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  1. Sometime in September, no official start date booked yet.
  2. Conduct Together! was quite a lot of fun for me and my boy on the early levels (it's basically impossible for a single player I suspect) but yeah, it gets bloody hard. We got our 89p worth, anyway.
  3. Even that's a bit of a lesson. I still remember being incredibly hyped for the release of a new Dizzy game one summer, then me and my mate followed a guide through to completion of the game, briefly having a lot of fun and then... that was it, over. Whoops! Cost less than £60 even with inflation accounted for, it's true.
  4. My kid is 6 and can be a bit obsessive about Animal Crossing. Its mostly pretty sweet but we do keep a fairly tight lid on his time with it... I dunno, my wife is less approving of it than me and it's all dramatically complicated by the lockdown and the psychological/behavioural effect that's had on all of us. I can't work out if controlling access makes him more obsessed or not, but if he had free rein I doubt it he'd put it down for hours (as we've tried that a little bit). Anyway he's also built a lot of Labo recently, that's been nice. And plays Ring Fit to an amazingly high level. Nothing online yet. We're giving him warnings when time's nearly up and dinner's almost ready and so on, but he's always got "one more thing" he needs to do in AC first and then you see a balloon and oh gotta just sell this, it can be maddening trying to tear him away. An ongoing project.
  5. it takes like 24-48 hours to get the cable from Amazon, might as well see what works first and then get it if you want it. VD is £15 though so a bit more to pay than the cable, I suppose.
  6. I can totally understand the appeal of pre-built even though I've not done it for years and tend to the ship of theseus method of changing computer. Well, that and waiting for @layten to upgrade so I can buy his cast-offs. But yeah, anyone who's put it all together and then switched on to get - nothing - and have that feeling of "did I just forget something simple or have I somehow fried it" doesn't want to experience it any more times than they had to. It took me days to get my current build to recognise all four sticks of RAM in it and I still don't really understand how I fixed that. Still, I always look at how much more I can afford with a smart upgrade and do it to myself again.
  7. Actually yeah, try the one it comes with first. It's not USB3 so it might not be quite as high quality? I need to compare now.
  8. @mdn2 this is the Anker one that Oculus recommend: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MZIPYPY/ - quite the saving.
  9. There's sometimes a bit of a saving due to buying it all from the same place prebuilt, I think of it as being a bit like how buying a complete bicycle is usually a lot cheaper than buying all the components and a frame. The difference is usually in the details, the compromises tend to be on the less-obvious parts so maybe the motherboard is a slightly less good one than you might have chosen, the HDD a smidge slower model, the PSU not as beefy. Or on a bike when the rear mech is the prestige model and the rest of the drivetrain is a step lower. The difference is definitely less pronounced on PCs though, must be some razor thin margins out there.
  10. milko

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Yeah I only just got the headset recently and then it seemed like I had enough to play with before I jumped in on this, and so it proved! Looking forward to starting... soon.
  11. I’ll try sometime but it was even in the main menu, I was up in the ceiling of that garage trying to see the menu options down below - it was pretty odd.
  12. im pretty tempted but I don’t have a wheel and when I managed to grab about an hour with the free weekend I couldn’t get it to play nicely with my VR headset at all, it kept putting me about 5m above the car and stuff. Between the two it’s put me off a bit but I’m keeping an eye out for deals on the wheels...
  13. £30 if you make it your 'first over 30 purchase in the sale' as well. I've bagged it, will have a go over the weekend if it cools down a bit I think!
  14. milko

    Cricket Thread

    8th July I think. I reckon they'll do a couple of days easy on how strange it is, what the counties are doing, jokes about socially distancing themselves and so on. Day 3 when that's all begun to run out of steam, goodness me, who knows?
  15. Cheers. Pretty damn niche!
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