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  1. All PMs should be sent now. Let me know if you're expecting one but don't have it.
  2. If it is I bet they'd be rubbish.
  3. Do you sometimes get the feeling that some people try a bit too hard?
  4. Jesus is my co-pilot Half man half biscuit Van full of retards Hear'say
  5. Not only possible, but encouraged! PM me your address please.
  6. A sandwich called Ham Attack? I'm totally there.
  7. Oh yeah you're completely right! How stupid of me not to realise!
  8. Congrats Ravern! New thread please
  9. That was really terrible. Stick to just writing the words eh Charlie.
  10. Apparently they had a segment on crashing a train in to a car to show what happens but had to cut it because some kids in Scotland got killed on a level crossing last week.
  11. It's fucking awful. What's the point when both groups look and sound exactly the same?
  12. If he gets the disc and says so before the PMs go out you can be in
  13. I reckon "rllmukphotocomp" as a generic one and then "rllmukphotocompjan07" or equivalent for each month
  14. I mentioned this in the January vote thread, but could we set up a convention for tagging contest photos in Flickr - for those of us that use it.
  15. Glad you liked it! My Love is by far the best track on that JT album, in fact one of the best pop songs of all time,, so it's a shame you're not keen on it The Lotek Hi-fi album, Mixed Blessings, is very very good. The guys have been working with Roots Manuva for a while but their own sound is a lot more mashed up, plenty of reggae and bashment in there as well (not to say that Roots' stuff doesn't have that kind of vibe either) Also a shame that you didn't like the Ghostface track as that is one of my favourites from More Fish. I just love the bit at the start where he's rapping about them picking the car up with all that "Flintstones shit". Again Money Mark is a strong favourite of mine and if you didn't know he's done a lot of production work with the Beastie Boys. His album Push the Button is very highly recommended.
  16. 1. 22 - Agent L 2. 4 - still-life 3. 3 - acidbearboy Just as a thought, would it be worth those of us hosting our entries on Flickr starting to tag them as such?
  17. "An abandoned mill. How long since the wheel last turned, weeks, months? I step in to the shadow of the building, relief at the respite from the sun. The once solid door is crumbling to dust at its base. I rattle the handle, how long has it been since I last ate? I don't even remember."
  18. You get an honourary non-counting vote for that. Awesome.
  19. Sad news. I met him once, at a Wide Records party at 93 Feet East where my then-housemates were also DJing. He was a nice guy. RIP, D.
  20. Okay, PM your details please!
  21. It's Jimmy's rule, I'm just enforcing it
  22. I think things went pretty well for my first mix club, but we did have a few disappointed players in January due to non-sending so I'm going to be strictly enforcing the late/non-sending rule. To clarify: Hopefully this will be a good balance between giving new people a chance and filtering out anyone who clearly can't be arsed. So unless I hear any different from their recipients in the next couple of days the following people are suspended from taking part in February and will be banned unless their January disc is sent out by the end of this month: Billy Brown (sending to moosegrinder) Dandy_Sephy (sending to bph) The usual rules still apply with a couple of tweaks: - only send one CD for feedback. "Bonus" discs are not banned but please label them clearly as such - you must give a minimum level of feedback (acknowledge receipt and say if you liked the music or not) Deadline for this month is the morning of Thursday 8th February with PMs hopefully being sent out that evening. If you're joining in for the first time, please PM me your details when you sign up. Let's go! Participants ME Mr Do sandrarichards strawdonkey moosegrinder Vimster ZOK Kelthink bph Exidor imp goldbricker acidbearboy moodymann Wiper Cosmic_Guru Boozy the Clown Farley Holly David Heath noob Napole0n Talvalin Stranger Hardwired anewman harbey MW_Jimmy Roboplegic Wrongcock Q&As ------------------------- How does this work? Every month you make a CD of whatever music you wish, which you send to another forumite. Everyone also receives a CD of music from another different forum member. A PM will be sent to everyone taking part (normally a week into the month) with the name & address of the forum member you must send a CD to. Can I join in? Sure. If you want to join in just send a PM to me with your name & address and you'll be added to the list. Currently I'm restricting this to people who live in Europe. Any further afield would probably affect the sending and recieving of CDs within the tight timeframe. Any rules? You must ensure that your CD is sent out in time so that the recipient recieves it before the end of the month. If not, you will be added to a late senders list and barred from taking part the following month. If again, at the end of the second month you have still not sent a CD you will be banned from taking part in any CD Mix Clubs. Leeway will be given when sending to participants abroad. Exceptions will apply. Similarly, you must offer feedback on the disc you receive. Even if you only acknowledge receipt and give an indication of if you liked it or not, please do this by the time PMs are sent the following month. Participants not giving feedback will suffer the same sanctions as late senders! How much does it cost to send a CD? As of 21st August the size aswell as the weight of a package will determine postage costs. Most CD+Case sent in a Jiffy bag will be just under 100g but very occasionally they will be over the threshold. The prices are as follows: CD with Case (under 100g)= Old Prices: 32p New Prices: 44p CD with Case (over 100g)= Old Prices: 68p New Prices: 65p If a CD is sent in a cardboard sleeve and nothing else (so it's <5mm thickness) then it will be classed as a small letter and will cost 32p. Sending a CD to Europe will cost around £1.10 but it's best to check with the post office first. Any rules to what sort of CD? Nope, you are free to send whatever music you wish, and length can be as short or as long as you like as long as it will fit on one CD. However please burn a CD of music and not MP3s as not everyone can playback mp3 CDs easily. ----------------------------
  23. All fantastic pieces this month, and all great interpretations of the picture. I'm voting for Ravern.
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