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  1. Am I right in thinking you can use the coupon on non-sale items too? If that widens the selection a bit.
  2. Assuming I've still got some kind of realistic economic future at the end of April I'm leaning towards getting a Quest. Can I ask, is the Link a pretty robust general thing for all 'regular' VR games now? I'm thinking about things like Tetris Effect, IL-2 and probably some driving games. Is it sensitive to things like lag for games that rely on accurate timing? Most of my play would have to be seated if wired but if the wireless thing is working well enough it does open the possibility of me playing in the living room and having a little space to move about after all.
  3. milko

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I've seen that on there before and as a Hanwell resident I rushed to find out if it was THE Hanwell. Imagine, virtual recreations of a ... I dunno, a reasonably nice park with a big viaduct through it? A very small clocktower that nevertheless has a cafe named after it? A pub that proclaims the very long-ago year it was built, but then also the much more recent year it was rebuilt entirely? So disappointed to find it was just a generic name made up by somebody American for the game which doesn't actually look all that good.
  4. The spring sale is now on... nothing leaping out out at me as exceptional value, BUT if you did the tactical ‘end the winter sale with a £10 voucher’ move then now is the time to use it. Game has to be over £13 or so and it makes for some pretty good deals.
  5. that’s his YA story so it’s a little simpler and somewhat less violent, but still worth a go. Actually one of them has quite a nice interview in the back about how he changed his approach to it.
  6. I don’t know but maybe he stood to get x more millions if on time? The numbers are essentially abstract at this point!
  7. Presumably he negotiated a salary with performance-related elements of which the stadium move was a big one. The numbers are ludicrous, sure, but no point getting bent out of shape about some of it being a bonus. He must have had to wait some time on it since the thing was delayed so long. The 80% thing seems so strangely identical to the furlough thing that I wonder if they just confused the reporting and it’s the furlough people who get only what the government will pay. I think that is pretty shit either way, they should have enough reserves to top up the 20%.
  8. not even “may”, VanderMeer was tweeting about it yesterday. also this https://www.denofgeek.com/games/control-influences-annihilation-new-weird/ cites China Mieville, not quite the same deal but may be appealing as well.
  9. No wait, he’s including “filming them”? You would need surely at least three cameras unless you want to make it look like a League of Wales Second Division broadcast, some techs to rig the gear, a producer, editor, graphics operator, replay editor, director, and the list will go on quite a way even if cut to the bone. I can’t see this working.
  10. I think they based the 100 on what was done at the UEL closed doors games (you may now narrow down the teams I might be talking about!), but yes, at least at that stage, they really hadn’t thought it all through. I would put a positive light on it that these conversations were two weeks ago and the early part of the process. I’ve not worked with the NBA but the idea that you’d have a team of 15 and equal support staff seems undercounted to me. I’ve done NFL a lot and there’s usually absolutely shitloads of supporting cast, I dunno how many they can cut. Maybe once you trim the bullshit stuff you can actually get there... and still have the problem your guy points out.
  11. I’ve not tried looking at those numbers in depth but I know the mooted hypothetical “if we do this closed doors scenario” for, ugh I should be careful sorry, a really big PL team I work with, was 500 people in the stadium to run a single match and televise it. He’s putting that as the whole number across the entire league! They might be able to chop that down a good bit if they really have to (not sure I remember correctly but I think 100 were VIP places, the rest for players and staff) but it’s a shitload more than he’s considering in his scenario, I think. We are hoping to take 3 places out of that, would get by with 2, anything less (0 and doing it remotely is possible) would be a “no guarantee or liability” scenario. I imagine pretty much all involved would start from that kind of principle; it’s going to be hard.
  12. Yeah there were a couple or three. Again, I don’t think there’s any restrictions on what you could do with the output of it, it’s like buying a music DAW or synth on your computer (eg Gadget, I suppose!), what you make with it is yours to do with as you want.
  13. iOS maybe, it’s never been on a DS. I can’t think of any reason it would be different from any other music production tool? You can do what you want with it.
  14. milko

    The 3D Thread

    there's 2 months free of 'skill share' here http://skl.sh/procreate via procreate but actually courses for loads of other general stuff as well, drawing and more. (not sure why we're in the 3D thread here but nevermind!)
  15. Crikey, if sport doesn’t start at all until September it’s going to take some getting used to. I wonder if the government would prop things up long enough for me to still have a job by then.
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