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  1. They were far from shit in yesterday’s first half, though. With a competent referee they most likely either go in 0-0 or winning.
  2. If no one can understand what point you’re trying to make then it’s a flaw on your side.
  3. I thought both centre backs were and have been superb, and both have 2 tournaments in them at least. Maguire needs to find a new club, though. Kane you’d hope has plenty left seeing as pace isn’t part of his game.
  4. It's fucking amazing. I'd be amazed to find out what percentage of Englanders don't rate Kane. I bet it's something absurd.
  5. I just think stuff like this is massively overanalysing. Of course England could have won this tournament! I’ve seen people saying they weren’t good enough to win the Euros when they were in the Final shootout! In cup football the better team often goes out. Do you think Greece or Denmark ticked the many boxes you think England need to?
  6. Yep, I think we’ve only gotten better, and the best team went out yesterday. If I’m being hypercritical, I would have liked to have seen Griezmann man marked yesterday, but it’s likely that doing that would have nullified our attack as Henderson was a regular outlet on the right. You could also argue that Saka should have stayed on, but I think he was struggling energy-wise.
  7. That fucking face Mbappe made after the Kane miss. Definitely my most hated player now that Ronaldo is irrelevant.
  8. Why? Thought he, and we, did little wrong tonight.
  9. Rashford not scoring there proved once and for all that there is no God.
  10. from the man who should have had about 6 yellows, of course
  11. He’s had a fucking nightmare of a half and his reward is a clean sheet, no yellow and his team 1 up directly after one of his many fouls.
  12. better than a player who has had about 3 touches in a half.
  13. Maybe Grealish for Foden but in all honesty we’ve not done too much wrong. A 1 in 100 shot goes in and decisions go against us.
  14. Please no one bother to respond to debaser, he’s clearly on the wind up
  15. My fucking God, I’m absolutely raging at these decisions
  16. Has anyone kept a tally of the number of times you've said similar in this thread only to be magnificently, gloriously wrong? 😁
  17. We’re now on ep 4 and it’s got and it’s getting much spicier and better! They’re almost all idiots, though
  18. agreed, they should have tried harder not to concede. Idiots!
  19. All set up for an England Croatia final. I’ve got Croatia in the work sweepstakes so
  20. Hahaha hahaha hahaha fuck you Brazil
  21. Brazil are the most overrated team for sure. I think whoever wins tomorrow night are favourites for me.
  22. There’s a setting to turn off voices altogether (or at least to reduce to 0%) but nothing specific to stop the constant whittering during combat. I spent 10 mins on it, feels very generic and not even visually that great. Maybe there’s a good game in there but I was falling asleep.
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