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  1. The perfect game that fills this remit for me is Nier Automata. I threw myself into it due to the endless praise it was receiving and played right through to the true credits. It has a nice solid 60fps frame rate, and some of the visuals are decent. It also has some really imaginative and cool to play through (the first time) areas. It has a mix of different gameplay types, some of which are very cool the first time around. It encourages repeat playthroughs with key differences which is a truly great idea if it was done right and the base gameplay was fun enough. That’s probably the end of my praise. I hated most of the music, which was stupidly repetitive and had a sort of whiny emo feel to it. I hated how unbalanced the combat was. Very hard has you dying in one hit, which only crazy people would choose, but anything lower and you are encouraged to stock up on healing items, which are essentially unlimited, along with a mod which heals you automatically. It essentially makes the game incredibly easy. So you have one difficulty mode which is ludicrously hard, and all the others which are far too easy and basically fucked. I was most disappointed at this than anything else, as Platinum have proven time and again that they can do amazing combat. To follow are some fairly moderate spoilers which you probably shouldn’t read if you’re definitely going to play it. It has areas which are aggressively tedious as part of the director’s vision. This includes having to traverse a large section of the main map whilst your character stops every 10 seconds or so and does a malfunctioning animation for ages. Each of the playthroughs are far too similar. It’s a game which is only about 25 hours long until you see the final, final ending, and yet so much of it is repetitive (hacking, anyone?) and revisiting areas. It should have been a ten hour game, max. This is something which really gets my goal in general. If you have a good 10 hour game, don’t make it into a much less good 25 hour one. The side quests are incredibly boring. If you ever play it, ignore them. You aren’t missing anything. The story has a few very cool ideas (particularly in the final playthrough), but it really isn’t as great or unique as people say and it’s certainly not good enough to be the main reason to play through 30 hours of average gameplay.
  2. Is Kante your entire midfield?
  3. I did R9 and he's on my bench! Just not as good as Neymar. Next weekend I'm doing icons only so hopefully he'll shine then.
  4. Timmo


    I still think Leicester was far more crazy than this. I'm not downplaying it, but that was a full squad of players who massively overachieved as opposed to one person.
  5. Timmo


    I feel like you wrote most of that all out when it looked like the comeback was on and didn't want to throw away your work.
  6. Timmo


    Amazing win by raducanu's knee
  7. Timmo


    I don't think it's too early to say that Raducanu is getting 50 grand slams
  8. Timmo


    Go on girl. Has anyone ever won this before without dropping a set?
  9. Timmo


    They both look so good. Hard to see where this is going!
  10. Timmo


    Fucking annoying. Anyway, great start from Emma.
  11. CR7 is pretty objectively better than all three to be honest. Although he's big he is incredibly manoeuvrable. The only player better than him is Neymar, I think.
  12. What are you finding to be the most efficient method? I've just started R9. I've decided I'm gonna do an icon only WL next week. Probably. I have a good team already from the 3 squad SBC.
  13. Jesus, I must have done 80, no Mbappe yet and Militao took about 60! No idea why I'm moaning, my team is exactly what I was aiming for.
  14. Not hopeful (also why announce when there is nothing to show?) but fingers crossed! The second has such a special place in my heart.
  15. Timmo


    She's just gone 5-3 up in the first set after losing her serve in the first game. This girl is crazy.
  16. Well there is the endgame. Can't improve on this. I'll never have a team this good again. Shame there's so little of the game left and shame it's not far above the new par but I had fun!
  17. If anyone is still playing, the 85x10 SBC is the best there's ever been in any FIFA for building up your squad.
  18. Actually, this is pretty good. The players on lower chem don't need higher. @hannay (Yes I'm about to charge my phone!)
  19. If you drop Foden it's easy enough, you just switch them straight out. If you want Foden ahead of Fernandes then I'm struggling...
  20. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    This is in the bag.
  21. Very nice. You can get everyone to 7 or above if you want:
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