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  1. Surely his RW is way easier to link, just pair him with Semedo in a 451.
  2. His tradeable 96 costs that so it won't be that. I'm thinking 1.5ish.
  3. I believe it's the first time they've ever announced an SBC ahead of time like this. Can only try to imagine what the requirements will be.
  4. Timmo


    So it's not gonna be 60fps on base consoles? That's a bit shit. Edit - 4k at 60fps. Hopefully lower resolution will be 60fps.
  5. The market has taken a propa dive.
  6. Well done Pants! Now go get Gold 2!
  7. Just watch the last replay. The only way it's getting past the defender and keeper is with that insane pinch shot. Amazing. https://imgur.com/a/uKj7sAa
  8. Struggling for gaming time other than WL at the mo, maybe Monday night? Feel free to send me a message if you see me on.
  9. It's interception central for sure. We read most of each other's play so much of it is a midfield battle. Looking back he has two chances he was unfortunate not to score from, on the other hand I go to lob his keeper late on outside the area and it hits his head. I'll leave it up to you to decide if the victory was deserved!
  10. Just beat a German pro called FifaFunino. His team wasn't exactly bonkers but I outplayed him and he only had one chance, late on. I'll upload the gameplay if anyone wants to see it.
  11. I had a shuffle and actually managed to get Florenzi out. Using Mertens and Insigne either side of Politano with Son at Striker. Switch to 4-4-2 if it's not working.
  12. Yeah, prices are weird. I bought IF Son for 718, was delighted to see him go up to 800, and now he's 612. He's incredible, though. I'd be 9 and 0 so far this WL if not for my shit internet, packed in on 119 mins when I was 3-2 up.
  13. I saved a bunch of packs, too. Got Cavani from a Mega pack, which was nice. That was it, though. My two Gold 1 packs, 24 rare gold players each, both contained absolute shit. About 500k coins worth of packs and the return was about 80k. Amazing.
  14. Timmo


    The weapon upgrade system is properly stupid, as I've probably already gone on about twenty times in this thread already.
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