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  1. Yeah those are really nice. Haven't seen any for ages though.
  2. Damn! Was hoping Senegal would sneak a goal at the end there to make it 3-1. I always stick a few pounds on a 3-1. Already won from Netherlands yesterday and France today. If only England could have been a bit less fucking good. Probably stick a few quid on France 3 England 1 and hope to lose my money on that one.
  3. Haha, we spotted him too. Wife said "Steve McLaren mask!"
  4. I had France 3 Poland 1 and Lewandowski to score last. Thought I'd fucked it but FUCKING GET IN POLAND. Last kick of the game.
  5. Probably not if you didn't like the episode (although it doesn't appear to be directly related to what went on in the ep). Not sure whether it's in the book either, as I've not read it yet. Seemed to be there to set things up up for S2 @ZOK
  6. So was ep 8 the last one of the season? Feels like it. Don't switch off at the credits, there's quite a long scene post credits. Really enjoyed it all and looking forward to S2, if that was the last one.
  7. Lemmy upfront, Philthy Animal in goal and Fast Eddie Clarke running up and down the pitch making sure Motorhead win?
  8. Fair play to the BBC for ignoring the opening ceremony and going in on the politics and issues of having the thing in fucking Qatar. Instead of balloon ghosts and Morgan fucking Freeman, they went to the BBC News reporters to actually report the issues. I know they are there and doing it and covering it and that loads of you hate the BBC, but they got the tone right today.
  9. Yeah that was another great episode. I'm hoping they will one day do another one as good as the Eddie Kidd film, and that came close but still not quite up there with Eddie's one.
  10. Posted about this in the Netflix thread not knowing we had a dedicated 1899 one. Thanks to @JohnCfor the heads up. This is pretty fucking good so far (just done ep 2) @jonamok trying hard to resist by being cool and making sure all us mooks know about it though is putting me off a bit.
  11. multi


    Fucksakes, should have done my research 🫢
  12. multi


    Ok, just done ep 2 of 1899 and this has just got even better. Ending with another classic banger. There has been some signposting with repetition of some obvious symbolism and tropes of the genre etc but it's still a big old mystery box of What The Fuck. But I'm all in for this now. Also looks sumptuous on an OLED* Could perhaps sustain its own thread but I've not got the critical nous to start one for it, but someone else please do once you've watched the fantastic 1st episode. *Yup, went there
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