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  1. Finally! Can I tell you all my tale of woe regarding getting hold of an Xbox series X? Ok, well earlier this year after fruitless searching for a series X and posting about it in here, the lovely @JoeK said he had one for sale, which I was up for buying but between registering my interest and actually purchasing the thing from him, I managed to source a new one at Argos, except that fell through cos of a fuckup at their end. Been trying to get hold of one ever since to no avail. Then our @denisbput a Series S up for sale in our trading folder last week, so fuck it I thought, I'll go for that (I really wanted to try out MSFS). That arrived on Monday and after approx 24 hours of downloads and transfers I spent a fantastic few hours trying various stuff out, and enjoying the experience a lot (Flight Sim is astonishing btw). Then this morning I got a text from my brother who told me his wife had managed to get hold of 2 Series X's today at PC World*, one for their son for Christmas and one for me (they weren't aware that I'd got an S). Great news! So after a long time trying, in the space of 2 days I've managed to end up with both machines. The X is currently occupied doing all the downloading etc that I did with the S yesterday. But finally everyone, I have now JOINED THEE! My life is complete I'll probably now stick the S back in the trading folder for what I paid (£170) if anyone's interested. * Interestingly, the guy at PC World told my sister in law that they receive a small number of Series X's almost every week (6-8) but don't sell them online apparently, just in store, so if you want one you have to visit in person. So if anyone's still having trouble getting hold of an X and you have a PC World nearby, might be worth popping in there every now again.
  2. Save yourself some money @Meatballit's a shit game and you wouldn't enjoy it!!!
  3. What's this Gold Trick I keep reading about in here??
  4. Just post your current best @Bushtopher I did! I'm totally unembarrassed (for now ), I'm rock bottom, over 40 seconds, I could do with someone in second bottom to compete against Not sure when this compo ends but I don't think I'm gonna get much chance to improve for a few days at least cos of my work
  5. Haha just read his piece on that. Not that I could afford to darken their gold leafed doors but I'd avoid anywhere ran by someone calling themselves "Salt Bae" anyway. I mean, Salt Bae, FFS. That just conjures the picture of an utter cunt in my mind's eye* Good on Kebab Kid though, sounds like a great local kebab place *Later confirmed as true following a Google
  6. Well then, now I've managed to work out the Top Gear track layout after about 20 laps of trial and error (more error than trial!) I can now work on improving my lap times. But just to get my name up on the leaderboard... multiClunk -40.271* *Replay available if anyone wants any pointers
  7. The Artful Escape made me almost cry with joy when I played it from start to finish over 2 days the other week And yesterday I was playing Circuit Superstars with a massive shit eating grin on. And then not grinning so much but with my jaw almost touching my chest as I experienced Disco Elysium's opening hours last night. I'm 55 now and think I love it all more than I did when I was 15. The future has so much potential, the technology has just about caught up with the imagination of the people who think up and make these extraordinary games. I'm ready to continue playing
  8. This is great and also quite challenging. It is not easy to win even on the lowest skill setting (for me at least)
  9. Or just choose a page at random in this thread and they'll probably be there.
  10. Does this one have anything along the lines of the hidden bunker stuff that FC5 had? I fucking loved finding those underground stashes, proper The Road vibe off those, even if they did happen to be in a sun drenched vegetable garden 9 times out of 10.
  11. multi


    I'd just like to correct myself a bit as I'm watching my way through more of these. Some of the later ones are very much in the style of Love, Death and Robots. Loving them all so far though still except the food show one. That was bad
  12. multi


    Anyone watched or watching Neill Blomkamps Oat Studios stuff that's on Netflix now? Man, I'm only 2 stories (not episodes) in but it's fucking impressed me so far. Whacked out Vietnam war sci-fi, body horror, eco disaster alien invasions, satanic visitations etc. Fuck knows where it might turn next but I'm enjoying it very much, (although through my fingers at times) Reminds me a bit of Love, Death and Robots but without the heavily animated/CGI focus, although there is obviously quite a bit of that here, but it's all played out as live action. Sections of the first one are also very reminiscent of the live action short he did for Halo too (Halo 3 I think?) Also some decent cameos from well known faces in there as well.
  13. Fuck me this is quite a challenge. I've started on medium difficulty and am learning the rules and foibles as I go (foibles ) but it's fucking difficult to get in the top 3 on any race. Are the cars you get at the start random or pre determined? I got a toaster (brown bread), a chevvy and a pointy green thing that looks like it's quick, which it is, but handles like shit. The toaster has been the best so far.
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