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  1. Why don't you give 89 Barnes a go? @Steely I bought him last night as his prime hasn't moved for ages. Played about 5 games with him and he's brilliant. Has all the traits that matter and great stats all round. Shouldn't lose much when the other cards drop.
  2. Gold 3 being lucky is a total myth, there are just far, far many more that get it, so naturally a number of those are gonna get the big pulls. Elite 3 gets you one extra pick. It's nothing. I've played almost every weekend league for this FIFA, about half of last year, the whole of the year before, averaged Gold 1, and never had a good red.
  3. Upamecano would be nice, for objectives, and is realistic. It's not even worth dreaming about getting anyone worthwhile, I don't even get a tinge of excitement anymore.
  4. Guys, don't buy big purchases now, look how much prices have gone up since TOTY. They'll go down again soon, they always do.
  5. I'm in as I'm sitting on a fortune until the market drops again, although I have visions of us all losing shitloads of coins...
  6. Let me just check my crystal ball right here. *Sees Gooner packing icons* *Smashes ball in a rage*
  7. I just think Reactions is too important a stat to ignore, all the best players in the game have it in the 90s.
  8. Hidden in Plain Sight The only game where every single person I've shown it to gets into it, instantly, without fail.
  9. Which Thursday/Friday, the one just gone? That's half price! Crazy deals.
  10. Shit, that's really cheap. When did you grab them?
  11. Ha, damn. Made some good coin so no point crying. Wonder why he rose so much.
  12. I bought about 250 Ben Yedders, average 2800. Sold average 4200. Not too shabby for a few days!
  13. I'm probably gonna hold onto my fortune for Greenwood's future star card. 5* weak foot, the best traits, he's gonna be ridiculous. I'm gonna try and snipe him on release, I think, which will hopefully be next week.
  14. Nearly there! I'm on 10. I quite enjoy the Divisions ones and the Squad Battles ones aren't bad with the tricks.
  15. I think that, much like Inglorious, this film will age really well and become loved more and more as time goes on.
  16. Don't forget to get the TOTY Ronaldo 7 match loan if you haven't already, because it's piss easy to get. You can get it in a single semi-pro squad battle, or a World Class one if you use it to work towards icon swaps. Easiest way - build a full Portuguese squad, then put Felix and Rafael Leão up front. Score once with each to complete the La Liga/Serie A objective, then both other objectives combine. The first is scoring a total of three goals in a match with Portuguese players, and that will trigger automatically when you finish the other, tricky one. You need to score a header, with anyone. Manage it, and he's yours. Edit - You're better off scoring a third before trying for the header, just in case you don't get it. That way, you don't need to get the 'score three goals with Portuguese' objective anymore.
  17. Have trailers ever not given away far too much plot? I still will only ever watch a teaser at most.
  18. Mate it's the first investment I've made all year and it very nearly went tits up (and still could), I wouldn't come to me for anything!
  19. I made quite an odd investment, he'll go up a little more when packs stop being opened.
  20. Spoken like a true gambler.
  21. I've got 250 unassigned players They'll peak tomorrow by my reckoning, I'll reveal my profits then if i get the time to sell them all...
  22. I haven't opened a single pack during TOTY.
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