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  1. Cheers. At the moment I'm getting an S and a PS5 early next year, so I might get a decent screen.
  2. Series S ordered and eventual PS5 for me as well. Game Pass just too good value to pass up.
  3. This is the video which got me looking into it. The Series S seems to hit 120+ rates at 1080p... If it's only gonna be for previous generations, and new gen will be 60fps, then I'm guessing I'll be happy with a 60hz screen?
  4. Showing my ignorance here but there doesn't seem to be clear info on all this. Do I need a 120hz display to get the most from my console and is it a big deal? From what I gather I need it to get frame rates over 60fps, but then again is it a big deal? From my limited understanding, a PS5 or Series X needs a large (because a smaller screen won't look any different to 1080p) 4K display capable of 120hz and those are big, big money. Am I misunderstanding everything?
  5. It's in the opening post of this thread, slightly hidden (you have to open up the quote)
  6. No idea mate, I just followed Darren's instructions and that's what it did. Edit - I misread, it's February 2nd 2024 when it runs out.
  7. @Darren And all set until Mar 2024 - cheers!
  8. Never used gamepass? I haven't. I assume the fact my live account goes back to Xbox 360 days makes no difference? Or should I make a new one?
  9. Does someone have a link to the Gamepass ultimate workaround if it's still available? Edit - found it, I assume the £1 deal is still available?
  10. Shadow of War: How not to start a game. Way, way too many options, throwing upgrades at you when you've barely got to grips with the ones you already have. Incomprehensible story. A complete overload and mess. I'm sure there's a great game in there somewhere but I'm not finding it. After playing through the measured and carefully planned pacing of Days Gone I found this a shame. Wreckfest: I so wanted to like this but the campaign lacks focus and feels cheap. The Surge 2: Just feels really cheap and scatty.
  11. Sounds more interesting than his last, at least. It's just too much for me, though, and I'm certainly no speed reader. I loved The Way Of Kings but it feels like he's not gonna reach that height again.
  12. Some good additions this month (and some dross) Wreckfest (can't wait to try this) Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (for the three people yet to play it) The Surge 2 Stranded Deep Broforce Darksiders 3
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