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    Song Of The Year?

    Whato. Man, there is some truly awful taste in this place. Bodyrockers for goodness sake?! The best song of the year is The Bleeding Heart Show by The New Pornographers. If you hear it, you'll agree. (And listen to it all the way through John S. Impatient. You'll see why)
  2. Yo, bph! bph invited me! Thanks again for that man, Oink is best!
  3. Why on earth did you download a 24cd torrent? The rules are very clear. And I'm very glad they are there as it makes it such a great site. I'm a power user there.
  4. Hmm, except that it has... Click "Guide us" as a song is playing, and you get the options: I like this - play more like it! I don't like this - it's not what the station should play. Why is this playing? I want to add different kinds of music to this station. Pandora is cool. You can;t use it for long before it asks you to subscribe. It's completely painless to though, except you'll need a U.S. Postal code. Shove "32177" in there and you're away. Enjoy.
  5. The first album is pretty poor compared to the other two. The first track is lovely, though.
  6. Which difficulty did you play on? Whatever you do, don't play normal. On hardened you are FAR from invincible.
  7. Yawn. Anyone who doesn't like UK:R is a humourless fanny. Especially YOU. And it's not one guy, there's 3 it seems. Big up this campaign.
  8. Hmm, I have to disagree. I've just started the American Campaign and I'm loving this. More so than the original. The mechanics of the game really work for me. The fact that there is no energy bar is a masterstroke. For those unaware, once you are shot the screen goes a little red. You can be shot perhaps 3 times before dying. However, should you get to cover in time this disperses quickly and it's back to full health. It may sound a little ridiculous but play the game for a few hours and you'll see how well it works. It's all terribly unrealistic of course, but this game isn't about excessive realism, and for that I am greatful. I'm kinda glad I don't have to sit there for 6 hours, bleeding to death from a wound. There's a small issue with difficulty. On normal it's just too easy. Go straight for hardened. In some places you will die a lot, but it's worth it, and checkpoints are rarely badly placed. I've reached that state countless times: perilously close to death, swinging round taking out soldiers with headshots, throwing a grenade in, dashing for cover and just surviving. It's excellent. And even the tank missions are great. High speed and not frustrating. Re: the friendly soldiers not seeming to be a lot of use (although they will get kills) is that if they went ahead, or covered you well, it just wouldn't work. They're there for atmosphere, and if you ask me they add bags of the stuff.
  9. Timmo

    Game Boy Micro

    I have big hands. My hands are larger than a schoolboy's head. Is the Micro for me? (i.e. what are the shoulder buttons like?)
  10. Ok, I'm playing through on Hard, I'm in the city now. It is much harder than the hard mode in the original, as enemies have been changed and not just increased in numbers. All enemies now have a throw move on hard mode, this means the black ninjas are a new fight, and you can't just continually block. The first level was harder than the second and third though, strangely. I'm enjoying it, but I can foresee bits I struggled with on Normal that I'm really going to struggle with on Hard.
  11. I think he could have written another album as good as The Bends in the same style. This is my opinion of course. I'm glad he didn't though.
  12. What?! Why? And become another Oasis pumping out identical album after identical album? Why would anyone want that? Get hold of The Bends B sides. There's the Bends 2 for you. Thom could have belted out album after album of it if he wanted. OK Computer was different, and exciting, and Kid A the same.
  13. Timmo

    Astro Boy - Gba

    Also: apparently the other versions are rubbish, I wouldn't bother.
  14. Timmo

    Astro Boy - Gba

    I got it second hand at Blockbuster. I like the fact it's so condensed it never has the oppurtunity to get boring. Occasionally it can be a little hard to see bullets coming to you, but most of the time you curse yourself for dying and very rarely the game. Although double tapping left or right is a little fiddly. Minor grievances, it's definitely one of the best games on GBA. I wonder how many sales they lost (gained?) by putting an almost naked small boy on the front? I got some funny looks buying it.
  15. What a great game! I got it for £12.99... and it's excellent! It's by Treasure, so it contains condensed, highly replayable missions, and lots going on. It reminds me of Mischief Makers on the N64 a little, the style of fighting and throwing enemies into each other. Keeping a large number of enemies at bay by skillfully kicking them into each other is an artform. The genius in the game is the jets. Whilst essentially you are running on the floor, the jets can be used in any direction, and for the short time they are activated, you are invincible. This gives way to some brilliant battles, timing jet use and fighting moves. The game has sections averaging about a minute and a half in length, fast and action packed, and many of these take some doing. To make up for this you have infinite lives in the best possible way, getting sent to the start of each short section when dying. It might sound wrong, but when you play it you understand why. This way "normies" can enjoy it while Purplechair completes the whole game in one life using only one hand. There are a lot of boss battles, perhaps too many, but they are all challenging and tense. This is an excellent example of Treasure doing what they do best. Get it you slaaaag! Edit - It needs mentioning that there is some slowdown in some sections. It's always the bits where it doesn't matter too much though, never in the important battles it would seem.
  16. I've not got it yet. It had better be, I've finished the game about 4 times now on Normal. Why do they punish us, Daddy?
  17. It's great like that. It gets you to a point where you begin to get comfortable then BAM! A new challenge. The beauty of the game for me is that some of the enemies seem literally impossible to begin with. An hour later and you're running rings around them.
  18. Hurrah! Our wedding will go ahead, and we will be happy! I've gone out of my way to avoid seeing the lyrics in the first album, and try to appreciate it for the songs. It's just as valid a part of Radiohead's career as any other, and I enjoy most of it more than tonnes of other albums I own. But then I'm just a big Radiohead fanboy.
  19. Wow, you've done your research! I can't even remember saying anything about Mogwai. Oh wait, I remember now, it was probably saying how much I love Kids Will Be Skeletons - I never shut up about that song! Ok, my last post was childish, ignore it. I've always cared far more about song structures than lyrics. One thing I've realised recently is that I love repetition in songs. Used well, the repeating of a line over and over I find excellent. Note I said "used well" there. Whilst I found Cold Roses by Ryan Adams quite poor, I loved the song that kept saying "I could never get close to you" at the end. I find Dylan's songs have a bit too much going on lyrically for example. Alright, this is a bit of a tangent. Only when lyrics are hideously bad do I struggle to listen, finding out the first track on Old Ramon by The Red House Painters was about his cat and not a woman made it a bit laughable and unlistenable for me. Maybe that's because I hate cats. Where the hell am I going with this? In conclusion, I can barely hear what Yorke is singing most of the time, so I don't let bad lyrics on his first album bother me. Surely Creep has lyrics just as bad, if not worse?
  20. I never had any problem with the camera really. In tight areas I'd tend to just stay away from corners. Which is crap I know, but it didn't ruin my enjoyment. I can't believe you have to complete it on hard to see the mission mode. What a farce. It's almost as stupid as me never being able to play the original games, because I could only find 47 scarabs. Even though I'd run through the game 4 times.
  21. I'm sure I read some months ago that the game would be a third faster, and the camera moveable? Correct? I don't care, I'm getting it anyway, hard is definitely doable and I'm no great player. I got about half way through on it, however I kept playing through it on normal as I enjoyed it more.
  22. I enjoyed the PC version massively, although it felt incredibly unfair in places. Such as when the other men kept stealing my kills, and I was told I wasn't up to standard, and sent home with a Game Over. Despite the fact it was the middle of the war and I'd been heroic in places!
  24. Vegetable is excellent. Who cares what it's about, it's got a great structure. And I have no idea what you are talking about with the extra notes, it sounds great to me as I don't masturbate with a guitar in bed at night. Yes, that's an accusation, sir!
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