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  1. I have absolutely no idea what any of this means.
  2. That's two incredible free games this week. It's crazy what you can get for nothing these days.
  3. Better Call Saul may be more appreciated in retrospect. I certainly think that Breaking Bad is a weaker show on second viewing. With less space to breathe between episodes the amount it crams in, particularly in the final two seasons, just feels ridiculous and cartoonish. It's still a massively enjoyable trip but I'm not sure if it's the masterpiece I once thought it was.
  4. 1. Spurs 2. Man City 3. Liverpool 4. Arsenal 5. Chelsea 6. Leicester 7. Man Utd 8. Everton 9. West Ham 10. Wolves 11. Southampton 12. Bournemouth 13. Watford 14. Burnley 15. Crystal Palace 16. Aston Villa 17. Brighton 18. Sheffield United 19. Norwich 20. Newcastle League Cup: Man City FA Cup: Man City Champions League: Juventus Europa League: Arsenal Most improved team: Leicester
  5. Ruud Gullit predicting Chelsea to finish ahead of Liverpool this season is a pretty bold one.
  6. Almost all 90+ now! Think I can hit Elite 3 with this side if I can find time this weekend. 4231 although I'm not decided if I prefer Busquets or Marquinhos alongside Ndombele at the base of midfield yet, both are able enough at CB.
  7. Apparently he gets between 11th November and 31st December off, as a Derby fan I'm a bit concerned about just how hungry he'll be between those dates to be honest.
  8. Sacked after one match in charge, a really impressive win as well. RIP! Rooney signing is mental, so surreal. It's not meant to be happening until January. Maybe it'll stop our traditional February slump. Or make it even worse. I love this game.
  9. If you'd told me a year and a month ago that I'd be getting over us losing Frank Lampard as manager by getting Philip Cocu, a £10m midfielder from Arsenal and Wayne Rooney, all while still being in the Championship I probably wouldn't believe you.
  10. As good as Monster Hunter is, the shell of the game is primed for adding lots of hours of content for relatively little investment.
  11. Hit Gold 1 this week with a game to spare
  12. The only thing that really matters is who plays Randall Flagg AKA the greatest character in fiction.
  13. We've just signed Clarke and Bielik and I'm buzzing. Bielik looked like he was playing FIFA on Beginner mode last season, hopefully he can make the step up because he's exactly what we've been missing in midfield!
  14. Altered Carbon was fantastic, eye wateringly violent at times but from someone who generally isn't a fan of over the top gore it never felt unjustified.
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