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  1. Mad Max is definitely worth £2.99
  2. Sorry fella, didn't mean you, I got mixed up x
  3. Can we all at least agree that @squirtle is a a shining purple bellend though you lot? EDIT - Oh bollocks, I didn't mean you @squirtle, meant someone else entirely. Sorry man.
  4. Depressing seeing that. Bunch of fucking arseholes.
  5. At the Nissan factory in Sunderland they have two main entrances to the carparks, one is the North gate and the other one is... And in an unusually decent gesture they are not starting the production lines until 11 am tomorrow, so everyone can have a lie in/sober up after the football!
  6. No need to apologize @Fierce Poodle, you're obviously very invested in this
  7. Crikey Mr Poodle, I know we've all a drink, etc. but please chill out. You seem very annoyed.
  8. Thanks for recommending this. I downloaded the free first few chapters after reading your post today. Immediately paid for the full book after finishing and the only thing stopping me from burning through it right now is the football being on. It's very, very good (so far)
  9. Roy Keane talking about his Neil Diamond night out was worth putting up with the shit stream there. For a moment
  10. My word some of these have been awful penalties
  11. Hey Joe, I'm after an X, have the money ready to transfer. Could save you the typing time for the trading post if you're selling.
  12. Ok thanks man, I'll definitely consider giving it a go @ZOK
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