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  1. I just bought and started re-playing this again. Not a single complaint with the camera - the camera controls are there for when you're exploring, not fighting! And the L1 button is barely needed, either.
  2. I'm not denying that it's nothing more than a rumour, and there's no way I can back it up. Just thought I'd give you guys the heads up!
  3. I have a friend that has "connections" with Nintendo Europe, and he somehow (don't ask, I don't know) got hold of a priveleged company email... "Nintendo looking to spread their iron grip even further? Not content with having sold the Wii to anyone who can get their hands on one, and 2 DS systems to each living individual on the planet, Nintendo are trying to tap into a more budget market with their WiiSports standalone unit. WiiSports, which sold tremendously in its native Japan, has been often cited as the only reason to own the Wii. Obviously listening to the cheaper crowd, Nintendo are planning the release of a small 'dongle' that plugs directly into your TV set, and comes with two Wii-style motion sensing remotes. Whilst the prototype has wired remotes, we're pretty confident that they'll be wireless when the system is released. To account for the lack of a Wii system, the remotes are said to be noticeably larger in order to accommodate the tech. This should come as good news to those who thought the original Wii remotes were too small! (Yes Ed, that's you.) No decisions have been made as yet on whether we will be releasing a more developed version of the Sports game compilation, or just keeping it as is. Either way, it looks like Nintendo has found yet another market to tap." Personally, I struggle to see why - don't maufacturers generally rely on software sales as their main source of profit? Why would Nintendo want to take focus away from the Wii? Unless hardware costs are so low as they make good profit from that, too. I still can't see what they are doing, though - any ideas?
  4. Surprised my favourite bits havent been mentioned. My memory is a little hazy but: 1) Bilbo's telling of the story about the poor man with the dog who attacked rich people, who then win the lottery and was subsequently attacked by his own dog, eating his knees. "What did he do?" "He just bought new knees." 2) During the dog rescue, a joke is said and they all burst out laughing. I just find it incredibly contagious, and the way they all stop so suddenly is great. Also see Big Train for similar over-the-top excellent laughing.
  5. What? Velvet Revolver are gay, I saw them kissing boy's willies.
  6. Timmo

    Icky Thump

    From someone who went off these a long while back but took a chance for some reason - this is brilliant. All of it. I especially like the prog rock/Fiery Furnaces-esque noodly bits.
  7. Ok, I just played this in my car, and my passenger asked if it was Modest Mouse's new album.
  8. Yeah, but you think Brand New are good.
  9. Do you think that's due to its Modest Mouse-ness?
  10. Except 2 people here say it does. You lose, -34 internet points.
  11. This first was my favourite. If it's a return to skillful racing then I'm there.
  12. £9.99 http://www.softuk.com/Sony_Playstation_2_P...D=P2UK732619554 Worth it?
  13. Yes, now you're getting it. I'm glad we're finally starting to agree.
  14. The first song could pretty much be a Modest Mouse track, so similar are the vocals. Are you sure you're listening to the same album as us? Perhaps you're getting them all mixed up, seeing as you thought In Case We Die was their debut.
  15. Very Modest Mousey in parts.
  16. You really talk some rubbish sometimes, I'm afraid to say.
  17. I had to stop playing this about a month ago, because my mind was filled with slither links. I'd see 3s and 2s in my head and drop lines around them, try to joing them up... it actually impeded my sleep a few times. Like a song going around your head, but worse. A shame, because I love it.
  18. Very much so. There's a scene in Season 3 that is absolutely brilliant for this.
  19. Timmo

    God Hand

    It's very, very hard. If you haven't got God Reels, especially. You need to stay as close as you can to him, and try your best to stop him creating the doppelgangers.
  20. I am head over heels with Stafraenn Hakon.
  21. It's ace. You do all realise you can drop bombs, right? The key to killing the triclops is to go around them, dropping a bomb next to them, killing them in one. Otherwise go for the well-timed tilt as they release. If it was as "random" as some of you are saying, then those 250,000,000 scores wouldn't be possible. The first time I faced the last couple of levels it was as exciting and tense as any action game.
  22. After seeing Maps at Dot-to-Dot on Sunday - who were excellent - and now listening to Stafraenn Hakon, which is absolutely wonderful, I'm now going to work through all of those. A++++++ would use again
  23. On the subject of Ulrich Schnauss, his first two albums are basically my favourite electronica. I love them to bits. If you like them, I implore you to get hold of the bonus disc. These are the tracks: sunday evening in your street suddenly the trees are giving away nothing happens in june as if you've never been away crazy for you wherever you are I'm not sure if it was an official bonus disc or what, but it's up on Oink and it's as good as the main album. One or two tracks maybe even better, I'm not sure yet.
  24. If there's one thing games have taught me, it's that killing innocent people is fun! More obviously, you have the citizens in God Of War. Utterly disposable, and offering health, they're practically asking to be taken out - and I don't mean to dinner!!! I used to have a "whale" (no pun intended) of a time on Rollercoaster Tycoon. Starting out, the chances of killing your guests seem non-existent. However, when a trainful died due to a breakdown on one of my rollercoasters, my cheeky murderous side started ticking, considering ways to get those bleeders where they deserved to be - 7 feet underground (an extra foot to be extra sure, as my Grandmother used to say). I worked out a couple of ways to get things moving - a drop followed by a climb of the same height was a good one. Having one train boomerang back and forth as the next one ascended up the lift hill almost filled me with glee - the resulting collision, explosion, death toll report and dramatic drop in park rating topped it up. Next, I experimented with the magnetically propelled coasters. Setting them to the maximum speed I'd adjust the track to send the spiralling-out-of-control trains the furthest I could make them go. Cars from the coaster veering off in all directions, dropping and exploding throughout my park helped to maximise the damage caused. It wasn't just the rollercoasters. A log flume could easily be set up to have a huge drop followed by a slight jink, sending a log and four passengers flying across the park. I'd build a tower ride and aim them for it. Forgetting to put an exit on a ride inspired me to achieve the greatest number of simultaneous deaths. It took me a while to come up with, but it was worth it. Putting a single piece of path at the exit of a ride would cause every visitor to group together on the path, like lots of lemmings huddled on that game of the same name. Making a rollercoaster that was exciting but not too intense meant the maximum number of people would go on it, and soon enough a good 75% of my park walked continuously on that small, single piece of path, at this point now entirely covered in sick, piss, and a huge number of severely tired and disgruntled visitors. Entering Landscaping mode, I lowered the land beneath the path, before dropping in some water, creating a handy man-made lake. The subsequent deletion of the path above helped trigger perhaps the largest communal drowing the world has ever seen. Reports of 1000+ deaths completely overwhelmed my poor, aching in-game inbox, and I sat back, satisfied. Gaming murder stories, please.
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