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  1. 36 minutes ago, Hylian said:

    For those starting, I would definitely recommend hardcore. The only point where I thought it was too difficult (so far) was the infamous Crichstand Valley. I died about 5 or 6 times there, but I just needed to get moving. Classic RE4 - stand in one place you get swamped. In those situations you need to keep running, reload, turn, blow heads off, repeat. 


    Absolutely loving this. Perfect level of nostalgia. Starting to feel like this might actually be an improvement on the original and I'm not even at the castle yet. 


    Bit annoyed I didn't stick with it to be honest.

  2. 3 minutes ago, CrichStand said:

    @Timmo I’ve mainly found the difficulty to be slightly too easy on Hardcore but then there are bits like the Cabin Siege that are pretty nuts! But I don’t think I’ve got into the mechanics fully yet, using the parry, all the weapons in combination and shit. Using the herbs properly. Haven’t upgraded things much either.

    There are other bits, that almost seem like they’d only make sense having knowledge of the original too. I found those frustrating until I realised that you’re basically supposed to run past everything, frantically search for stuff, then fuck off asap. I was playing those bits like a shooter or TLOU and it just didn’t work.


    Its hard to say really. There are more bits with those Bull dudes, some are meant to be run through, some you have to fight. You can make some of those bits even more difficult by doing the side quests available.


    I love hard games and a good challenge so am fine with replaying stuff over and over providing it’s fun and fair. I went through to the Valiey on Normal and it didn’t seem too different to Hardcore. 

    Have you played through the Valley yet? I’d see how you get on with that bit and then make a decision. 👍🏻

    I’ve just got to the first merchant. How close is it?

  3. So I’ve been away all weekend and I’m excited to get back and play in a few hours, but I’m so torn as to whether restart on Standard due to all the various things I’ve read, or stick with Hardcore. I’m only at the start of chapter 2 I think so not far in. I usually play shooters on hard and probably died two or three times on the chainsaw bit and 3 or 4 on the bull man.


    If it’s best saved for a second playthrough and the frustration will hamper my enjoyment then I’m happy to restart and do hardcore next time (I’ll be playing through it a lot I’m sure), but on the other hand I like a challenge and the satisfaction of overcoming one, plus no playthrough is ever like the first. I ruined the impact of Evil Within 2 by playing it on normal, it was way too easy. 

    @CrichStand, what do you reckon? And anyone else who played on Hardcore please. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Uncle Nasty said:

    Definitely going to wait for the honeymoon period to be over before going in at full price. That EDGE 8 has got me worried. If this is only as good as the latest Horizon game, something must have gone very wrong.

    What about the four hundred 9s and 10s? Edge isn’t special.


    And I’ve had more fun in two hours than I did with Horizon, for what it’s worth. 

  5. Chose Hardcore because the game suggested that anyone who has played the original should go that way and who am I to argue?


    Played up to the first merchant and feel like I'm in gaming heaven right now. First of all I'm absolutely shocked so far at how new it feels. After playing the demo and its pretty much 1:1 village set-piece, what has followed has surprised and delighted me. I reckon chapter 1 must have felt 80% new, with just the overall flow of the game matching. The next set piece shortly after



    with the bull head enemy, may not have been quite as intense but it was still blood pumping. I died probably five times and loved every second.


    The difficulty has felt about right so far, the atmosphere is absolutely spot on and I'm just very, very happy with what they've done from what I've played so far.


    I have to step away until Monday or Tuesday now but I'll be daydreaming about this for much of that time I'm sure.

  6. 19 minutes ago, Sexton Hardcastle said:

    That sounds about right for the RE4 score. For all its bells & whistles it is still a remake of a 20yr old game. 

    Did you review it?

  7. 3 minutes ago, Transient Curse said:

    ...asking for a friend, do you worry about the serial number of your new controller not matching your old one?  Do you send the old box (which also has a serial number) so it matches the controller that's going back? 

    Old controller in new box. I don’t think they check that closely as long as the colours match. Plus if you spend a lot with them I think there’s more trust/grace as well. 

  8. Palm Springs


    This was predictably great after reading everyone else’s comments! The only criticism I would make is that I would have liked the part where they’re bonding, having fun together and experimenting with everything they can do to have been longer - not only would it have been entertaining, I think the last act would have felt more emotionally charged.



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