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  1. @Meers push-to-talk? Or is that 'comms'? I don't know if it's any use (eg for ABS up/down) but it's pretty simple to have only one button for MFD since there's only 3/4 pages, just cycle through.
  2. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Yes, he should be a case study into mismanagement by the England teams over the years. I hope he has a great last few years of white ball cricket.
  3. Nice for Steve Stricker. I wonder if the US can play that well next time when they're away from home? I wouldn't bet against it.
  4. I was sort of hoping the likes of Fleetwood would be, he had a great cup 3 years ago. Seems not to be quite up there at the moment though.
  5. Daaaamn, Rory is properly emotional about it all.
  6. Yeah, it feels like the US have had most of the luck over 3 days, but they haven't actually needed much of that at all so it's mainly just been used in a 'stop, stop they're already dead' kind of way.
  7. Haha. I sometimes resort to that, can't say I've had much luck finding any for McLaren aside from the ones that cost money and I always feel like that's somehow a step over the line for me. Has anybody else tried that? I'm always curious to seeing if it'll magically make me faster but the free ones I've tried on any cars before are a crapshoot between making improvements and making it undriveable for me.
  8. A few European players aren't playing great, McIlroy for instance looks like he's never going to hole a pressure putt again in his life and maybe Poulter is finally past it, but mainly the US have just been very good indeed. I doubt Harrington would be able to do much about it by changing pairings if he had the chance to go back in time. I think the Euro tour might just be in a bit of a relative trough right now. Rahm and Garcia have been a treat to watch, Hovland is looking a long-term prospect, Hatton too. Lowry was great fun yesterday as well.
  9. Hmm. Going to take a bit of a miracle just to not to get completely annihilated now.
  10. it seems to me that a lot of these Americans here are very good at golf. But yeah, he's playing it like one of the videogames where you get powerups. It doesn't even feel like the Europeans are making many mistakes, but they could be a long way back after day 1.
  11. Yeah, that was nuts. I didn't think such a thing would be possible! And then just wasted. Oh well, it'll still go well on the highlights reel.
  12. GT World Challenge pack is worth it if you get into the game, certainly. Some more tracks and cars to play with.
  13. milko

    Assetto Corsa

    Until they implement hand tracking in these games so we can wave to each other, VR is an incomplete solution. But yeah, it's pretty amazing at times.
  14. Ryder Cup weekend! Can Europe beat the odds? Wil Brooks and Bryce start swinging 9 irons at each other?
  15. milko

    Assetto Corsa

    Haha, that was @SneakyNinja. I was laughing too hard to use your rough tactics and ended up stuck behind another barrier for my troubles.
  16. milko

    Assetto Corsa

    Can we set it up so we drive a bunch of Minis and a coach around those cliffs next time?
  17. controller didn't work for me on PC on attempt 1. Looked like it'd picked up my USB pedals from my steering wheel and decided to use those.
  18. Have any of you done much setup work for Oulton Park? I tried a few things from a base of the Aggressive preset but honestly most of them seemed to make things worse and had to be undone. I think the only one that stuck was dropping the rear end a few mm. Tried upping the wing (only one click left to go anyway) and it made it too understeery. Tried giving the bump stops more range, that didn't seem to help much at all. I'm never sure if it's not that I just drove badly after a change I always wonder if I should be messing with the toe out and those other values on the wheels page.
  19. Possibly I guess, I’m back on throttle by the apex. There’s definitely some good time to be gained in doing this corner into Shell right, when I moved from the mid 1.35s it was mostly through this section I think. it’s the two chicanes where I never quite feel like I’m spot on still, going in too fast or squirrelly oversteer on the exits.
  20. The fast corner before the Shell hairpin? I usually do a quick dab on the brake, simply lifting off can be done I think, but I’m not sure it’s worth the risk of failing to get back over for the next braking zone. I just watched another hot lap on YouTube to see what the experts do and the guy put like 5-10% brake on for longer than I’ve been doing so that might be worth a try too.
  21. alright! 1.34.6 in the Macca. I can easily get two tenths better just by doing T1 properly, but that one's usually up to the fates, picking the speed and turn-in point is really tough. I reckon there's getting on for half a second elsewhere in the lap for me too if I can do it right, that definitely wasn't a perfect run.
  22. milko

    Assetto Corsa

    I tried the Jaaag for a few minutes just to check I could load it (in single player) and it was amusing.
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