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  1. Okay, well definitely don't use spray paints indoors. There are water based spray paints which are supposed to be safe but I don't know how well they work as primers and the ones I tested had a weirdly low pressure.
  2. Spray painting is fine. Clogging the details is something to tell newbies so that they don't mess up so badly.
  3. I painted my very first army! I'm really glad I took the time to paint these as it was a good learning experience. I got to test out some ideas and develop a more distinctive style of my own, something that I can't really do when painting other people's models. All I have to do now is resist the temptation to put these on ebay.
  4. They are from Infinity and yes they are very cool looking models. They are also some of the best made metals around, up there with gw plastics in terms of production quality. The only downside is that there isn't that much variety between the factions. It's basically different flavours of humans in scifi armour. But still very cool.
  5. Yes the bases are inspired by how Giraldez does his infinity models. The advantage of doing alien world bases is that they don't have to look like anything in particular so I can use all of the materials and texture paints I've collected over the years.
  6. I've been working on an overly ambitious army project which has taken up a lot more time and mental energy than I had anticipated. It's done now and as a treat I'm painting a little infinity army. The challenge is trying to paint these better than what my work stuff without spending much more time. Turns out not having to meet someone else's expectations is quite liberating and I can now start to add some good looking models to my collection.
  7. I would finish the rest of the model first before making adjustments. Then you could try mixing in some beige for a less saturated midtone.
  8. It's a nice effect and overall the model is well painted. Having a light source on the bottom of the model is tricky to pull off because you have the highest contrast on the base between the dull brown and saturated green which draws attention. You could add some colour around the faces and, to a lesser degree, the hands of the spirits to help make them the focal point as well as adding to the legibility of the model. I'd also recommend ageing the swords with a brown wash or a few spots of orange to add to the character.
  9. Two more added to my collection. I am on a roll.
  10. That's kind of you to say. You should check out my buddy Duke's Paint Art. He's based in Germany and his board game stuff is top quality and might be a more affordable option for people on the other side of the atlantic.
  11. Going from how many models are in just the regular box, yes, you would need deep pockets to hire my services. I am tempted by this. I like the chunky models and it would be fun to paint them to match the style of the game graphics. But I know that I would struggle to find the time for so many models.
  12. My painting buddy Rob/BrushandBoltgun does a lot of space marine chapter tutorials on youtube (check him out link to channel). He has now become a meme
  13. This was a test model so there was a fair bit of back and forth working things out. If I do any more I'd aim for 3-4 hours which is about what I typically spend on a model. Although if I was going for a kill team I'd put some extra time in to add more personality. Thanks. My issue is that I've never had my own style or method for painting space marines, unlike say the guy Nicky posted. This is the first one that I'm happy with and done in a way I could recreate over an entire army.
  14. I've been reading through the Horus Heresy books which has put me in the mood for painting space marines. The only problem is I really suck at painting space marines. It seems like every decent painter has their own cool way for painting them except for me. Whenever I try my brain freezes up, I get frustrated and eventually give up. So for this emperor's children I decided not to focus on having fun. I'm happy with the end result and I think that with a few more attempts I could refine the method and come up with something suitable for painting a small army.
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