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  1. Just watched the first one of this. Lovely stuff. I'm aware of Simon Stålenhags stuff but not got any of the books (yet). This is right up my street though, great setting, very impressive photography and effects, and the score, which reminds me of The Leftovers quite a bit, is also outstanding. I watched the first one on a non 4k telly though due to the wife bingeing the Netflix Downton Abbey Football thing on our main screen, so if I can, I want to watch the rest of this in the best way possible, have Amazon got a 4k version up? Edit - just ordered the book from @p1nseeker link above. Thanks man.
  2. I also bought this yesterday, it's great. Played it for 6 hours straight last night, can't remember the last game I did that with, probably Skyrim.
  3. This is now in the Xbox sale for £7.49 (70% off).
  4. As well as being in Far Cry 3, Nacho was also in Orphan Black.
  5. That was an excellent opening to S3. Some very very tense scenes. This is going to be great I wish they would do that quartered O thing at the end as well as the beggining though, so I could nod nod along and go 'oh yeah, got that one'
  6. Just switched on my OG Xbox to find there's an update required. Haven't switched on my One X in the other room yet. Both already had the new dash. What's this one for, anything major? (or I could just exercise some patience and find out for myself in about 10 minutes)
  7. That sounds great @Ste Pickford, Never heard of it either but have just added it to my Prime watchlist. Tonight's entertainment now sorted, thanks.
  8. Is this streaming in the UK yet? I'm assuming cos it's HBO it'll be on Nowtv/sky Atlantic at some point? The Night Of was indeed excellent. Edit - just checked, looks like it's due later this year (autumn) on Atlantic.
  9. Yeah, just switched mine on and it won't sign me in. Try again in a while, it's telling me.
  10. This is something I'm really looking forward to watching having read a bit about it when it was released. I usually wait to see stuff on one of the streaming platforms these days though due to cinema attendees lack of cinema decorum so I hope it turns up somewhere soon.
  11. The Sisters Brothers. 4/5 Top cast with John C Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed. Who are all excellent A Western that did not turn out as I was expecting it to at all. Really enjoyed it. Pretty great take on a RDR 2 mission (that is not a complaint)
  12. Dunno if it was original score or lifted songs, but the music this week was utterly fantastic.
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