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  1. You're certainly looking more likely than us with our run in but the game between us could be enormous.
  2. Who knew David Gray had such a dark side https://rave.dj/oImc8R6SgOuDRw
  3. That was our favourite! I thought that the kid who played Julian was an amazing actor.
  4. It's really good since you can download PS4 games. Play Control if you haven't already.
  5. Oops https://www.altchar.com/game-news/playstation-owner-accidentally-buys-11-years-of-playstation-plus-membership-azXXq6i20SxS
  6. I use Zelonius', top 100 player. Check his videos and his latest 4-2-3-1 guide. Can be quite dull to play at times but it's effective
  7. Finished last night! Overall a great game, particularly the combat. I said it before, but when you're actively looking forward for the next fight to start you know you have a great combat system! So few games have that feeling. The story seemed way more complicated than it needed to be, in the end I was glazing over. I loved the atmosphere throughout, though.
  8. Uh, what? There are difficulty options?!
  9. With rewards being so shit now I've lost all desire to play. I played... other games and it felt so odd not getting pissed off constantly.
  10. I had a shot while sitting at 17 wins but I just couldn't be fucked. I've reached my realistic ultimate team and just can't be doing with the stress anymore.
  11. When are the new PS Now titles usually announced?
  12. LOL at @kerraig UK doubling down on his mistake
  13. This is great. And the slowdown on a base PS4 is nowhere near as bad as I expected (patched?) You know the combat is good when you're looking forward to the next scrap.
  14. Can we have the subtitle taken off now? I keep getting this and the Liverpool thread mixed up.
  15. It's been mentioned in other topics but for those still running a base PS4 and struggling with the fans, do what I did and get some compressed air and the two screwdrivers to open the thing up, all for a few quid on eBay. I got my PS4 the month they were released and it has become a nightmare for how loud it was. It's really quiet now even with taxing games.
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