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  1. milko

    The Man Utd Thread

    It’s not the only place that does it, but essentially it’s so the tv camera can see the bottom of the advertising boards. If they were raised higher you’d start killing rows of seats. I assume the pitch can’t be lower due to the undersoil heating and whatnot, but I’m only guessing this part.
  2. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Optimism waning. FFS.
  3. milko

    Cricket Thread

    £20 via EE and the app, I guess that and chromecasting should do for me.
  4. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah, I can’t see England getting near this, but I suppose there’s enough wildcard action that it’s hard to be completely certain. contemplating signing for a month of BT to watch but I can’t see me staying up late enough to make it worthwhile somehow. Hmm. 4-0 btw, we’ll draw one and that’s it.
  5. I think I was usually braking for T1 on the two red stripes sign when I was practicing, but absolutely erring on the side of sooner rather than later so I can get on the power again early. Kinda shocked that my quick hour on Friday evening has seen me in top spot so far though! Now I have the fear that I'll be unable to get near it when I next get on track. Oddly seemed to find it easier to stay within track limits in the rain in the Alpine than I did for the GT3 dry race we did.
  6. I think that Call of Juarez is going free on Steam later this month too.
  7. Until such time as somebody knocks 1.5s off my time I am rather liking this track/car/rain combo, it's good fun. Even in the wet the car feels a lot more stable than those KTMs! Until you put a wheel on the grass, anyway.
  8. First time I was not quite alongside but almost and you were up the inside chasing... then as we were all braking - at least from my eyes, not watched the replay yet - you suddenly swerved out wide directly in my path and also were going slower than me and I didn't really have any time to react at that point. I'll watch it back, maybe I could've been driving more defensively but the Chase was on! Second one, yeah, we'd been duelling well and I saw you slide out wide while I got it right, then saw your tyres start to catch and it was like "ooohhhhhh shit, I wonder if I can get through in - nope!". Anyway, no hard feelings at all. I'd been thinking all chase DO NOT CLIP MEERS since I'd done so in the very first race of the season as well
  9. That led to me coming in too hot and spinning on the second chicane a few times, still some work to go for me!
  10. Bah, i got Ascari'd hard into a wall early in race 1 and had to pit for ages, then was going nicely in race 2 but got Meers'd twice (we are quits for race 1 of the season now!) and then Ascari'd again and had to do the last lap or two with my steering at 90 degrees. Enjoyed it but not very successful overall! Time to learn rain driving.
  11. No rear-view mirror on the KTM, you can shine whatever light you like! On which note, traffic and defending will be interesting this week. I forgot Crew Chief last time and got away with it but will hopefully not tomorrow.
  12. I've actually only ever played this in VR but Santos was saying it took him a while to get used to it in terms of pace. I can't really get my setup anywhere near a monitor so I can't really compare it usefully, possibly for the best.
  13. @Kristian Svenning I would say in this case "copious amounts of swearing" is likely @davejm hats off for the trail braking in that lap, the one into T1 feels like something I've a long way to go before I could do it right.
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