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  1. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    that's a rather better tweet than the official one what have they done there?!
  2. milko


    New album’s pretty wild huh? Haven’t made my mind up yet, I’m generally up for experiments and departures from habit but some of this feels like they took a nice song and then fucked it with so much distortion there’s almost nothing else to hear. Either more listening will tease it out or I’ll get sick of it, I suspect. Hopefully the former, and I do like the less-demolished tracks.
  3. milko

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    There's a Lightroom > Instagram publish plugin here https://www.lrinstagram.com/ which is free 'to try' although they want $10 if you register it.
  4. milko


    I don't know the machines you mention, but I agree that for espresso at home the grinder is a massive factor. I have a Rancilio Silvia with a Compak K3 grinder and it's fine, there are possibly better models around that price and above for each (well, at RRP anyway). My mate's Bezzera machine and Vario grinder is pretty nice as well. I dunno, there's a massive choice and hard to pick without a budget in mind!
  5. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    eventually. Partnerships with UEFA to sponsor these things will be sold to them on x number of viewers, etc etc etc so that is one factor that would drop when they negotiate on that. The TV channels won't pay as much if there aren't as many viewers to gain either. I sorta feel like it's probably drops in an ocean though, the viewership would have to drop hugely before it mattered.
  6. milko

    Better Call Saul!

    Yeah that's gotta be a Dunkel or similar. Poor Jimmy's hairline started receding even earlier than mine I reckon.
  7. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Ah man, Anderson getting the [fast bowler's all time wicket-taking] record and winning the match in one delivery. Like some kind of schmaltzy script, this last match! Good on India for making a fight of what everyone thought would be a short bit of work. Amazing series that could've been 3-1 to India fairly easily I reckon, really close at times.
  8. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Well, England are short an opener if he qualifies... (aww, put it back!)
  9. milko

    Cricket Thread

    If they do, it's one more brilliant story from the series. Imagine that, after Kohli's golden duck! I doubt it though, one wicket and it's been a rather feeble tail from them so far.
  10. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    two-leg knockouts with no groups pls UEFA. Bah.
  11. milko

    Audio Club

    Lo-fi beats to study/relax to, you mean? you could get popular! (it's good, post more pls)
  12. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Wish Cook would've gone for a rare six before he got out, just for the giggles. Hard stuff for India this afternoon. 463 to win!
  13. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Nice of India to make sure he didn't accidentally get out with 3 to go. Anyway, so pleased for him. Gonna be shit knowing we're likely to end up about 10 or so 2 at the start of an innings for the forseeable! Let's hope someone can step up quickly. People keep saying the Jennings we're seeing isn't the 'real' one so perhaps when he's the senior partner it'll come through.
  14. milko

    Cricket Thread

    In fairness while Cook and Ali were together there were like a zillion near-misses. Life just corrected the situation through the next few batsmen, as all things must be balanced.
  15. milko

    Cricket Thread

    haha. Pretty good chance now at some point through tomorrow I'm sure. There are worse bats to see for the lad's first Test!

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