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  1. Underworld, maybe. I am English and Pete Fucking Doherty is in no way representative of my spirit and character.
  2. But if we don't take cows and chickens down, the lions / tigers / foxes will!
  3. The demolition carnage on the go behind our office. Flickr link
  4. Incidentally guys, I aten't dead but my normal account has blown up somehow. Please PM this account if you've got any questions, problems etc. - the real lfj
  5. I like those too. Need to get down to the beach on the weekend and try it out.
  6. I'm trying this whole one-shot-a-day Project 365 thing as well. I'm not sure how many pictures of mine are going to come up "good" but I will keep plugging away. If anything, it's encouraging me to get the camera out to take pictures of interesting things. I like the calendar idea!
  7. Nice to see you have the obligatory cats set I'm at http://www.flickr.com/photos/emptyjames There is also the rllmuk group http://www.flickr.com/groups/rllmuk
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