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  1. Probably just more England D players. It looks really depressing for them.
  2. I can only assume James Maddison has fucked a member of Southgate’s family to not be given a chance considering how good he has been this season.
  3. He had a really shit first half in fairness. But yes. Our depth in forward positions is absurd.
  4. The hot takes in here are even better than the Euros
  5. The whole “Damn it feels good to be a gangster” sequence is top tier.
  6. This might be the loosest use of 'world class' yet.
  7. Is there any skill to this beyond the obvious walking between stuff?
  8. Yeah, talk about living in the past, GRAMPS.
  9. I think the Witcher 3 update is worth a mention, it looks to be pretty substantial.
  10. This, especially since smooth, good looking, modern games have been coming out for so long now, so even preferring new stuff to old isn’t an issue now. There’s so much stuff to play.
  11. Apparently it’s technically rock solid and consistent.
  12. It’s got Metacritic 77 written all over it.
  13. Can you not buy it outright anymore? If not, what a fucking dreadful decision. Subscription culture is an absolute cancer and should be nowhere near any single player game.
  14. The same England who conceded two goals in the last tournament? Arg are facing Saudi Arabia and have a 34 year old Otamendi at CB.
  15. ? For real? Most Prem matches have 50-55 mins of gameplay. Refs only ever add on 2-5 mins. The incentive for teams to time waste is absolutely massive. You see it every match. A stopped clock deals with feigned injuries, 45 second goal kicks and other bullshit. I always think of when Derby played Millwall and an “injured” player rolled from the byline onto the pitch, forcing the ref to stop the game. Probably 4 mins of bullshit and none of it was added on.
  16. It’s nothing more than a plaster to a deep problem. The sooner they introduce 60 min matches with stopped clocks the better. It’ll improve everything.
  17. because World Cup football is massively different to the Euros
  18. We’ll win the final 1-0 and people will complain it was dull.
  19. You have to go back all of 18 months to disprove this theory.
  20. 100%. I’m far too shit these days to ever get a Juggernaut and when I got one from a care package it was the best few mins I’ve had on the game. It’s hilariously overpowered.
  21. In any case care packages are one of the worst killstreaks due to you being taken out of the game for a chunk of time and the risk of being killed grabbing it. They’re great for trying new killstreaks out, though.
  22. Fucking hell. I was expecting James Corden to show up by the end of this. Content warning.
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