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  1. Div 5. Always play a lot at this point, I'm something like 50 games played. Koulibaly and Skriniar are both absolute psychopaths, yes. Love them both.
  2. Yeah, it's available now if you have enough points. I'm gonna wait until there's more people in it before I have a crack.
  3. It's now 20 which is good. You also get your rewards as soon as you finish which is a nice touch as well. I also think it's quite a low number of wins to qualify for the next one, so once you're in it's not actually too bad.
  4. It’s an absolute fucking nonsense but this is my understanding after a ton of games: Everyone starts in Div 10 You progress by winning multiple games in a row, which trigger checkpoints (represented by flags). Checkpoints stop you losing progress Trigger enough checkpoints and you get promoted I don’t have a clue about relegation, I’m not sure if it’s possible anymore. Regarding rewards, you can see them by clicking onto the biggest tab in game. There are three options which you can see by pressing square, a tradeable pack and some coins, untradable pack and more coins and (I think), untradeable and lots of FUT Champ qualification points. To get the best rewards you need to win 7 games in that game week. I’m in Div 5 now and it’s something like a Rare player pack and 17k coins for the untradeable, middle, option. It's borderline incomprehensible. I’ve now qualified for FUT Champs qualifying where it gets even more confusing. I think I need to win 5 from 9 matches to qualify but I honestly can’t be sure. This shit is making Destiny 2 look straightforward.
  5. I think a good general rule, based on previous years, is that the meta players who everyone is working towards will only raise in price for time being. There aren't that many coins around at the moment. The more coins there are around, the more the best and most desirable players will rise. Meanwhile the less desirable players get sold and drop in price.* *Please note that there is no guarantee any of this is in any way correct and that your player could half in price at any point
  6. Grealish with hunter is a really good card. Some players still feel good with hunter applied, unlike last year.
  7. Try the low driven shot when you're in the area. It's L1 and R1 held when shooting. There's a drill in skill games which is one defender and two attackers, called scenarios I think, which is great for practicing shooting. Near post seems good most of the time.
  8. I'm certainly not done with this, but I'm not exactly gagging to play after my first escape. I did it with spear, focusing on upgrading my special, but it felt weak towards the end. Any tips for what to focus on next?
  9. He's the most desirable card in the game, icons aside, and will likely only go up in price once there are more coins around.
  10. Have you tried him with basic chem? Improves his passing and makes him feel good as well. Overlooked chem style a lot of the time. It boosts pace a little as well, and he feels quick enough.
  11. Mertens is your classic glass cannon, lethal in front of goal but with the strength of a newborn. I think my favourites are Cuadrado, Skriniar and Barella. Just each feel great to use. Skriniar is a psychopath.
  12. Good shout, nothing spectacular but made about 60k plus a load of fodder left over.
  13. Carrasco and Correa for that team! Correa is great.
  14. I hope they don't patch this to death. Apparently the pros are all up in arms because you can't skill move your way through 9 players and have to actually work to create chances. I'm really enjoying it as it is.
  15. Other than Manolas for Koulibaly I think I'm pretty happy to run with this for a good while! I'm really enjoying the game so far. It has a very different feel to 21, with skill moves being much, much less effective. Focus is on build up. Switching the play is very effective as well as very satisfying. Goalkeepers do feel a bit too good right now, and as usual there's the make two tackles and still don't win the ball every so often, but other than that I have very few complaints.
  16. My team is full strength Serie A (Hernandez and maybe Koulibaly aside), on day 2, which is a bit crazy. And that's before the FIFA Points which come with the ultimate edition. Got lucky finding Lukaku and Hakimi in my early packs.
  17. The main boosts in the last month or so were to weak foot and skills. Made a big difference considering the meta.
  18. Administration for Derby
  19. Not a fan of Chairlift's other songs (or her solo stuff) but this is brilliant
  20. He should be unable to leave his car for any reason, and there should be unlimited black government cars flying into him at great speed at all times.
  21. I had the beta. Good luck EA tracking me down when I say it was alright I guess
  22. That Tonic stuff makes me laugh. Of course he could have been less abrasive, but he gets to do what he wants for the rest of his life. Fair play.
  23. Also it's obvious that games that do run at super low frame rates have aged badly, while those that run at a high frame rate remain much more playable. Times change.
  24. The perfect game that fills this remit for me is Nier Automata. I threw myself into it due to the endless praise it was receiving and played right through to the true credits. It has a nice solid 60fps frame rate, and some of the visuals are decent. It also has some really imaginative and cool to play through (the first time) areas. It has a mix of different gameplay types, some of which are very cool the first time around. It encourages repeat playthroughs with key differences which is a truly great idea if it was done right and the base gameplay was fun enough. That’s probably the end of my praise. I hated most of the music, which was stupidly repetitive and had a sort of whiny emo feel to it. I hated how unbalanced the combat was. Very hard has you dying in one hit, which only crazy people would choose, but anything lower and you are encouraged to stock up on healing items, which are essentially unlimited, along with a mod which heals you automatically. It essentially makes the game incredibly easy. So you have one difficulty mode which is ludicrously hard, and all the others which are far too easy and basically fucked. I was most disappointed at this than anything else, as Platinum have proven time and again that they can do amazing combat. To follow are some fairly moderate spoilers which you probably shouldn’t read if you’re definitely going to play it. It has areas which are aggressively tedious as part of the director’s vision. This includes having to traverse a large section of the main map whilst your character stops every 10 seconds or so and does a malfunctioning animation for ages. Each of the playthroughs are far too similar. It’s a game which is only about 25 hours long until you see the final, final ending, and yet so much of it is repetitive (hacking, anyone?) and revisiting areas. It should have been a ten hour game, max. This is something which really gets my goal in general. If you have a good 10 hour game, don’t make it into a much less good 25 hour one. The side quests are incredibly boring. If you ever play it, ignore them. You aren’t missing anything. The story has a few very cool ideas (particularly in the final playthrough), but it really isn’t as great or unique as people say and it’s certainly not good enough to be the main reason to play through 30 hours of average gameplay.
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