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  1. Box now let you request a stock alert on a card now. Prices are about £70 more than they were yesterday! I think I'm gonna just wait however long it takes the dust to settle. There was a rumour of a 20GB 3080 card in the works as well!
  2. yeah, nothing's showing at Amazon yet. I assume the pages will only go live when they set them with stock or something? And then it'll be like piranha and they'll be gone in a flash, so I also hold little hope.
  3. For a good hour or so I couldn't get onto Overclockers site with this PC without using a VPN, and that was before all the nonsense with it being overloaded. Anyway, here's to an evening refreshing Box and Amazon and then feeling mad when the prices are bad and the stock is non-existent. The ideal antidote to a day where my work clients have been a collection of irritating fuckheads.
  4. yup, it's fine in a fresh browser and everything so no cache possible. https://www.box.co.uk/rtx-3080-graphics-cards/sort/1
  5. their site is working quickly for me, but the cards are all 'coming soon' with no order options, that's all I've seen as yet.
  6. all their 3080s are preorder though, so does that mean an indefinite wait, or what?
  7. yes, while it was in my (one of seven) basket! the twats. Another tab closed...
  8. A big rational part of me is saying "log off, get the FE whenever it's available properly" and then there's this other bit going NYAAAH! I MUST HAVE AN MSI VENTUS, WHATEVER THAT MEANS, PREORDER FROM SEVEN PLACES AND HOPE. ffs.
  9. what happened to amazon then? Several tabs failed on me, I thought I had something at CCL but all their stock was >£700 which felt a bit rude.
  10. Didn't ebuyer sell all theirs as preorders at midnight? So the scuttlebutt I saw online claims anyway.
  11. wtf, Overclockers have actually blocked me. If I go via work VPN I can use the site. Huh! Just because I reset my password?
  12. oh weird. I was just sorting out my login with them as I've moved house, got all that done and now I can't load the site at all. Its a conspiracy!
  13. is overclockers down for everybody already? Haha this is going to be fun.
  14. I have the same problem with this as I did TV Burp, I just don't watch any of these programmes at all so beyond the major cultural behemoths I tend not to know what anyone's on about or who anybody is. It's still very funny, of course, I just wonder how many jokes I miss.
  15. white for the strap seems asking for sweatstains, I wonder if they'll have colour choices.
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