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  1. I had a quick AI race around Nurbz (half considering dropping into LFM rookie series this week sometime) and it was indeed a blast.
  2. Japan were a bit "They alway try to walk it in" around the box during normal time, I think some of that spilled into their penalty technique as well. Even the Croatian keeper was all *shrug* about saving the first few.
  3. hooray! As far as getting up to speed with ACC goes, it might be worth (if @davejm sets up a practice server between now and then) jumping on discord with some of us to do a few laps somewhere. So much of the game is not exactly intuitive, it can save some time and frustration.
  4. I think you'll be disappointed then. Southgate will be incredibly wary of Mbappe catching them on the counter, and France won't want to suffer similar through Bellingham/Foden and Kane. They're both going to be cagey until there's a goal.
  5. according to logic and common sense almost certainly, but with Bazball and Ben Stokes Bending Reality To His Will, those are out the window! Did not see a finish like that coming after the first day or two's play, amazing stuff.
  6. it's gonna turn out we've put sandpaper on Leach's head or something, how's it swinging so much? Jeez Naseem can't last much longer against this, surely?
  7. oh wow they got Azhar, that actually ought to do it. Amazing stuff today!
  8. milko


    Made the pilgrimage for some of yer Brazilian Bourbon. The neighbours of this place never fail to raise a grin.
  9. Apparently England had more runs after 14 overs than Pakistan had in the T20 final. Considering how dodgy our openers have been for ages, how's this happening?! Amazing start.
  10. you should be able to have him sign in as himself but it gets really complicated and I never understood it even when I did make it work. You have to have some combination of Windows login, MS Store login and Xbox Gamepass app login. It might be as simple as this:
  11. that was an incredibly slow 'let's do VAR' call but makes a fun result. France B didn't look so great.
  12. Damn they really needed that superleague thing.
  13. I can't do this week, work Xmas party clash, but should be available the next few.
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