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  1. Timmo


    I feel personally attacked
  2. I tried one of his. It was one of his shorter ones, Colorless Tsukuru. Absolutely fucking shit. No idea why he's popular.
  3. Yes, but there is a regen machine in the central hub you can use. Try and find a weapon that does damage over time while you run away such as Pylon Driver, Rotlgand or Hollowseeker with portal as they can make those hectic arenas MUCH easier.
  4. Jesus Christ, I was 30 spoils from Anarchy and I've just found out they've removed them from the chests in DSC. Thanks, cunts!
  5. I finished the game with that very gun and perk, so it's definitely not a bad one! I do prefer it without though, yeah. That gun is just crazy.
  6. Yeah, burst fire is shit, especially when you can hammer the trigger to make it fire faster than the assault rifle. There are quite a few shit perks, aren't there? Wide spread shotgun pellets has to top the lot.
  7. Can see all that! I think there are arguments both ways but the most important thing is that you're having fun! If you aren't then a change in approach is very possible!
  8. I've touched on it a few times but I disagree entirely. Don't think of the bosses as gates that need buffed builds and massive health bars, those things aren't nearly as useful as a bit of experience fighting those bosses. The shortcuts are in the game to be used and have been designed around. Your weapons will be up to level due to the calibration items at the start of each biome. As long as you can get to the boss with full health and one or two healing items you can 100% do it. That extra bit of health isn't worth the 2 hour investment! Unless you really enjoy it, I guess. You
  9. It feels like they didn't intend for people to go on these 6 hour runs going into every room and ekeing out 300% health. I think shortcut use is expected and built around, but an awful lot of people just don't play that way. I've seen lots encouraging this approach of fine tooth combing everything every time, whereas I feel that it's counter-intuitive.
  10. I tried the new pistol out, feels about as exotic as a bag of quavers.
  11. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hang on, is this the case now? I don't remember seeing it listed.
  12. I've been considering doing enough swaps to get the 83 X 20, I'm thinking surely I'm getting some good TOTS from that! It's a lot of games though.
  13. I was looking over other threads (first time in years) and they seem a lot more chilled these days. They appear to be directing all their bile at Glinner, which seems quite healthy, actually.
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