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  1. Timmo

    Radiohead Tour

    You're all wrong, the best new song is 4 minute Warning. Nearly all of them sound brilliant, though. So much better than the underwhelming HTTT. (Underwhelming with the exception of 2+2=5, Sit Down. Stand Up., There There and Wolf at The Door) Friday at The Apollo was incredible. Never have I wanted a gig to end less in my life. Looking forward to seeing them at V, although of course they won't be nearly as good outside.
  2. Timmo

    New Walkmen album

    Loved Bow + Arrows. You over-analyse stuff, man. You don't need to come up with reasons for why you prefer something over something else y'know.
  3. I used to get stuttering, but I reinstalled this yesterday and it's smooth as a tramps' planed forehead. Forgot how unbelieveably good this game is.
  4. Timmo

    Keane Return

    As someone inclined to agree with the negative comments in this thread, I caught the new video late on Channel 4 last night. A long intro, unconventional and just... superb. I never expected this from them. Let's see if the album matches it.
  5. Pretty much. Surprisingly good, though. I agree, Steady As She Goes destroyed my interest in it, but on my brother's insistence I gave it a proper chance and it's a good album. Nothing groundbreaking obviously, but solid stuff.
  6. This... I'm thinking this might be excellent. 3 listens in and it's a really strong album. Call It A Day is wonderful.
  7. The Raconteurs is quite literally a White Stripes/Brendan Benson 30/70 split. It just sounds like a mix of those 2 bands. A decent listen though.
  8. Timmo


    Nels Cline struck me as the real guitar talent when I saw them. You're right about Kicking Television though - it's almost a shame how it renders their studio stuff a little, well, inferior. Handshake Drugs is my favourite. And of course Kidsmoke.
  9. Timmo

    Mr Beast!

    The first track didn't do much for me. I think the first track on young team is possibly my favourite Post Rock record, if I punch myself and forget about Godspeed.
  10. We Are Scientists? We Are The Same Song Over And Over, more like. Haha, how DO I think them up? I'm wasted here. WASTED.
  11. Timmo

    No Filler

    Ulrich Schnauss - A strangely Isolated Place Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Radiohead - Kid A My Bloody Valentine - Loveless Not necessarily my favourites, but largely consistent. There's a few albums that have no low points, due to the fact all the tracks are so similar. I've not included them. Edit - The Bends, were it not for Black Star.
  12. Dear whoever fell for the no vowels prank, You spastics. Regards, Tim Spoons It
  13. The Arctic Monkeys will eclipse this year. They'll be stupidly big. I'm starting to dislike them already. Mostly because NME gave their ok but not brilliant album 10/10.
  14. I'm near the end, mission 18, but I can barely get the motivation to play. I think I read somewhere you have to fight every boss again, in a row. If this is the case, forget it. That's cheap and rubbish.
  15. Trust me, daddio. Ninja Gaiden is a fearsome challenge on Normal, much more so than DMC3, and on the highest difficulties? Well, let's just say that on the new difficulty added to NGB, ("Ninja Master?") even members of Team Ninja are beaten. It may actually be impossible. Here's a great article about how it is hard, but in a substantiated way. http://www.ukresistance.co.uk/2005/11/revi...k-we-wrote.html Finishing Ninja Gaiden was the most satisfying moment of gaming I've ever had.
  16. It's a good game. Incredibly, fantastically well presented, and a lot of fun. Nowhere near as challenging or deep, or good, as Ninja Gaiden though. Edit - I say this after playing and finishing NG, and playing right near to the end (still playing) of DMC3.
  17. Anyone who loses their account on Oink is stupid. It's really not hard, just don't delete any torrents and leave them all open. Most of the time you won't even need to upload anything yourself to keep an acceptable 0.7 ratio. Just don't download a Bob Dylan or Elvis Presley Discography.
  18. The new Strokes album is pretty damn awful. I have NO idea why people like Juicebox, an awful song. On The Other Side is an absolute joke, like a kids song. I put Is This It on recently, and the whole thing is fantastic. It's a classic. I get the impression they put more tracks on this one because it's just not as good. You Only Live Once is great though.
  19. I hate most of rllmuk, but I like the Music folder. So well done. You helped fuel my Malkmus obsession.
  20. Yes, the EP towers across the rest of their work, and it's album length. I agree with thingymajig's other choices for post rock excellence.
  21. Haha. "Aural masterpiece".
  22. Timmo

    Song Of The Year?

    Whato. Man, there is some truly awful taste in this place. Bodyrockers for goodness sake?! The best song of the year is The Bleeding Heart Show by The New Pornographers. If you hear it, you'll agree. (And listen to it all the way through John S. Impatient. You'll see why)
  23. Yo, bph! bph invited me! Thanks again for that man, Oink is best!
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