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  1. I would finish the rest of the model first before making adjustments. Then you could try mixing in some beige for a less saturated midtone.
  2. It's a nice effect and overall the model is well painted. Having a light source on the bottom of the model is tricky to pull off because you have the highest contrast on the base between the dull brown and saturated green which draws attention. You could add some colour around the faces and, to a lesser degree, the hands of the spirits to help make them the focal point as well as adding to the legibility of the model. I'd also recommend ageing the swords with a brown wash or a few spots of orange to add to the character.
  3. Two more added to my collection. I am on a roll.
  4. That's kind of you to say. You should check out my buddy Duke's Paint Art. He's based in Germany and his board game stuff is top quality and might be a more affordable option for people on the other side of the atlantic.
  5. Going from how many models are in just the regular box, yes, you would need deep pockets to hire my services. I am tempted by this. I like the chunky models and it would be fun to paint them to match the style of the game graphics. But I know that I would struggle to find the time for so many models.
  6. My painting buddy Rob/BrushandBoltgun does a lot of space marine chapter tutorials on youtube (check him out link to channel). He has now become a meme
  7. This was a test model so there was a fair bit of back and forth working things out. If I do any more I'd aim for 3-4 hours which is about what I typically spend on a model. Although if I was going for a kill team I'd put some extra time in to add more personality. Thanks. My issue is that I've never had my own style or method for painting space marines, unlike say the guy Nicky posted. This is the first one that I'm happy with and done in a way I could recreate over an entire army.
  8. I've been reading through the Horus Heresy books which has put me in the mood for painting space marines. The only problem is I really suck at painting space marines. It seems like every decent painter has their own cool way for painting them except for me. Whenever I try my brain freezes up, I get frustrated and eventually give up. So for this emperor's children I decided not to focus on having fun. I'm happy with the end result and I think that with a few more attempts I could refine the method and come up with something suitable for painting a small army.
  9. The necromunda models I painted a year ago finally sold on ebay and the buyer asked for a few extra models for his gang.
  10. @Davros sock drawer You model is looking very good. One piece of advice; don't bother with blending. Spend you time on adding details, contrast and texture as these will make your model your a lot more interesting a smooth blend and are also more enjoyable to paint.
  11. A glaze is diluted paint. If you look at the metal shoulder pad you can see a patch of turquoise which was done with one layer of diluted paint. The rust and dirt was done with stippling thicker paint. As to where it's up to you, just don't do it everywhere or you lose the effect. For example you could put some orange around a few of the nails or on some of the chain links. Here are some crates I did recently. I didn't use such strong colours because it wasn't in keeping with the rest of the project but if you look close you can see some greenish areas and some reddish areas and t
  12. If you want to add more contrast to the coffin try painting a few spots or glazes of strong colours, selectively, here and there. I would go with dark blue and green on the wood, and red and orange on the metal. It's something Sergio Calvo does to great effect on all of his models.
  13. Finished the first model for my own collection this year: Bit much for a gaming piece but it's very important my models look better than the ones I paint for my clients
  14. I could do it! Except I'm in the US which creates issues with customs charges as well as the added cost of international shipping. You might want to check out https://stonecoldlead.webs.com/ I can't personally vouch for him but he's been around for years and does box art work so has the skills you're after.
  15. If you have a desk that can take a clamp, the tertial lights from ikea are the best to get. They are very solidly made and very cheap (at least they are here). The bulbs are a bit yellowish for my taste so you'll also want a couple of 5000K or over bulbs. All in mine cost about $50 for two lights and four extra bulbs.
  16. $10 an hour is pretty good wage for painting toy soldiers
  17. More superheroes Individual photos here if you are interested https://opponenttheory.com/blog/2020/6/20/dc-superhero-commission
  18. There are more photos on my website https://opponenttheory.com/blog/2020/6/15/dc-superhero-commission
  19. More superheroes this time from everyone's favorite miniature producer Knight Models...
  20. A mix of both. For blending large areas like Thor's cloak I'll focus on the transition. Shading tends to be more general as you can see on Hulk. I don't go too wild with the colors like Sergio as that doesn't fit my style but it's still very satisfying to play around with the airbrush this way.
  21. Marvel miniatures take 4-7 hours depending on the size. I do use an airbrush but not in the conventional way. I use a brush to paint the model to about 90% then use the airbrush to blend, boost the colors, and deepen the shading. It's a very quick way to paint as it allows me to be quite aggressive with my layering and not worry to much about color selection.
  22. No I never did Hulk; larger models tend to involve a bit more playing around until things look right. I am trying to be more systematic nowadays and at some point I'd like to make more tutorials but it's finding the time and motivation.
  23. So I'm a bit behind with my posting. This time around though it's because I've been too busy! Between painting for 10 hours a day and keeping up with everything that's going I've not had time for anything else. Things are starting to settle down and not having to chase after work is freeing up some mental energy so I'll be catching up with all of my finished projects soon enough. First up are some more Marvel Crisis models. Still not convinced with these, assembly is so annoying and the details are very soft. That said Thor and Valkyrie were quite fun to do and are probably my favourites so
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