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  1. Mostly agree but Greece and Wigan have shown us that anything can happen in a cup competition.
  2. The bookies still have England and France above Portugal, despite the fact they’re playing each other, so to say it’s looking like Portugal are getting to the final (something they’ve never done before) is a pretty big call. I’d definitely have Portugal ahead of Argentina to win the whole thing, though.
  3. Did you have Spain down as winners after the Costa Rica result?
  4. lol, can’t wait for his career to completely peter out and to witness his ego smash into a million pieces
  5. They used the shootout to add three more passes to their total.
  6. I spent probably 200 hours on Monster Hunter World for some reason and I strongly believe that the combat in that series is a load of woolly shit.
  7. Nah, they’re really fucking unlikeable.
  8. The problem with videogame reviews is that broadly speaking you’re having to rate two things, and how you weight the scoring between them is basically impossible. You’re looking at good the game is technically, and then how good it is artistically. I’d use Deadly Premonition and Ghost of Tsushima as examples. One is a technical dog which is incredibly entertaining and surprising throughout, whereas the other is a technical marvel whilst showing its entire hand in the first hour and turning into a very, very repetitive and dull game. How the fuck are you supposed to grade these games? You can’t. Review scores are a nonsense and if you want to use them as a buying guide, you are far better watching videos and listening to opinions. Eurogamer saw this a long while ago, few other places have. Skillup is good, but generally I find the overall tone of a thread in this place far better than any review score. If certain ones here are talking about how fun the combat is in a game, I know I need to play it.
  9. Timmo

    NIOH 2

    Phantom doubles as a block when you fail to burst counter, so is similarly forgiving. All three have their advantages, definitely worth trying them all!
  10. Can't you cancel attacks at any moment with a block in this? Been a while since I played the original. You certainly don't have to be as careful when pressing the button to commit to an attack, which is Souls' whole ethos.
  11. Timmo

    NIOH 2

    There's three different kind of burst counters, feral, brute and phantom. Try one of the others! Brute is the easiest to use - you don't have to time it, basically. If you do a brute counter into a red enemy, you counter him. The 'cost' is that you'll often trade a bit of damage, but you'll see. The game has a billion things to learn but it's all worth it! You'll very gradually learn everything. Then one day, poof. You're there.
  12. Timmo

    NIOH 2

    I'm about 400 hours in and one trophy off a full sweep across the main game and DLCs. Obsessed would be an understatement, the depth and options after seeing the credits is unprecedented! Bear in mind I bounced off this after my first 70 hours. But it turns out I wasn't playing properly.
  13. The other thing, I guess, is that I've been utterly spoiled by the Mafiascum games that @therearerules, @The Grand Pursuivant and others have put together on this very forum, which have all had about 3,000 times the excitement and subterfuge of this.
  14. Agree with every part of this post. The other big issue with The Traitors is the editing. It needed to be cut by a third. Parts of it are just so boring.
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