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  1. BIG hungryhouse news

    they were always pretty much the same thing anyway, I suppose. Less competition = more shit news for the takeaways, no doubt.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Ridiculous not to have Mario Odyssey there, @catinthehat. I should imagine that even if you hate it you could sell it on for barely less than you paid for it, so you might as well try.
  3. GOG.com

    oh right, thanks. I thought (having only seen headlines and read no further) they'd somehow broken this which is why Steam Spy is closing.
  4. GOG.com

    I just noticed (first time I've checked in a while) that GOG connect can't work now the Steam privacy setting thing has happened.
  5. Yeah it's very Stalker/Roadside Picnic at times. I liked thinking about how this alien arrived and totally fucked up the surrounding area in ways we can't comprehend and for reasons we are likewise unable to grasp. Kinda like what a local ecosystem probably feels like when humans arrive/how it would be if we started colonising another planet that has life already.
  6. Golf - Good Walks Spoiled

    So the Masters done started, I see. Thank christ Sergio actually won it last year, now we can smile and move on at him taking 13 on a single hole. After one day it feels like Spieth is coming to form at the right time, even though he's far from clear of the field this early.
  7. Yeah, that was covered in the thread I might be imagining if I'm having a really mundane psychotropic experience. It's a bit more sophisticated, apparently.
  8. Didn't we already have a thread for this? I feel all disassociated.
  9. Cricket Thread

    Yeah. From the way they're talking about it I don't really get the impression it's going to get better soon either. We'll do ok in English conditions at home, all will be forgiven again, back to square one.
  10. Cricket Thread

    Man, the outrage-stoking next time someone's busted doing anything to the ball is going to be beyond belief. Confirmed that Lehmann goes at the end of the series as well, still nothing to do with it but taking the fall for the terrible culture that allowed this to happen.
  11. Cricket Thread

    Given the amount of sponsorship apparently being cut from CA and the players, this is getting very expensive. Properly snowballed out of all proportion. Lehmann saying they're going to try and play like New Zealand from now on, instead of being dislikable assholes that everyone wants to suffer. Good fucken luck, and all that! (but seriously it would be nice if cricket got a bit friendlier again)
  12. Nintendo Switch eShop

    a streaker on the pitch, at this dramatic moment in play!
  13. Nintendo Switch eShop

    I am in the "it's fairly meh" crowd though I am overdue going back in to give it another chance. The initial pace seems a bit slow, there are some framerate issues on some tracks... it's not bad so if you want to play that kind of game I doubt you'll go too far wrong. (near-equaliser but off the post?)
  14. Cricket Thread

    whoah, I only read the Guardian liveblog thing of it, but sounds like the first press conference was a case of damage limitation and question avoidance more than anything! Smith, Warner and Bancroft were the only people involved, so the management group was apparently just Smith and Warner? Seems a lot fishy. Lehmann cleared of knowing anything about it No penalties decided yet, come back tomorrow Not gonna directly answer the question of "were they cheating" I wonder if they're trying to do a bit of PR and see how this goes down before they actually decide on bans, like if the press are all "we hope they only get 3 matches" they can be lenient or something. edit: thinking about it, cricket is full of third-person-using wankers in interviews, so maybe when Smith says something like "myself and the leadership group" he absolutely just means himself and Warner. Huh.
  15. Black mirror - season rllmuk

    The Adrian Tchaikovsky book I'm reading at the moment (is it called Rex? The thing with Kindles is I never look at the cover. There's a main character called Rex) is a bit of a Black Mirror. Near-future, private 'security forces' going rogue, experimental lab cyborg animals with control chips and sentience rebelling against their masters. It's pretty cool.

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