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  1. Apparently England had more runs after 14 overs than Pakistan had in the T20 final. Considering how dodgy our openers have been for ages, how's this happening?! Amazing start.
  2. you should be able to have him sign in as himself but it gets really complicated and I never understood it even when I did make it work. You have to have some combination of Windows login, MS Store login and Xbox Gamepass app login. It might be as simple as this:
  3. that was an incredibly slow 'let's do VAR' call but makes a fun result. France B didn't look so great.
  4. Damn they really needed that superleague thing.
  5. I can't do this week, work Xmas party clash, but should be available the next few.
  6. Yes I just came to say, old Fiat Uno then. Perfect!
  7. Either that Formula Retro Gen 3 McLaren MP4/1C which Valver mentions, or one of the Caterhams? Fiat Uno again
  8. irritating. Got a 3 and probably would've had a 2 if I didn't make a stupid mistake in that guess. Wordle 520 2/6*
  9. I've been thinking a little bit about that too. Not sure if another under-attended season would help or hinder us, but with xmas events (and house moves for Meers, and so on) we'd almost definitely have some small races in there. But as you say, losing all momentum before some grand restart in January might also flop. Not sure what to suggest really. Maybe a novelty series with M2/Cup/Trofeo/GT4-single-make races? Or would that just make it harder to get people in.
  10. I don't normally watch it but might check that out, cheers! Anybody racing this week? I was thinking I might try and join the TSR boys for the Glen on Tuesday night. Maybe even try some LFM again.
  11. I dunno if the Bud thing is THAT big of a deal. They're in it for the logo being slapped on everything you see on TV, the stadium sales aren't nothing but they can probably get some money back on that and it's not the main reason they're there. What was the tweet anyway, seems to have been deleted!
  12. Ah well, I don't give a shit about the non-PC market personally, but yes that's another weird miss for them. And no denying they have fucked the PR on this one so far! I'm not really likely to upgrade anyway, thinking about it more. Not unless finances do an awful lot better than expected!
  13. Thrustmaster finally announce the DD wheelbase. Sounds pretty promising if you're already in their ecosystem (compatible with their older wheels), maybe not quite such an easy sell otherwise. €650, 10Nm constant.
  14. oh, congratulations @Meers! Get that internet connection and rig setup pronto, y'hear!
  15. a full youtube trailer for some new paintjobs? I can't get excited about these things, we do our own colours anyhow after all. Did you guys plan a race for tonight? I copped covid over the weekend that I'm just getting over so not sure how much I feel like gaming, but maybe.
  16. milko


    me in November 2018 was the first mention on this thread, you must've been keeping it a secret! Formula Rossa, that was the one I used to get most of the time.
  17. milko


    @morcs I think it might be, yeah. I used them as my go-to for several years while working 15 minutes walk away. Haven't been there for ages now though, need to sort it.
  18. A YodaXbox with like, everything on it. Also where I first realised that having access to everything isn't always great as the choice paralysis is real.
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