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  1. Polygon are reporting this is a pretty traditional single player FPS which made me realise that we really haven’t had many of those for a long time, at least not with modern visuals. Excited for it!
  2. Finished US Traitors tonight and I absolutely loved it. Think I enjoyed it more than the UK version. Your mileage may vary!
  3. I feel like Atomic Heart and Wo Long are the moments of truth for the Series S. Both are on Game Pass and so I’d much rather play the free versions than play on my PS5, but if they’re not both 60fps and a decent enough resolution for my monitor then I think I’ll be moving away from my S (and ultimately Game Pass), as much as I loved it when I first got it.
  4. Decent preview. Excited now! 13 weapons as well, that’s a very good number.
  5. For me, the magic was real on three occasions that spring to mind: Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Just absolutely blew my mind from start to finish, but that first day was particularly special. Couldn't believe how good it looked. Little Big Adventure 2. I'd been desperate to get it for ages since playing the demo, and again that first day was just so great. I loved exploring the opening island and really taking my time, just loving being there. And the opening FMV and music really got my heart fluttering. Final Fantasy VII. Again it's the music that springs to mind, and "Prelude" played throughout the Installation sequence on PC. I remember watching the percentage bar creep across just amazed with what I was hearing and the artwork in the background. Stupidly excited to immerse myself. No matter how good gaming gets I know I'll never have those feelings quite as strongly again.
  6. If you're going to go into the minutae of the law to try and justify that being the right decision, then the only thing that proves is that it hasn't been written well enough. There's no way the makers of the law would ever have intended that to be a goal, and there's also no way that the ref and his assistant would have given the goal if they'd seen a replay of it. They fucked up.
  7. I wanted Man U to win but was massively shocked that goal was allowed. The only people who seem to think it should have been are (some) Man U fans.
  8. Peaked with the kid basketball episode for me. Just amazing.
  9. Bumping this for this song which is wonderful.
  10. Shameful shit. I was reading yesterday how the UK court system makes rape convictions much too rare.
  11. £2.7m cost for the 3 match ban, haha
  12. Batshit as expected! One thing that surprised me was how - although it dealt with very adult themes - it was closer to a 12 than an 18 and far more restrained than his earlier stuff. Not really a bad thing, I don't think you really need to show all that gruesome shit unless you're making a horror. I do think I'd like to see him directing someone else's story next time, for a change.
  13. What happened? Forest seem to have cut a deal with the devil recently. Hopefully they get smashed to fuck in the semis, followed by you sending them down.
  14. What kind of stuff do you like? My automatic suggestion is The Lies of Locke Lamora because it's my favourite audiobook, but there's massive amounts of great books. There's The Stand, another favourite of mine and King's best book in my opinion. You could go with Stephen Fry's reading of Sherlock Holmes if you want value for money, or J.G. Ballard's collection for the same reason. Maybe pick an Iain. M. Banks Culture book, they're all read by Peter Kenny who is a great fit. A Short History of Nearly Everything is a good non-fiction pick. One book you have to listen to if you haven't already is Alan Partridge From the Oasthouse, which is also 'free' while you're a member as part of your membership. You could also have a look through the 2 for 1 sale where you can get two books for one credit.
  15. Both that and this make me constantly ask how they got made, but I’m very happy they were. I don’t find his stuff as unsettling as Lynch, but he’s just as weird and unique, and in a sea of brown detective shows I’m so glad he exists.
  16. I don’t give a shit about Star Wars but thought this was great, for what it’s worth. I do skip or ignore most story in action games these days, though.
  17. Currently on floor 52 (of 138) of NioH 2’s post post game mode, I might even be done for when this releases! I’ve such high hopes. NioH 2 is a masterpiece.
  18. I find using Edge instead of Chrome gives better quality for some reason.
  19. Yeah, after my post at the top of the page I switched to English not CC which is much better. Weird.
  20. One weird thing - I assume most if not all here are going with the Danish speech and English subs? I can't get my head around the bits where it has ("in English") in brackets, but the speech is in Danish or Albanian, almost like its been dubbed in that language. Then there's some foreign language parts with no subs at all. Really confusing. I assume this is the intended way to watch it, though?
  21. One ep in and a few insane moments already. Some incredible music as well - particularly the last 5 mins or so of the ep.
  22. I think they changed it to make it a bit less easy. If you speak to an advisor they can do it.
  23. White Lotus S1&2 Addictive, beatifully shot (and soundtracked), slightly trashy soap opera with dark twists and the occasional profound moment. Massively enjoyable. 5/5
  24. Cheers for this. A worthy winner, I think. Nothing came close to its impact on me. Some interesting overlap/omissions with the Indieheads list on Reddit. Currently going through stuff I've missed from the two lists.
  25. Not fair! 😡😡😡😭😭
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