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  1. thats literally all I’ve used it for (albeit not quite daily) and it’s sent me a couple of vouchers in the past 12 months. Dunno!
  2. I've never known anybody who got anywhere at football whatsoever, AFAIK.
  3. Well, we got one match in at least. Plus a big screen appearance, I think the sideshow stuff made more of an impression on him than the actual cricket.
  4. I really hope Sundays weather gets better than the forecast, I’m taking my kid for his first live sport experience. I mean, it being rained off would be a pretty strong start to his education as a cricket fan, but still.
  5. It's not not a factor, I just don't think it's in the top 3 main ones. But it's probably in the top 5 so yeah, it's a thing. It was more or less full last night, a few seats stayed unoccupied here and there but not many. Over 18,000 in the end.
  6. Aww, I'm not there again til the 8th or I'd have maybe said hello. If you do the fancy dress you've a strong chance of getting yourselves a quick interview for the big screen I reckon, it'll be maximum embarrassment.
  7. There was a pause while Mahmood had a fielding injury seen to, that took maybe nearly five minutes. The "strategic time out" adds a couple of minutes. The umpire review on the catch another minute, and the team review about the same. I think the other thing that slows it down is the amount of crowd entertainment they're trying to shoehorn in at the changes, two different 'hosts' in the crowd and a DJ playing music, activating the 'match hero' vote on the app, the 20 ball predictor, etc, sometimes it looked like the teams were waiting to crack on if only everyone would just shut the fuck up for a minute. Aside from that, speaking as someone who had to do at least one thing and often more every five balls, it felt pretty manic and unlikely to be able to get significantly quicker. I dunno if this is a problem, I'm not sure the overall game time was the big aim of differentiating from T20, it's more about simplifying the info you need to understand (balls/runs and less jargon) along with being a product the ECB can own and get terrestrial broadcast deals on. And 'cool' garish graphics of course. Have to say, the family groups I saw in the stadium - the people this is essentially happening for, along with the same groups at home watching TV - seemed to love it all. The Sky broadcast did a lot of focusing on the beery lads last night but the big screen team were able to show the kids all the time so what you saw at home may not have been a completely balanced view of the crowd.
  8. Congrats to the winners and racers! Wish I could've made it to more races this season. @Erik it has been my honour to hold the Nibbits(tm) Velux(r) Most Improved Driver Driver Trophy over the past [some] months and I know you'll be a worthy recipient who treats it with the appropriate respect and gravity.
  9. I have a 30% voucher. No idea what to use it on!
  10. I was hoping to set a quali time even though I can't race, but it's been loooong working days and nights for me this week. I shall think of you while I'm on the way back from the end of it tonight! Have a good race.
  11. That seemed reasonably fun from the sidelines. Some confusing new rules/lack of info and the cricket wasn't all top drawer quality but the game had a good finish and the fans seemed to be enjoying themselves without being lagered up like T20 nights. Going by balls instead of overs makes a lot of sense for limited overs cricket, they always do that at the sharp end of a chase anyway. See how they go tomorrow for the men's game I reckon.
  12. Do Pakistan ever play in boring series? Their England ones always seem to be excellent. The Hundred starts this evening! It has been almighty hot setting up advertising things at the Oval this week.
  13. @EuroVapeSim2its fine mate, can hardly blame you for something like that! Was just alarming at the time, like I’d been hit with an invisible railgun shell or something.
  14. basically we gotta keep enthusiasm for racing but make sure it's hype for the season start so we keep a nicely-sized grid. I wonder if there's any other communities that wouldn't mind a crossover single race that we can recruit from afterwards.
  15. Can't wait for season 6! Albeit joining at week 2 for me in the current schedule, I'm on hols for the end of August.
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