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  1. Not entirely sure about this, I played through a third of it on the top difficulty only really using the spell that protects you from all damage against one hit, over and over. Maybe that’s been balanced now.
  2. Timmo

    NIOH 2

    So I got the full platinum last week, ie. all trophies including DLCs... and I still can't move on. There's an absolutely ludicrous amount of post-game content in this, going way beyond the trophies. On reaching the highest difficulty you also unlock the Underworld which is an entirely new game mode in itself, with 108 Floors taking probably 30 mins each, and after that there's ANOTHER mode called the Depths which is for the super hardcore. And despite all this I STILL feel like I've barely scratched the surface of much of it. The axe is the only weapon I feel confident with, I've only really used about 10 of the 100+ soul cores, I haven't used most of the graces which give game-changing bonuses. I still have a load of weapon skills to unlock. The depth is ridiculous. I've installed DMC5 and Dark Souls 3 (never played the DLC) but can't bring myself to start them when I have this to play.
  3. It was the first one I played and I’ve never really warmed to it, despite finishing it. Most of the bosses are just bad, for me. Series got good with Dark Souls imo. The bones are there, though.
  4. Is the answer to this question ever Quality?
  5. we need a boring PC technical shit thread that all this gets dumped into
  6. To echo others, it’s blowing my mind how stupid everyone in this is. Stating that they are 100% sure someone is faithful for example, or just completely flawed reasoning. Maddie yesterday was the absolute perfect example. Reveals she is an actress (for some reason), and suddenly everyone piles on her, when a Traitor would have zero reason to draw attention to themself like that. Then when she gets the offer to take £3k or stay in the game, opting for the latter, several players state that she is now 100% confirmed innocent which is some of the stupidest behaviour I’ve ever seen on TV. The traitors would absolutely turn the money down. And Meryl is the worst. Takes it personally when someone mentions her name at the round table, and then votes for the person who mentioned her! And course no one picks up on it at all. I think I’m just cheering for Amanda at this point, because I’m pretty sure some of the other players will actually die from heartbreak when they find out her role. The show is bound to help the faithful a lot more though, ironically, because they’re so fucking bad.
  7. Shipment has always been a pile of shit and people using it to chase achievements or weapons or camouflage is everything that’s wrong with modern grindathons.
  8. Yeah, you need to have the disc in whenever you play, though.
  9. I think the best players at the World Cup not being able to handle Sunday League football has rocketed to the top of my favourite takes in this thread.
  10. Anyone with any other game at the top needs to show their working tbh
  11. PSN has such aggressively shit UI. It’s near impossible to buy a game that you have on PS+ for example (let’s say you want to buy a cheap game you have on sale for when your PS+ runs out), or buy a different version of a game (an on sale Gold version, for example).
  12. I’m buzzing about the combat mod being installed into the console version. I never got further than 15ish hours due to the combat being unsatisfying - hopefully this feels challenging and up to date!
  13. Oh God, haha. The shitshow starts again.
  14. Do we know why this is free to previous owners? Is it purely down to the Cyberpunk clusterfuck? I feel like most companies would release this as a remaster. I can’t imagine they’re gonna make that much from new purchases.
  15. Many did, but I don’t think Chelsea were losing that day, they played to perfection. I also don’t think it was justified. Tuchel had his number that season and he’d already tried Rodri twice, losing both times.
  16. Spot on. Look at Pep and the Champions League. Been years since he won it despite usually having the best team, and no one (sane) questions his ability or their ability to have won it. This is cup football.
  17. This is so much better than I expected. Episode 6 was a cracker. We do fast forward all the tasks which makes the episodes a lot more palatable.
  18. Pochettino is available, keen and probably an upgrade but I’m 100% with you on point 1.
  19. They were far from shit in yesterday’s first half, though. With a competent referee they most likely either go in 0-0 or winning.
  20. If no one can understand what point you’re trying to make then it’s a flaw on your side.
  21. I thought both centre backs were and have been superb, and both have 2 tournaments in them at least. Maguire needs to find a new club, though. Kane you’d hope has plenty left seeing as pace isn’t part of his game.
  22. It's fucking amazing. I'd be amazed to find out what percentage of Englanders don't rate Kane. I bet it's something absurd.
  23. I just think stuff like this is massively overanalysing. Of course England could have won this tournament! I’ve seen people saying they weren’t good enough to win the Euros when they were in the Final shootout! In cup football the better team often goes out. Do you think Greece or Denmark ticked the many boxes you think England need to?
  24. Yep, I think we’ve only gotten better, and the best team went out yesterday. If I’m being hypercritical, I would have liked to have seen Griezmann man marked yesterday, but it’s likely that doing that would have nullified our attack as Henderson was a regular outlet on the right. You could also argue that Saka should have stayed on, but I think he was struggling energy-wise.
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