow ups to this from @Thor and @ZOK, so I'm a bit behind the curve - soz.
  13. Yeah, I think @Uzi is right there, no time limits on any of the jobs I've taken so far. I'd like to add that as someone playing on an Xbox 1X, I've found this to be pretty solid. Had one or two crashes I think (in around 50 hrs play) but very, very few graphical bugs. i wasn't that impressed with the game in my first 0 - 20ish hours, but since then it has not failed to drag me further and further in, it's so, so compulsive. I've recently met characters with solid back stories and quest chains that I've not seen mentioned in this thread once and I've also no
  14. I know my recommendations might be worth shit now, but Calibre is very good
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