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  1. Just got my LFM Spa race in, 11pm night race added some fun. In split 5, qualified and finished 2nd with fastest lap, pretty happy with that. It's definitely easier when the carnage is behind you, still a fair few yellow flags out in the first couple of laps. That's the first one I've not had to pick my way through a load of it and pray I don't get punted from behind.
  2. I use Crew Chief and the ingame spotter, they don't always agree. Actually I forgot to load Crew Chief last night, not that it would've helped my fuel fuckup. Also, the proximity radar overlay can be handy, but I do find it hard to look at that AND the road. Normally I work out fuel as Erik does, using an Android app called 'ACC Strategist' as a starting point. Don't wanna be thinking about that in a race! Last night when we started race 1 I saw the temp at 16C, thought "oh cool I have that setup already" so loaded the file, and only after I clicked Drive did I realise I hadn't set the fuel up on that one yet. Curses. No undo option on the Drive button!
  3. Daniel sailed serenely off into the distance, I gave Dave a decent chasing and got pretty close once or twice but then got a final warning for track cuts (2 of which were really just lazy on my part) and backed off a bit. Erm, that's about it. Sneaky was consistently somewhere not too far behind me in all of this as well. Damn, where's my overtake for second on those first race highlights! Dave kinda slid briefly on an exit and there was a slightly brown trousers moment where I thought I was going to clip his car but got through just about.
  4. Enjoyed that. Gutted I tossed away a second place in race 1 with that rookie error of not checking my fuel! Of all the damn tracks to have to stop for fuel in a sprint race. Congrats to @texlex45 and his consistently alien pace.
  5. Pschaw, a weekend pack is like twenty minutes' work maximum! Although knowing you Finns you've got to arrange a bunch of fishing and hunting gear and homebrewed vodka, maybe that takes a little longer.
  6. after the chaos of trying to race on LFM for Hungaroring, Barcelona and Kyalami, I'm a bit nervous of what Eau Rouge is going to be like on there for the first few laps! I might try and get on tonight as well but I'm pretty tired and probably should focus on getting my sector 2 time a bit better really.
  7. @memories not yet! But now I have hope it could be soon at least.
  8. milko


    ah, was it? I thought they were all two-setters but I guess I didn't follow so closely. Anyway, yes. Colossal potential but little of certainty.
  9. I'm another who used that 40% BBNo offer and it's now what, 10 days with no movement on delivery. Also not had problems in the past, so it's annoying but hopefully just something temporary they're going through. But it'll make me think twice about ordering again if it's the norm for many people!
  10. Them orange fellas on the right could be a better reference point since it takes your eyes to the apex rather than outside. I'd have to be braking quite a bit earlier than them to make it though, I'll have to see how it all goes.
  11. Brown patch of grass for me too, but that comment about night driving makes me think I should consider the alternatives!
  12. yeah I just thought I already had quite a lot of rake (but not full wing) and I’m looking forward to playing about with it if I get time. I think my struggles with Bruxelles into no-name into double gauche are more to do with technique than car anyway
  13. milko


    It’s way too early to know how far she can go, right? Today was the first time she’s played a three set match on the WTA tour or something crazy like that - she didn’t lose a set in the entire US Open + qualifying, and in the very few matches she’s played since, she’s been beaten in two. Stephens sounds like she didn’t get great prep for this tournament either, but that’s still a pretty big scalp in the first round of a grand slam.
  14. What’s going on at Fulham lately? They seem to be getting more than their usual amount of weetabix for breakfast or something. 19 goals in 3 games?!
  15. VR gives the better depth perception, I’m sure the elevation changes around Raidillon are among the places where this effect is maximised. No practice for me tonight, but looking forward to figuring out how much rake counts as “lots” and if the new patch nerfs have made a change that I can perceive.
  16. 2'19 is tantalisingly in reach for me now but @texlex45 I have no clue how you get so fast through sector 2!
  17. milko

    Disco Elysium

    How long had you been playing the game by this point? I'm in the very early stages (getting to evening on day one, role playing some kind of cross between Nick Cave and somebody in a Nick Cave song), but I looked at the car pretty early on, I'm not sure how I'd have done much damage to myself by that point already. I have no idea what I'm doing with this sort of game whatsoever, but I'm enjoying it so far. Then again, my character appeared to be mentally strong enough to withstand looking at the car without getting sad
  18. 2’18, nice! I think I’ve made a fast setup but it’s reminding me of my days driving the Honda, it’s probably too easy to let the rear of the car go, at least for my skills. Could get my time plenty lower if I hold it together but more likely to fail to make race distance instead.
  19. Ha, Jeunet does Black Mirror, ok. I’m in.
  20. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Oh yeah, no question. I'd just heard that dodgy weather was forecast for Sydney and there was a chance if it went to Hobart and so it proved. Diabolical tour. God knows what we'll see in the Carribbean next.
  21. milko

    Cricket Thread

    There were a few overs first thing this morning where I had hopes of being wrong, but they stamped that out hard!
  22. milko

    Cricket Thread

    That's that I reckon. Urgh.
  23. milko


    Gaggia classic is pretty good, especially with those upgrades. More like buying a prebuilt PC that somebody then upgraded the PSU, CPU and graphics card.
  24. ah shame we can't race, probably would've ended up in a different split anyway I suppose. I'll jump on discord in a bit, just logging out of work and into rig
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