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  1. Nah, the quality difference is noticeable when you drop. I dropped to 6 and got nearly all of the Oshimen braces last night in a few hours, just can't get that stupid header no matter how many crosses I put in.
  2. Getting the header for Oshimen might be the end of me. Last night I hit the post with an open net. I also scored headers with three other players. Whoever set that objective is an evil person.
  3. Net sound porn https://streamable.com/wsv9i This kid is broken
  4. The gameplay is just horrible at the moment, I don't know what it is.
  5. Also Lizzie and Sarah! A one off but great.
  6. It took me about 6 hours of work to get - not a refund - but store credit. I was also called a liar by the first person I spoke to. But maybe you're not including me in your summation.
  7. There's also a third film planned called Billy Gemison
  8. Hang on, I've been planning to watch Psychoville. Should I watch that before I watch this episode?
  9. He's a stud, I seriously recommend you do him if you have the time to do it. Way, way better than Orsic and Kent for me.
  10. Of course I don't have the coins
  11. I'm glad you're enjoying him. He's certainly going nowhere for now, hopefully I'll warm to him over time.
  12. Honestly think Essien is a hugely average card :/
  13. No mean feat even with your ridiculous team, gg I faced six people in a row yesterday who had the Golden Goat TIFO. (300 wins in Fut Champs). Ridiculous.
  14. After about a week of using Gold CR7, I can't see myself using anyone else at Striker for the forseeable. I find him way more effective and fun than I did Mbappe. I think you must use Engine on him to boost his dribbling and pace, his shooting is already ridiculous enough already, and the passing boost it gives him makes his the complete forward, he gets tonnes of assists for me playing with Mertens just behind. I just never get bored of his rocket shots. I've never found his balance an issue, but then again with Engine it's 81 which isn't too low.
  15. Ikone looks ridiculously good, check his stats with a marksman.
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