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  1. I don’t give a shit about Star Wars but thought this was great, for what it’s worth. I do skip or ignore most story in action games these days, though.
  2. Currently on floor 52 (of 138) of NioH 2’s post post game mode, I might even be done for when this releases! I’ve such high hopes. NioH 2 is a masterpiece.
  3. I find using Edge instead of Chrome gives better quality for some reason.
  4. Yeah, after my post at the top of the page I switched to English not CC which is much better. Weird.
  5. One weird thing - I assume most if not all here are going with the Danish speech and English subs? I can't get my head around the bits where it has ("in English") in brackets, but the speech is in Danish or Albanian, almost like its been dubbed in that language. Then there's some foreign language parts with no subs at all. Really confusing. I assume this is the intended way to watch it, though?
  6. One ep in and a few insane moments already. Some incredible music as well - particularly the last 5 mins or so of the ep.
  7. I think they changed it to make it a bit less easy. If you speak to an advisor they can do it.
  8. White Lotus S1&2 Addictive, beatifully shot (and soundtracked), slightly trashy soap opera with dark twists and the occasional profound moment. Massively enjoyable. 5/5
  9. Cheers for this. A worthy winner, I think. Nothing came close to its impact on me. Some interesting overlap/omissions with the Indieheads list on Reddit. Currently going through stuff I've missed from the two lists.
  10. Not fair! 😡😡😡😭😭
  11. Loved this. Are we confident that I wonder what gay sex act a main character will walk in on next season - we’ve had rimming and anal - fisting?
  12. Jedi: Fallen Order is a brilliant game! The only thing I would say is that you need to go in to it not expecting more from it than it is. Structurally it’s pretty close to Demon’s Souls - a number of loosely linear levels with enemies respawning on death. It’s much more forgiving, though. It also has pretty cool Metroidvania elements but they aren’t really the focus.
  13. I think that’s the point he’s making. Arsenal some way off though yet for me, got to play City twice and be lucky with injuries.
  14. Ivan did an AMA, some pretty interesting stuff. https://reddit.com/r/TheTraitors/comments/zwe03p/im_ivan_faithful_contestant_on_the_traitors_uk/
  15. Timmo

    Crap Maps

    I agree with this - the problem with having too good of a map is that you end up using it for navigation instead of finding your own way around, and blindly following waypoints on a compass or map is one of the worst things about modern gaming. Control forced you to learn the building, at least in broad terms, which is a good thing.
  16. Yeah, exactly. What’s he going to do with his new pile of money, put it on top of his existing pile? If he hadn’t been such a toxic arsehole in the last 6 months, plus if he’d taken a pay cut, he could have signed for a Portuguese side and be playing in the Champions League next season (or even this season with Benfica), the thing he supposedly wanted to leave Man Utd to do.
  17. Ronaldo resigns himself to complete obscurity, then, for a team I’ve forgotten the name of already. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer rapist.
  18. I was thinking Canon in D but it probably reminds some here of a failed marriage. This is honestly impossible. This might be it, though.
  19. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, here. I only wish we saw games that spread those 50 hours vertically instead of horizontally. Have truly branching paths over a 10 hour experience, and incentivise replaying it for those who loved it. Could be incredible.
  20. I started Horizon Forbidden West, a game with an absolutely stupid amount of content, and I mostly enjoyed what gameplay there was in the first 12 hours, but it just feels like too much. When I’m playing these games I always think of GTA 3 and how perfect the size of that world was. Big enough to feel substantial but small enough that I can even now remember much of it. And I’m sure most people would prefer less area with more dense content over spaced out and spread out, but no game ever seems to do it. I was also annoyed at the endless talking. Just shut UP. The story is your typical game shite but they feel the need to shove it in your face constantly. It’s so dreary and boring.
  21. Tried this once on another forum - we never got close. I think we even went for 'like' instead of 'love', but the vetoes kept coming. Closest was maybe Clair De Lune, but there's always someone not too far away (possibly living underground) who doesn't possess a heart.
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