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  1. Remember this? On the original Xbox. One of the most mental, niche things in gaming, ever. 40 button controller with pedals. Anyway, if you don't eject when your mech overheats, you die and your save data deletes itself.
  2. Sorry for the slow reply. Have you been watching BorrasLegend? I basically just copy his tactics. Honestly, if you watch one just one Youtuber, watch him. No stretching videos to 10 minutes, no shouting, no contradicting himself, no nonsense, just real tips that he actually uses in his top 100 gameplay and which he puts across simply. Here's my pick of his most effective videos from this year so far. I'd recommend you go to his channel and spend an hour watching them all but I've tried to reduce them to the absolute most important: The top video in particular will help you break down those 1 depth defences. When you learn those techniques you will be able to hold the ball for longer much easier and frustrate those guys who defend like that, and when gaps appear... bam! Possession play is definitely a viable playstyle, I often have 60%+ and win comfortably. That fast and furious tactic I used yesterday with my cheap La Liga team when going for an icon swap token against a really good player - I was 2-0 down with 20 minutes left and won 3-2! It doesn't always work but it's amazing when it does. Stick with it - I much prefer this FIFA to last year's La Croqueta, corner goal, pace is dead bullshit.
  3. All online tokens done. I actually enjoyed using the other leagues more than my Prem team. I think I've decided on Keane's card, just need to decide on Nesta or Guardiola (or maybe Okocha if they're both terrible) to go with him; I'm going to sell my super overpriced Prem team, get a Bundesliga team and slot in a market-bought Guardiola to test him out, then perhaps swap him out with Nesta before I make my decision. I never shoot with my CDMs so a Keane/Guardiola midfield might actually be decent for a long while and it'll also allow me to use any striker in the game.
  4. Yeah I loved it all. I don't care about who writes it, or whether or not I can relate to it - it's a great show.
  5. Sent off Gibbs instead of Oxlade Chamberlain. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/26711403
  6. Messi's better than Ronaldo this year by all accounts... Had Neymar, Pele and Messi in a draft yesterday, all three felt on a different level to any other player I've used this year.
  7. I'm quite enjoying the online icon token grind, 3 wins for each league is reasonable and I had enough players for each league just from normal gameplay. Ligue 1 and Bundesliga done. I keep changing my mind on which icon(s) I want, though!
  8. Elite 2 with that team, that's insane. Edit - wait, do you mean squad battles?
  9. Same! Keane looks like Naingollan on steroids, can't wait to get him. Naingollan is the same pace and doesn't feel slow at all.
  10. Mario 64: the main character is smaller than my nephew and there's no way all of the levels would fit inside of that castle 3/10
  11. 52 strength! The number of times he's bullied my CBs is ridiculous. I hate coming up against him.
  12. Have you tried this guy? https://www.futbin.com/20/player/24182/morales He's amazing.
  13. I loved the first four episodes then thought it lost its way a bit. It was better than Bodyguard, though.
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