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  1. Honestly, I'm on 4 and have been disappointed so far, there's been very little tension which is what I live for with this show. Hoping it'll return soon. (No spoilers please)
  2. I got an 86 from my 85+ attackers pack
  3. A bunch of £1 and £3 books in a new sale, members only. https://www.audible.co.uk/ep/sale One of the £1 books is the 63 hour JG Ballard short story collection which @ZOK always recommends. There's also The Negotiator which has good reviews and is read by Steven Pacey, who could read a milk carton and be worth listening to. Then there's a bunch of mid-series stuff which no-one will buy.
  4. I don't think it's a spoiler to say how hilarious it is that Jonah has shot up about a foot while FBI agent Miller remains heavily pregnant
  5. Get your fuckin' launder on cos the first 7 episodes are up
  6. Feels much the same to me, but if the corner glitch is fixed, and you can have enough players back to stop a counter from your own corner, it's a win for me.
  7. The Sopranos (S1-S6) You can just watch the final episode of Season 6, you’ll get the gist. Anyway, I’ve binged this and finished the lot in about a month or so. I was quite sad at the end to leave the world and characters behind. First of all, what I didn’t like: Season 1 has some pretty shitty effects and acting, AJ in particular is terrible. Thankfully he gets better in future seasons. The ratio of family shit and mafia stuff is a bit too heavy towards the former. It never becomes actually boring but I was always happy to get back to the nasty, interesting stuff. Too much Melfi. There were a few really profound moments where she’s juggling the want to help with that of working with a sociopathic narcissist, but it was interlaced with a lot of dull chat. Mainly though, it’s just an incredibly entertaining and brutal show with so much depth. And despite the advances in tech it has barely aged at all. Most of all it feels so real. The fact that the subreddit is so popular 20 years after release shows its reach. 5/5
  8. Jesus, have you been sentenced yet for this atrocity? What a thing to do.
  9. Nice one! I did my fourth and got Firmino, not had any luck with them.
  10. The new tiers mean you're only ever 2-3 wins at most from the next one as opposed to 4 or 5, meaning players throw less games.
  11. I thought series 3 was stronger than 2, personally. Can't wait for this. Have they confirmed it's the final season?
  12. The absolute biggest thing is composure in the box, and I don't mean a player's stat, I mean yours. I think it's the hardest thing in FIFA, but resisting the urge to just shoot ASAP is crucial to not having shots blocked constantly. If you watch someone better than all of us like Boras you'll see that he'll play one more pass than most, or he'll reposition before he shoots with a skill move or short dribble. That kind of stuff you can work on.
  13. Towards the end of a cycle EA absolutely throw cards at you to keep you playing. This culminated in a 85+x10 SBC last year which was infinitely repeatable, and allowed anyone with a bit of time to get PIM Gullit, Viera and R9. Everyone had super-teams.
  14. After a week of Mbappe, I would say that those lucky enough to have done the Benzema SBC have a very similar player in terms of movement and finishing ability. With Mbappe you're paying for 5* skills and extreme dribbling ability. Not to say Benzema is bad on the ball, but there's not as much difference as you might think. I also don't like Nkunku, and I think a lot of it is down to his medium/medium work rates, which always seems to be an issue with anyone I try - they just don't get as involved as players with high/high, high/medium or medium/high.
  15. If it makes you feel better, I got fuck all in my packs, as usual. I finally bought Mbappe this weekend and he pushed me to Rank 4 (14 wins), my best result yet. He's as brilliant and broken as I hoped, his only weakness is his sometimes underwhelming left foot.
  16. A1: Returnal B1: Disco Elysium: The Final Cut
  17. Timmo

    Disco Elysium

    This is of course incredible. I find some of the political and race stuff a bit hard to digest but I'm guessing that's half the point. Just started day 2 and I'm completely engrossed. They should force people who think Yakuza and Nier Automata are the pinnacle of storytelling to play this.
  18. It was never hard from what I remember, I think a couple of the descriptions for what you had to do were a bit confusing, though.
  19. Yep, Returnal was much better. I think the thing I like least about Hades is how it feels like a flash game. (I finished a run on it but had no desire to carry on).
  20. You're probably better off waiting until midweek. Getting 11 wins means you can play the qualifiers straight after finishing the weekend league, so you'll get a lot of those players doing the qualifiers on Fri-Sun
  21. Yeah, it's one of those because the likelihood of him getting an in form is small, especially seeing as Man U haven't scored a single set piece this season.
  22. Similar for me. I absolutely loved the opening, the nostalgia overload was overwhelming, and the game looks fantastic, but it's just so linear and by numbers. I also hate how every conversation is 4 times longer than it needs to be, but that's just JRPGs, I guess.
  23. Just packed 93 Gullit, my pack luck is atrocious though, only icon I've packed this week ffs
  24. Yep, usually when people post stuff like this it's because they need a break from gaming.
  25. There's a winter token with the draft token SBC if anyone missed that one.
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