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  1. Fuck me, yes. About 60 minutes of boredom and and 3 mins of interest. Other shows do their transistional/filler episodes far better. Hopefully episode 5 is back on form.
  2. I just can't see £70 of game, here. It looks pretty good, but I would have much preferred a reimagining rather than a remake. It seems even more ridiculous to me when remakes typically release for at least £10 less, not more!
  3. Liverpool getting Thiago, then. Just cancel the league
  4. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    100%. Rare bad call from Morgan
  5. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    I think you're right, Australia look a shambles.
  6. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    Think we're heading for another very close one.
  7. Ok, so I don't really follow all the really techy stuff, but to me this looks like an amazing deal. I'll only be playing on a relatively small screen, and I haven't bought a physical game in years. I was already thinking of moving away from the PS4 due to game pass, but this price for what looks like everything I need for next gen looks great. So firstly, is the benefit of having 4k over 1080p as simple as being down to the size of screen you use, and how close you sit? Or is there more to it than that? Only negative I can see is quotes of £25 a month for gamepass - I thought it was much less than that.
  8. Amazed there hasn't been a micro transaction-addled version released. It was already basically a slot machine.
  9. I'm surprised neither game is a 10, seeing as the first game is pretty much objectively perfect. My only complaint is the repetitive music - I wish they could program good, randomly generated music to go along with the levels. But that's hardly enough to knock a mark off.
  10. I read it too and really enjoyed it. How does Swan Song compare? I have it ready to go but haven't started yet.
  11. Yeah, volley is a hit from another player's touch before it hits the ground. Half volley is a hit right after a ball bounces, whilst it's rising.
  12. It'll surely be Mings as he's left footed and played that position for a long time.
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