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  1. In case I need a car picture any time soon, here's the current look. Chose the vehicle simply because my son's building a lego one of it at the moment, so hopefully I can drive the thing!
  2. Rock Paper Shotgun haven’t reviewed it yet but they had a very positive early look a few weeks back.
  3. Works with VR, works with HOTAS, looks pretty - I'm gonna get it at some point for sure, I know it. Not straight away as I have Too Many Games on already and I really want to get through some that I know I'll abandon if I take a 'temporary' break now.
  4. It's the big day, so the game is finally unwrapped for us. The demo became such an obsession it became the party theme so there's a cake and a load of these balloon-Pikmin around the house.
  5. Wife: Nope. Nope! Especially when it calibrates itself. 7 yr old (today!): ooooooh. Loves it but then realises it's harder than a pad for his beloved Forza Horizon, so only plays for a bit.
  6. man I'm excited about this one, I hope it doesn't completely destroy performance too badly. You lose something in long-distance clarity but what you gain in immersion is amazing, based on my other flight sim VR experience.
  7. Yeah I'm in, but I need to git gud enough to not ruin y'all's race by doing accidental donuts across the track all night. That and childcare commitments may see me as more of an occasional entrant than making a serious attempt at league placing.
  8. You can get into them from the Rift home inside your headset, it will load up SteamVR and then the game for you. Or you can go into SteamVR and choose from there.
  9. Yup I gave up on seated and just draw a massive circle around myself. @Jamie Johnyou were talking about cheap game recommendations and are you aware quite a few titles have free demos?
  10. I've done the track pack one now as well. I'll probably end up with the GT4s in another few hours the way this is going. But never actually find time to play it.
  11. I've left my wheel settings (TMX Pro) on default so far, not really sure what I'd be looking to improve if I change it, so far! Setting the position of it all up on the wheelstand pro at the same time as getting the game options going is quite intimidating, especially as I'm also trying to do it on Oculus via Link - everything feels like it's one slip from disaster (my feet immediately find clutch and accelerator so far, which is quite amusing when your brain thinks it's doing left foot braking and nothing happens) and there's always one more control or something I need to find. I
  12. milko

    Marc Rebillet

    There's another topic on here about him, he is indeed amazing
  13. @Stopharage it's the first of the month! I hope you're not wasting time doing something like teaching children, I want my filtered list of the monthly book discounts!
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