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  1. FPS reviewers have no quality control, frankly. If it's got gun bobbing along in the bottom right and an acceptable budget, it gets a baseline 7. It wasn't scary. It had literally no ideas of its own. If you own any decent FPS of the last 5 years - including FEAR - there's no reason to own it. As an FPS, FEAR 2 was strictly average. As in, 5. (It's at this point, I suspect EG should be glad they didn't ask me to review Killzone 2, as 5/10ing that would have caused an exciting internet meltdown.) KG
  2. If FEAR was at all scary, I'd have given it more. KG
  3. I stayed up much later than I was planning to doing this last night. It's very moreish. KG
  4. When I saw it, the Min Specs weren't finalised, but they were saying stuff like "Basically, if you bought a PC in the last 5 years, it'll work". KG
  5. KieronGillen

    Edge 211

    The oddness being, if you did like the comic, it's a fairly safe bet you'd be unlikely to enjoy the film, KG
  6. I think you'll find that DMC has never been sort of cunts. KG
  7. Oh, c'mon. That'd have been awesome! KG
  8. Good work. Has anyone used that joke yet? "Why can't you run in that level. BECAUSE THERE'S NOT RUSSIAN" screams Gamesmaster to me. KG
  9. No shit. EDIT: More seriously, i totally deal with that - that the vast majority of people have missed any of the surrounding elements means that *it is bad art*. If you going to do something like this, you do it right and you make it clear. And, of course, any of the explanations thrown up by the game are bullshit - putting aside the fact that the game both builds him up and negates his importance (He can't be an important figure and be unimportant at the same time. And it's, of course, bullshit that someone would take his place) that doesn't explain *why he doesn't shoot you*. As I said. It's nonsense. It's bad art. It's just a well animated massacre of crowds KG
  10. No. Assuming that they knew how good it actually was/is/may be, they figure they don't need to advertise to us at all. They aim at the people who won't necessarily buy it, knowing when word of how good it actually is, we'll all stop our whining and buy the fucking thing. In short: We'll buy it anyway. Advertising to us is wasted cash. (I stress, I haven't played it.) KG
  11. Forgotten, hopefully. I haven't played it, of course, but am looking forward to. I do have a fun essay I want to do on the marketing of Dragon Age though. KG
  12. In passing, PCG:UK's review was written by John Walker of RPS. Just to put it in context. Because - y'know - it was written by a guy, not a magazine. KG
  13. I suspect it's less a question of hitting and more a question of knowing whether you're hurting it. But yeah, Energy Bar. KG
  14. This, from what I've played. Though there's more Halo in there than you may expect. KG
  15. Last night. Logged in this morning to check whether my league needed to be advanced. They didn't black list all the codes. They blacklisted all the codes they got from that stolen stuff, but that wasn't all the codes from one of the two grey people. As far as I'm away, none of the codes from the other grey retailer have been banned at all. KG
  16. I admit, I bought my code from one of the grey-importers because I didn't want to support the brutal price gouging. I read as trying to get as much money as possible from the people who want it most, and use it to fund the finishing of the game before the 360 release. I'll watch the state that releases with some interest. I suspect I'm going to end up writing something proper about Blood Bowl on RPS, because I've played it so much. The conflict of interest is the problem.* KG *I translated the dialogue for Chaos League, their previous game. They asked me if I'd be interested in doing the same for Blood Bowl. I said yes, but for more money than last time. Never mailed again. So I could be either for or against them, depending how you read that.
  17. Play in a league, and it works well. But it's really it's a case of a game which fundamentally really good fun, (mostly) faithfully yet often incompetently turned onto the PC. I've played more of it than anything else in months, I think. But there's something that is just plain wrong every turn. KG
  18. Let's be fair. The majority of Alien3's prisoners were pretty much interchangeable. Outside of the leads, you couldn't place anyone, as opposed to - say - Aliens which managed to actually have memorable cannon-fodder. Which could be a writing thing and could be an art-design and outfitting thing. Without even getting into whether it's a good or bad thing and actually the point. (Me? Shit film. If it was the point, it was a shitty one) Flipping it around: I had the same problem with the first episode of episodes of Generation Kill. Enormous cast of identically shaved-headed Yanks. I had to watch it twice to make sure I had a clue who anyone was. KG
  19. I did say that there could be a technical error, which I meant "bug in the logs". In fact, I said that it would be the best thing that could happen, because it means that everyone was being entirely honest. KG
  20. Absolutely not. I have no idea. Aventurine were nothing but polite and intelligent in my communication with me. What I meant by being reasonable was in my general tone of the review. It was something where I needed to actually appear to be relatively neutral in the issue. Showing the areas where I was genuinely incensed - and there clearly were areas where I was - would have undermined it all. Especially because the stuff which most incensed me was stuff which was only tangentially connected to the whole mess. EDIT: No, Beenbadbunny. I totally mean that Ed's innocence or guilt doesn't matter. It could happen to you. You should be aware it's not a hard clean line that's easily called. You don't need to defend him, but piling on is just cheap, trashy populism. KG
  21. Have a nose at the piece on RPS, where I explain such things. Basically, I have so much comic and other stuff on now I'm not able to do the regular writer stuff I've been doing for EG. It's not that I'm not doing reviews, but I won't have time to do as much. I mean, I'm doing a Left 4 Dead 2 piece for EG from San Diego - where I'm off next week - so it's not as if I'm swearing it off. And, of course, RPS' Wot I Think are reviews in all but name. But yeah - just not enough time. I wish there was another 10 hours a day. (And one day, I swear, I'll do the fucking book) KG
  22. A little. I was so terribly reasonable in the Eurogamer piece. KG
  23. For those who are rolling their eyes at the price, I've been nosing around the whole Grey-Import code stuff over at RPS. KG
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