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  1. Have you spent it? If not, The Stand!
  2. I really liked Servant. The first season, especially.
  3. The Nice Guys. 3/5. Decently entertaining and the two leads had good chemistry. I was expecting more to be honest with all the high ratings.
  4. You can get the 91 in four matches! Buy the 87 off the market for under 20k, write down everything you need to do (all squad battles), have it done in an hour. I watched Netflix for most of it. You'll also unlock an untradeable Atal 87 for SBCs or whatever. Then sell the 87 for next to no loss. Then just do the 94 at your own pace over the month if you want to. The 91 is crazy enough.
  5. The ridiculous thing is that Atal is probably better. The power creep has been insane this year.
  6. Ah yes, Dave England, the man whose pranks range from shitting into things all the way to shitting onto things.
  7. Glad to hear it's not just a Series S issue. Maybe it'll be fixed soon, although it's not bothered me much.
  8. I honestly can't believe how mismanaged this game is. All they needed to do was make myClub something approaching user friendly and FIFA players would try it in droves. It's incredibly bad.
  9. I'm enjoying it! I'd recommend one of the higher difficulties to keep it tense and not feeling like Far Cry with radiation poisoning. It looks incredible in places, whilst being slightly janky in others.
  10. He has superhuman levels of charisma.
  11. I doubt it! Tavernier looks crazy. Wish I hadn't put him in an SBC and had him as a supersub, I hadn't realised. Wan Bissaka might be marginally better as a centre back, but I've used Telles there who is 5'11" and he was flawless.
  12. Strangely my luck continued, getting Wan Bissaka and Ederson in my reds who fit my team perfectly. I think the end of the world is upon us.
  13. So it turns out I wasn't so lucky after all getting Neymar and they messed up the odds. Such a scummy company. Can't have too many people having fun!
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