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  1. I could do it! Except I'm in the US which creates issues with customs charges as well as the added cost of international shipping. You might want to check out https://stonecoldlead.webs.com/ I can't personally vouch for him but he's been around for years and does box art work so has the skills you're after.
  2. If you have a desk that can take a clamp, the tertial lights from ikea are the best to get. They are very solidly made and very cheap (at least they are here). The bulbs are a bit yellowish for my taste so you'll also want a couple of 5000K or over bulbs. All in mine cost about $50 for two lights and four extra bulbs.
  3. $10 an hour is pretty good wage for painting toy soldiers
  4. More superheroes Individual photos here if you are interested https://opponenttheory.com/blog/2020/6/20/dc-superhero-commission
  5. There are more photos on my website https://opponenttheory.com/blog/2020/6/15/dc-superhero-commission
  6. More superheroes this time from everyone's favorite miniature producer Knight Models...
  7. A mix of both. For blending large areas like Thor's cloak I'll focus on the transition. Shading tends to be more general as you can see on Hulk. I don't go too wild with the colors like Sergio as that doesn't fit my style but it's still very satisfying to play around with the airbrush this way.
  8. Yes, but modified for my own needs.
  9. Marvel miniatures take 4-7 hours depending on the size. I do use an airbrush but not in the conventional way. I use a brush to paint the model to about 90% then use the airbrush to blend, boost the colors, and deepen the shading. It's a very quick way to paint as it allows me to be quite aggressive with my layering and not worry to much about color selection.
  10. No I never did Hulk; larger models tend to involve a bit more playing around until things look right. I am trying to be more systematic nowadays and at some point I'd like to make more tutorials but it's finding the time and motivation.
  11. So I'm a bit behind with my posting. This time around though it's because I've been too busy! Between painting for 10 hours a day and keeping up with everything that's going I've not had time for anything else. Things are starting to settle down and not having to chase after work is freeing up some mental energy so I'll be catching up with all of my finished projects soon enough. First up are some more Marvel Crisis models. Still not convinced with these, assembly is so annoying and the details are very soft. That said Thor and Valkyrie were quite fun to do and are probably my favourites so far.
  12. GW should do an Essential Workers of the Imperium collection.
  13. Probably not much in terms of an hourly rate
  14. I remember when the primarchs first came out and I thought how fucking cool they would be to collect. I bought the forge world version of Guilliman, took one look at all of the parts then put everything back in the box never to be seen again. It doesn't help that this isn't really a hobby or me any more; painting a primarch is a luxury I can't afford when I could probably knock out ten superhero models to sell on ebay in the same amount of time.
  15. This is why I don't bother with gw models. They look cool but given the way that I paint it's not worth the effort.
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