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  1. Yeah I was like this too but couldn't stop playing. Did you get the hero loan card? I got Di Natale. Also I got to div 1 last night, if you fancy some co op let me know, although I'm sure it'll be bastard hard.
  2. I've never bought Mendy before. I refuse to pay that much for a fullback with lowish dribbling.
  3. What the hell, I'd always assumed Ellie was motion-captured and voice-acted by (then) Ellen Page. The likeness is ridiculous.
  4. Griezmann is excellent but if you want a pure goalscorer get Correa who is great
  5. They're just the Aldi swaps you get for watching streams, nothing to do with icons etc.
  6. Again, baffled why this is 6 pages and not 60. Regarding Shiv Any other guesses what she meant?
  7. Just beware that fullbacks get a big hit when played at CB.
  8. My biggest issue is the huge difference between the cost of the desirable strikers like CR7 and Mbappe, and everyone else. I tried Isak at the weekend but his shooting wasn't nearly as good as I'd hoped. We need some more players on the market who match the stats of the best players if not the body type and traits.
  9. Tell you what, Manafa's new card has a hyperlink with Pepe and they're both brilliant cards, both close to discard. I used them this evening and both were among the best I've used in their positions.
  10. Thinking of doing De Ligt so I can run a Cuadrado Dybala triangle...
  11. He's brilliant. His custom animations mean he glides past challenges and his passing and finishing stats are high enough for him to make a difference.
  12. I'm actually finding it less pay to win than some other FIFAs. I've beaten some all star teams and been given a hiding by teams less good then mine. Player skill is more important than cards.
  13. Didn't you get red CR7 last year?
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