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  1. Corrected It was absolutely fine for just over three years and then the logic board broke. Oh well.
  2. Ideally yeah, but my Mac has fucked up so the information is currently... unavailable
  3. Cool. Let me know when you'd like a track list
  4. I listen to music and think about stuff, then words come into my brain and I have to write them down. I'm not sure how to articulate the process any better, really - ideas can strike at any time (usually the most inconvenient).
  5. Art Vandelay have you received / listened to my CD? Are you still alive?
  6. Sure, but give us some meat on the bones! At the moment all there is going for it is the slighty-too-orange-but-you-still-would cheerleader chick and some hilarious subtitles about Star Trek.
  7. (Sci-Fi channel viewer, first 2 episodes) I don't really get it. When does the actual heroism start?
  8. The Night's Dawn Trilogy is an enormous, pointless, infantile, badly structured, over complicated, poorly written hideous mess with a terrible deus ex machina ending. That pretty much put me off touching anything else he's written.
  9. Justina Robson's Natural History, which Aardvark recommended, is brilliant for this. And generally. No one should ever read anything by Peter F Hamilton.
  10. Actually there's loads of CDs in the loft that I haven't ripped and don't listen to, but probably would if I had.
  11. This is after I cleaned out all the crap I don't listen to, earlier this week.
  12. "No soup" wasn't really a strict rule as I thought it would be inevitable, and I do love spicy parsnip soup. I was just on the lookout for other ideas. As it goes, I made shoco's recipe with parsnips, carrots and potatoes. I was a bit worried it was going to be too watery but after a vicious assault from Mr. Hand Blender it's turned out lovely. Great rosemary flavour to it all Thanks!
  13. We've got a backlog of parsnips and carrots from our Abel & Cole deliveries, probably about 2kg worth. I need to do something with them as chucking them out is such a waste. Obviously I can turn the parsnips into a lot of soup but was wondering if anyone had more inspiring ideas? Ideally I'm looking for things I can make today/tomorrow and freeze in portions as we don't have a lot of time to cook at the moment. Will roast veg freeze and keep? We also got a large swede today if that helps. Cheers!
  14. I really liked the TV Eyes track, and the last three were pretty good as well. The Ginger one reminded me a lot of the Red Dwarf theme tune, especially the flourish at the end. All in all I thought it was nice background listening but not really something I could concentrate on enough to give detailed feedback. I enjoyed it though, thanks!
  15. Got my CD from Hardwired this morning. Listening now, it's not my sort of stuff but I am giving it a chance
  16. It's usually a good idea to put a little bit of fruit juice (something harmonious with the whole fruit you're using) and ice or yoghurt in too. It's been a while since we had ours out but I remember strawberry, banana and blueberry being excellent.
  17. Mix Clubbers are nothing if not open minded. And tolerant. Er, I hope. I've just been signed off work for the rest of the week with the lurgy so there is NO EXCUSE for me not to get my CD done by Friday.
  18. Maybe someone of us should go to Alabama and try it, just to make sure. Clarkson is still a fucking dick, but that episode was quality.
  19. Where did he go? He's brilliant.
  20. May Late/Non-Senders StephenM orooth Guitar Heroine Mitchell bruised_blood The sending order for May CD Mix Club was... acidbearboy idespair Mitchell Rowan Morrison Bleep imp noob MW_Jimmy goldbricker Kelthink StephenM Wiper MechE Mr Do ZOK Guitar Heroine orooth Boozy the Clown bruised_blood strawdonkey larrydavidsanger moodymann bph David Heath Farley elmo ------------------------------ Previous Mix Clubs 05/07 ~ 04/07 ~ 03/07 ~ 02/07 ~ 01/07 11/06 ~ 10/06 ~ 09/06 ~ 08/06 ~ 06/06 ~ 05/06 ~ 04/06 ~ 03/06 ~ 02/06 ~ 01/06 11/05 ~ 10/05 ~ 09/05 ~ 08/05 ~ 06/05 ~ 05/05 ~ 04/05 ~ 03/05 ~ 02/05 ~ 01/05 11/04 ~ 10/04 ~ 09/04 ~ 08/04 ~ 07/04 ------------------------------ Full List of Rules How does this work? Every month you make a CD of whatever music you wish, which you send to another forumite. Everyone also receives a CD of music from another different forum member. A PM will be sent to everyone taking part (normally on the 8th of the month) with the name & address of the forum member you must send a CD to. Can I join in? Sure. If you want to join in just send a PM to me with your name & address and you'll be added to the list. Currently I'm restricting this to people who live in Europe. Any further afield would probably affect the sending and recieving of CDs within the tight timeframe. If you have taken part before then I won't need your address, so a simple reply to this topic or a PM will suffice. Any rules? You must ensure that your CD is sent out in time so that the recipient recieves it before the end of the month. If not, you will be added to a late senders list and barred from taking part the following month. If again, at the end of the second month you have still not sent a CD you will be banned from taking part in any CD Mix Clubs. Leeway will be given when sending to participants abroad. Exceptions will apply. Similarly you must give at least a minimum level of feedback to your sender - please acknowledge you recieved the disc and give an idea of if you liked it or not. Players who consistently fail to give feedback risk similar sanctions as non-senders. How much does it cost to send a CD? As of 21st August the size aswell as the weight of a package will determine postage costs. Most CD+Case sent in a Jiffy bag will be just under 100g but very occasionally they will be over the threshold. The prices are as follows: CD with Case (under 100g)= Old Prices: 32p New Prices: 44p CD with Case (over 100g)= Old Prices: 68p New Prices: 65p If a CD is sent in a cardboard sleeve and nothing else (so it's >5mm thickness) then it will be classed as a small letter and will cost 32p. Sending a CD to Europe will cost around £1.10 but it's best to check with the post office first. Any rules to what sort of CD? Nope, you are free to send whatever music you wish, and CD length can be as short or as long as you like. However please burn a CD of music and not MP3s as not everyone can playback mp3 CDs easily. For the purposes of feedback please send only one disc. "Bonus" discs are not banned but please label them as such.
  21. I got a Pulled Pork sandwich takeaway from Bodeans today. Totally amazing. I'll be going back for a full meat transfusion soon.
  22. I like the idea. Does it have to be just games though? Could it cover, say, film production design or architecture as well?
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