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  1. Felt that, too. Who has time for more than one looter shooter? Unless something better than Destiny comes along then there's no point.
  2. I'd definitely be up for a raid, but how long would it take?
  3. I wish they had difficulty settings in the strike and battlegrounds playlists. I enjoy Nightfall with its champions and stronger enemies.
  4. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Have you played it? There's about 4 polygons on screen.
  5. I thought after getting Game Pass I'd buy a lot less games, but it turns out almost everything I want to play isn't on there.
  6. What makes felwinter so good? I tried it but didn't notice any difference to other shotguns.
  7. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    Wtf, how is this match alive?!
  8. I think the only controller I've used for any amount of time which hasn't had stick drift is GameCube. Controllers are shitly built and way too expensive. I absolutely loathe spending money on them.
  9. Timmo

    Titanfall 2

    Game of the generation for me. I think something that doesn't get talked about enough is how technically brilliant it is. The Medium struggles to hit 30fps on really quite beefy hardware due to running two scenes in tandem. The time travel level in this runs at a butter smooth 60fps and looks great, even on an old Xbox One. I've no idea how they pulled it off.
  10. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Only discovered last night that Pillars of Eternity 2 has a turn based mode! I'm quite excited to try it now as I never thought Baldur's Gate's psuedo real-time gameplay really worked.
  11. I've gotten a bit addicted to Crucible, now. I read that The Last Word is a great console PVP weapon and they weren't wrong! My K/D was something like 0.8 and I typically get at least 2:1 with it, even with shitty teammates. Went on a 14 streak the other day. It only works in hipfire and at short range but my success in 50:50s has gone up massively. Still not got a long range weapon I really like (hoping for a Vigilance Wing to drop), but for short range stuff it's incredible. I've now joined the Rllmuk Clan, if anyone in it sees me on and fancies teaming up, drop me a message. Sti
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