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  1. Had no issue myself, were you watching on a Gameboy Color?
  2. Watched this last night and loved it! The super slow burn and complete lack of cheap shocks was great, and my imagination was going wild thinking about where it was going. Great film.
  3. With backwards compatibility seemingly being the norm from now on, I almost think the games are kind of irrelevant.
  4. Wycombe played yesterday exactly as they should, stopping Derby playing and being aggressive. Whilst their first two goals had an element of luck, they had other chances as well and they weren’t undeserved. If we make the playoffs I’m hoping they don’t make it! Bit unfair them having Tommy Wiseau as manager, though.
  5. PS5 and Series S. These things: - Super fast loading times (including quick resume) - 60fps - Solid backwards compatibility including common frame rate boosting have made this an incredible generation so far. There is always the niggle of the Series S sometimes not being quite powerful enough but generally speaking it’s a little beast and a fantastic second console. Right now I just hope it runs Atomic Heart and Wo Long well enough not to bother me.
  6. Yeah I’ve watched the first 30 mins and it definitely feels inspired by it.
  7. This thread is a fucking disaster. This is a brilliant show and I can't wait to blub like a fool as their relationship develops.
  8. I deleted my Twitter account and app 2 months ago and it’s amazing how I don’t miss it AT ALL. Like I went from spending an hour a day on there to nothing and didn’t even notice it was missing. Habitual social media is scary and weird.
  9. I’m impressed, the combat looks a lot more dynamic to me. High hopes for this!
  10. Oh shit, does it really have House of Leaves flavour and did you really like it? I might have to check it out. I’d actually got rid of it without watching when I saw all the backlash.
  11. I hope there’s a number of changes. I don’t understand when remakes are 1:1, if you want to play the original you can play the original.
  12. Derby were docked 12 points and forced into administration (and a further 10 points) after a few years of relatively modest overspending in a gamble to get to the Prem. Looking forward to City’s punishment being a very stern telling off alongside something quite serious sounding which is suspended indefinitely. (I’m not saying there was anything wrong with Derby’s punishment, by the way.)
  13. That's cool. It sounds like it's more just the first slice of the game then if the save carries. Also a good opportunity to see how it runs on Series S...
  14. People keep saying this. We’ve a tiny squad which was decimated over the summer and is largely unrecognisable from Rooney’s team. Wages are probably pretty high (though they are strictly capped as part of our punishment) for some players in the context of the league but our squad consists of underperforming rejects released from other clubs and players who have come through our ranks, and then some loans. Two of our best performers were released for not being good enough by Sheffield Wednesday. I’ll give you McGoldrick who is an absolute cheat code who shouldn’t be in this league, but he’s made of balsam and misses every other match. And Hourihane is obviously quality, even if he’s not been that great for us yet. I’m not trying to make out we’re a poverty case but we’re a million miles off what Ipswich have been spending. Can’t give enough credit to Paul Warne since he’s come in, he’s got us playing intense, sometimes kamikaze football but somehow not conceding many and it’s the best we’ve played in years. I feel like this team could survive the Championship with no bother. Hopefully we both go up and Ipswich don’t make it!
  15. Derby are fucking amazing at the minute. Absolute pleasure to watch.
  16. Ok but what about games you haven’t just made up
  17. Part of me wants United to stand by him for the massive backlash. It really will split the cunts from the… not-cunts.
  18. Fucking gross. Big moment for Man U now to make the right choice.
  19. Haven’t been this excited about a game since probably GTA V.
  20. Any chance we could have a system where game stuff is in spoiler tags? For people who haven’t played or have forgotten everything. Alternately I could start another thread but not sure if it would be good to dilute everything.
  21. I realise these stats are cherry picked but they do look promising for Arsenal. I guess Caicedo isn't the finished article but the Caicedo they'd get for the rest of this season wouldn't have been, either.
  22. As someone who can barely remember the game at all, I'm enjoying this so much. God bless my rotting, damaged brain.
  23. Good shout, for some reason I never played those Wolfenstein games so I’ll go back. Did Youngblood get patched into a decent game in the end? And is it ok as a one player game?
  24. I think big budget, story-led FPSs were a huge thing from around 2000 all the way up to 2015ish, but since then there has been a huge drop off. Other than the two Doom games which I never quite fully clicked with (I do recognise they are both great games, though), it feels like the last great single player FPS was Titanfall 2, and that was coming up to seven years ago. It seems as though any first person shooter released now is one of: A roguelight. Ugh. I always liked the idea of this in principle - what could be better than having an infinite game? - but they are always unsatisfying for a number of reasons you're probably all now very familiar with. A boomer shooter. No issue with the genre existing, of course, but not really for me, particularly since I rarely play PC games. Multiplayer only or very heavily focussed. Including Battle Royale. Call of Duty. Macho shit. I've played Titanfall 2 through about 10 times now. I'm guessing the main reason is that every larger budget game costs so much to make now that 15 hour linear experiences are only going to get rarer. This is more of a sad moan than anything, but if anyone has any recommendations for FPS games I may have missed, please post them here!
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