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  1. Yes it is pretty shallow, but remember it's also open at the back, so if your amp was just an inch or two oversize it could still be accomodated.
  2. Ooh, bit of a co-incidence but I got one of those on Saturday. It's quite nice. Even my wife likes it and she's normally very difficult to keep happy. Still need to sort out some of the cabling though but very happy with our purchase. I should add though, that I am a total flatpack ninja when it comes to assembly of this shit, but this one was quite a challenge to be honest, lots of opportunities to fuck it up if you don't read the instructions properly.
  3. Hannah Reid of London Grammar constantly amazes me with her beautiful voice. She is a stunning singer. Probably their most well known song is Strong though... Maybe a bit mainstream for Rllmuk though
  4. I finished ME 1 earlier this year for the first time. Started ME 2 but fell off it for no real reason, was considering going back to it this week. That's when I noticed it's sitting in my 'update' queue on Xbox. Anyone know why there'd be an update at this stage in its life?
  5. I hoovered up a few hundred points playing the Microsoft Solitaire Collection on my phone (android) in an idle couple of hours the other day. It's the good old solitaire/freecell suite plus a couple of other card games that we've all played at work on our pc's back in the day.
  6. multi

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oh yeah, I know. Already put a good few hours into it. Agree it's not as good as W3 but it has its charms. It's bloody hard though.
  7. multi

    Xbox Game Pass

    I finished wasteland 3 last week, it was fantastic. I didn't even know I liked turn based strategy games.But I enjoyed it so much I immediately downloaded Wasteland 2 (also on gamepass), Mutant Year Zero (also on GP), Xcom (360) and the Banner Sagas Going to be busy for a while with my new favourite genre.
  8. I'd Love to get to play this online again with that gang, but I suspect we are all now spread across different consoles? What do we think the chances are of online play being cross-platform?
  9. I see 'Song Exploder' is in there, based on the podcast I expect? Edit - yes it is. Could be good
  10. You can also check the model number in the battery compartment, Model 1537 is the old one without Bluetooth, model 1708 is the newer one with Bluetooth.
  11. It's so good I'm going to watch it again tonight @Graham S. Thanks for the reminder
  12. Completely agree @Graham S, I said the same earlier. Well worth 16 minutes of anyone's time
  13. Challenger : The Final Flight About the tragic launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle in 1986. Watched all 4 of these last night and it was excellent. Has interviews with all the main players involved and the families of the 7 crew who lost their lives. A lot of it goes into telling the stories of the crew and how they came to be chosen for the mission and theres also a focus on problems with the solid fuel boosters and about who knew about those problems and what the did or didn't do about it. Some of the footage is stu
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