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  1. My vote is for RL666. My vote is for RL666.
  2. I had a car tire as my birthday cake one year. My dad somehow made grey icing for it and it had a wheel trim made of cardboard covered in tin foil. Of course it said "Good Year" on it. I agree toony - proper cakes is where it's at.
  3. That is actually amazing http://www.michellecakes.co.uk/portfolio.html
  4. Nice idea. How are you going to monitor dead/unavailable images? I'm happy to do some stylin' up for you if you like.
  5. Maybe just because it was 90 mins. I hope they all are too. That guy was amazing. His episode(s) was brilliant but I don't think it was my favourite house. I really liked the Huf House one, and the violin factory conversion in South London. http://www.channel4.com/4homes/ontv/grand-...W/waterloo.html Oh and the Waterworks! http://www.channel4.com/4homes/ontv/grand-...esterfield.html What's everyone else's favourite house?
  6. It is a new series. Next week's looks like almost as much of a wreck. http://www.channel4.com/4homes/ontv/grand-...p=homepage_box2
  7. If we can get together a good guide to this sort of stuff I'll add it to the info thread.
  8. Hello, If anyone who took part in February has not received a CD, please PM me. The usual rules still apply with a couple of tweaks: - only send one CD for feedback. "Bonus" discs are not banned but please label them clearly as such - you must give a minimum level of feedback (acknowledge receipt and say if you liked the music or not) Deadline for this month is the morning of Sunday 11th March with PMs hopefully being sent out that evening. If you're joining in for the first time, please PM me your details when you sign up. Let's go! Participants ME Mr Do David Heath goldbricker acidbearboy Guitar Heroine Hardwired Boozy the Clown noob bph Bleep Napole0n Vimster larrydavidsanger Stranger moodymann strawdonkey Exidor cowfields lordcookie imp ZOK Murdock Farley Roboplegic Wrongcock bruised_blood anewman Wiper Full Info Thread
  9. Amazing house. This is the best show on television. BAR NONE.
  10. Anyone watching this tonight? What were they thinking?
  11. The few remaining fans of Writer's Corner may be interested to know that the Guardian currently has a competition open for sub-1000 word stories. http://books.guardian.co.uk/competition/0,,2018908,00.html
  12. Here we go. 1000 words, give or take 1%
  13. Yeah yeah I know. It's just that it was "must continue right now" brilliant rather than "yeah I'll get that next time I'm buying some books" brilliant. I still haven't read Ilium, incidentally.
  14. No that actually is excellent, and I'm trying to do something similar. What are you using for the URL rewriting?
  15. I've just finished Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve, which was so brilliant I've gone straight out to buy the next one. Also reading London's Lost Tube Schemes which is simultaneously the most boring and fascinating book ever.
  16. Option 1 it is then! I've just ordered a new Mac so fingers crossed it might even be alright and normal
  17. Yeah I get this quite a lot. The last track I absolutely caned was Justin Timberlake - My Love but on pretty much a daily basis there will be something on my iPod that gets two or three rewinds. Selecta.
  18. No, what happened is that Bryan Singer made a rubbish film and got away with it.
  19. Imprtant Update Right, due to my Mac being completely bricked I am going to have real trouble getting access to the mix club data in time to start next month's thread. So there are two options: 1. Everyone has to PM me their address again and it's pot luck on the sending order (unless you also tell me who you sent to this month) 2. We have the summer holiday early and then normal service will be resumed in April and run right through to November. If I can get a bit of a consensus over what to do that'll be one less thing for me to stress about. Thanks
  20. I was actually crying with laughter at the drag race. And I hate Jeremy Clarkson.
  21. That would be awesome. They could base it on me! Or Duncan, I guess.
  22. Zero 7. Can't remember the album name because I didn't like it very much.
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