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  1. Nooooo please don't go! :(

  2. Taurus

    The Boxing Thread

    I thought that was a bit of a weird stoppage. I mean, Khan looked way more fucked than that earlier in the fight and I think the ref could have stopped it earlier; but actually when he stopped the fight, Khan looked to be fine. Still, fair result. Garcia looked to be throwing much harder, more accurate punches.
  3. Guys, they showed Batman Begins on the telly yesterday. Did none of you watch it or something? It's even more idiotic than I remember it the first time around. How can any of you be excited about this new one?
  4. So his argument, essentially is that because we Brits are plucky, honourable and fair we don't dope, and because of that if he cheated it would be awful so he doesn't cheat? I'm glad he cleared that up then.
  5. Taurus


    Murray's mum looks like one of Beavis or Butthead.
  6. If they wanted us to think about ANYthing, then perhaps they could have had the courtesy of devising a plot that wasn't so intrusively fucking idiotic that my brain (and, I am assuming, the brain of any right-thinking individual) wasn't entirely consumed with incredulity for several hours.
  7. I don't think you have to say that at all. I think he had players available to him that were pretty much a match for the 'golden generation' and he did about as well as all of England's previous managers. If I was an England fan I'd be pretty disappointed with him for not making more of the resources at his disposal, for sticking with Rooney, and for today's shocking substitutions. He didn't have a huge amount of time to prepare, but then no England manager ever really seems to be able to spend much time with the players. It would obviously be a mistake to get rid of him now though.
  8. Fucking hell, Gabby Logan's irritating.
  9. That wasn't a foul on Young, was it.
  10. Blatant penalty. I'm not sure that defender's really injured. EDIT: And that restart is fucking shocking. SURELY the fair thing to do would have been for the Italian players to hit the ball off to the side so England could restart with a throw-in from where the ball was before the defender conned the ref.
  11. And yet today he was having a half-decent game - certainly compared to Young who is having an absolute stinker.
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