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  1. I looked at the schedule and we're down for a 90 minute season finale back at Doners, I sense it could be attritional! But also the promise of some of those overtaking duels going on for that long, blimey. In race 1 I ran out of fuel on the last lap which made me feel a bit silly as I could've just let SantoOos past to lap me at the very end of his race and called it a finish. Foolish pride! Came to a halt on the climb up the hill before the big straight.
  2. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Pant's taken it away. Wow, a six for a century, cheeky bastard! Hats off, they've always had a couple more batsmen able to show how it's done in each innings since the first test.
  3. Hmm, from fourth (excellent for me!) in qualifying to last within the first sector of lap 1 in both races. Tsk! Don’t worry about it @Count Buffalos I would’ve done it to myself sooner rather than later and in fact thought I had until you guys informed me otherwise! I really also have to work on my lap 1 technique a lot, it’s been a theme for me for the past few weeks that I do this. In race 1 I kept messing up trying to overcompensate but managed to get to 8th somehow ( @Speech did you run out of fuel? Passed you seeming to stop at the end). Race 2 I was calmer about and slowly winc
  4. If it helps, I was also struggling yesterday evening. I did about 30 laps and while a lot of them were on cold tyres as I was trying to practice for the early laps of the race, I couldn't get near my old time. And yeah, some of these corners don't seem to have a 'safe' way to get around, you have to really commit the car to find the grip. Not much time to relax in the lap either. Probably a good thing we're doing sprints so everyone gets an extra chance!
  5. I'm still feeling quite basky! I do need to do more laps though - not only to try and reclaim top spot but I still always feel like I'm one small error away from spinning out and losing it all. FWIW my setup process was: Aggressive preset; set brakes to 1 and brake vents to 2F and 1R; dial in tyre pressure; noted that there was a slight oversteer going into faster corners so bumped brake bias forward a couple of pips (much less than the Silverstone change needed for me of about +2%); then found I was still struggling to accelerate away from some of the exits without spinning so I s
  6. I shall bask in that til the speedier members set a time/people get a bit more practice!
  7. i feel like the on-screen wheel turns a lot more than my actual one, maybe there’s some settings to adjust? And then yeah, to brake while steering in this thing seems to invite a spin very quickly unless you switch on the stability control assist.
  8. I cannot get the hang of this at ALL, hahaha. Completely disastrous. I might try my luck on the pad and see if that helps, or maybe I need to turn some assists on.
  9. I have matched my 1.28.5 on the server. None of the three sectors were my quickest in the session, which does rather suggest I could go that bit faster! A fun thing about this track is how many of the visual cues for corners are bollards and tyres that can get smashed out of the way, it gets harder and harder as time goes on.
  10. Quite a few in there I've got already (including Finch which I liked), but I'll give Cixin Liu's collection a go.
  11. The aliens can do it in 1.25 somehow, so I'm sure there's plenty of time to find in it yet although I doubt I'll get more than half a second myself if I do manage to improve.
  12. Wait and see! (I can't remember, think it's about 1.28.5 at best, but on average more likely to be in the 1.29s still)
  13. haha, forum ACC crew represent. I wonder if we can recruit a few from this thread back to join us as well? I had a weird problem yesterday where the game would only load in super-low-res, like unreadably so. It seems to have cured itself now so I hope to set a time today now I can actually see what I'm doing in the menus.
  14. I think @extremepabs lost connection rather than actively doing something to break it. I accidentally hit the eject button, bloody VR blindness. Everyone else retired for reasons. Its a friendly league, I think we should tend towards generosity where we can. I did a little offline practice for Donington these past couple of days and with a little setup adjustment I think I’m quite happy, looking forward to seeing where that leaves me on the timing when I take it online. My first go at dabbling in the dark arts of “noticing I have oversteer on corner exits in this track and finding ou
  15. Alright I'm installing this on PC now, gamertag is milkymilko
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